DA Confusion for the 18th of September, 2020

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

56 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 18th of September, 2020

  1. All done.
    Quite enjoyed this one. A couple I’m a tad ambivalent about.
    FOI 8d
    LOI 1d

    The Tour De France is making the stay up until midnight plan easier.

  2. Brutal, after 25 minutes I only had 4 or 5 answers … they came eventually. Not on DA’s 6D today it seems.

    FOI 23A 9D, LOI 1D 10A.

  3. Didn’t enjoy today’s as much as usual. Hard work, and not many smiles. Perhaps I’m not in the right mood.

    First ones in: 8d, then 3d, 13d.

    22a gets a “Huh?” Not sure I understand 10a — if it’s what I think, I don’t like it.

    Using “mainly” to mean “all but the last letter” I think is a bit sloppy.

    I’ll be in a better mood next week.

  4. Did you want parsing of 10a and 22A Graham? Maybe later when folks have had a better crack at it …

  5. Thank you, Andrew. The penny’s dropped with 22a. And I’m pretty sure I understand 10a, I just think the use of “ready” is a bit of a stretch.

  6. I’m glad I’m not the only one who struggled a bit. Not a single bite in the across clues to start. FOI 8D followed by 21D,10A,21D,24A,23D. LOI 7A. Favourites 14A and 16D for the definitions.

    I didn’t have a problem with “ready” Graham. It was the first meaning to come to mind. The definition in 22A, however, isn’t really accurate.

  7. Graham M, (1035), think what you reach for to pay for something! Tim C, re 22A, having served 22 years in RAAF, let me assure you, it is right on so far as first word is correct. I have no idea how the rest fits clue though. I have done better than usual, but still eight to get in NE corner.

  8. Arthur, in 22a, turn words 2 to 5 backwards (“comeback”) and examine their “guts”.

  9. It’s hard to discuss 22A without using the words but hearing something doesn’t necessarily mean agreeing with it, or am I missing something Arthur?

  10. I am fine with 10a and 22a. But not enough of the rest. Perhaps I could start with 7a. Is it a specific place? Any hints on wordplay?

  11. 1D – having got 10A, there was (as far as I know) only one 4 letter word with that last letter to fit the definition but I can’t see how to derive it. Help please!

  12. SonOfBruce – 14D – defn “Screen star”. 24A – def “penalty”.

  13. 16 down: I have all possible letters in and understand re Spooner, but the answer still escapes me….need help.

  14. Thanks DAJunkie. All in place now. But I have no idea of the wordplay for 6d. I just got that one from AndrewT’s hint (spoiler?) at 8.46.

  15. Thanks DaJunkie – got them now.
    Re: 16d – it is a bible reference if that helps at all. Definition is infamous ‘columnist’

  16. To SonOfBruze and SandyMc….good on you both! That did the trick, thanks.

  17. I found this one very tough, but there were a couple of classics, e.g. 16D and 10A.

    I have not yet worked out 1D.

  18. Tough! Still going on 14d and a, and 16d is weird. 24a – why hyphenated?

  19. Weird. I’m finding this one easy (and I’m usually the last of the Trippers to finish. )
    16d LOL!

  20. Mick W –
    24a: the hyphens are not really needed, but putting them in combines the first 3 words to make one adjective that qualifies the 4th word.
    I thought 16d was cute.

  21. Carol at 4.12. I was thinking the same thing. And I struggled last couple of weeks. Very weird.

  22. Jack – 1D – defn “magic”. FLW for “fair” halved (“semi”). Then repeat (“Reincarnate’).

  23. Tim C: Ha! Hints like this ok by this time of the DAy, I hope.
    (And yes, Sandy Mc, I think Andrew T dropped a spoiler this morning. Ah well.)

  24. I wouldn’t mind help with 23D too. I’ve got it, but I can’t parse it.

  25. Think of a 6 letter word for turkeys (especially in regard to used cars) and remove a second (2 letters) Helen.

  26. I thought AndrewT’s hint for 6D wasn’t too revealing even given its earliness, but then I usually don’t get on here until done, or really stuck.

  27. Now all done cept for 14a…. can’t see it, will probably wake up at 2am, ‘Eureka!’
    OK! Got it just then! Yay!

  28. Thank you, DAJunkie. I have not heard that word for ‘magic’ previously. I seem to learn at least one new word every Friday.

  29. Back to the usual struggle for me today. Liked 14A across too.
    Hints for word play for 19A please – I think it’s 4-7 I can’t fit in.
    Re 17A, is the third word of the clue part of both the definition and word play, and if yes is this considered fair game? Also, spelling of 18D (not in Chambers at least)?

  30. SlowA, 19A definition is “Nicks’. Word play is Word 2 (1-3), followed by a 6-letter word for ‘defrauds’ with first and last letters of ‘ancient’ removed.

    Re 17A, the answe to your question could be either yes or no, but I believe it is no.

    Spelling of 18D comes up on Google.

  31. Hello everyone! I’ve lurked here for follow-up understanding of wordplay since I stumbled on this site a few weeks ago, but have to finally post in celebration of the first DA we have finished in one session! Found this one much easier than many, but still cannot understand wordplay of 23D, if anyone can please explain…?

  32. Welcome, Kilo. Have a look at Tim C @ 7:57pm yesterday.
    I needed help with that wordplay too. I always thought the term turkey to be more related to behaviour rather than quality.

  33. SlowA, I would say that slurp is both part of the definition and wordplay. This occurs a fair bit with DA. There have been clues where the whole clue was the definition.
    What edition of Chambers do you have? 18D is in the 13th edition (2014) and in the 1983 edition.

  34. Thanks Tim C. All good now re 18D spelling – I was wrong, not Chambers! And apart from the whole clue sometimes being the definition, I understand that some setters frown upon using words such as slurp in 17A for ‘double duty’ (part of both definition and wordplay) – correct?

  35. Yes, most likely some don’t like it. I don’t mind it. It’s a good sleight of hand.

  36. I’m not good at DA cryptics. Is it OK if I ask for a hint/explanation for the ‘wanting to revise capital’ part of the word play in 13D? Does ‘revise’ just mean a letter has been left out of a money word?

  37. I’m not convinced slurp is truly part of the definition; keen is a sufficient definition for the solution.

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