DA Confusion for the 4th of September, 2020

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s Spring DA.

56 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 4th of September, 2020

  1. Lyn – yes. Both 9D and 24A use 23D (not 3D as listed).

    Pretty easy one today I thought. Bit of a theme. Did not know 28/8.

  2. Morning all. This puzzle seems familiar to me, either it has used a few clues we’ve seen before or it’s an old puzzle., the number of the puzzle is 1013, we have been near 22000.

  3. Just noticed new numbering system has been going for 2 weeks now,.
    FOIs 22d, 30a, 2d
    LOI 25d
    I think average difficulty for a DA.

  4. All Done.
    Some variations on expressions I know and some I hadn’t heard of but could deduce.
    FOI – 30a
    LOI – 13a

    Enjoy people

  5. Bang on average time for me today, got stuck in the NE corner for a while. Had never heard of 28A/8D before but given the theme it was easy enough.

    FOI 5D 14A, LOI 13A 7D. Other good starters might be 29A, 18D, 10A.

  6. Hmmm – so I get that 9D should use 23d instead of 3D, but is 24A supposed to use 4D instead of 24D also?

  7. There were a few colloquialisms that were unfamiliar, but I eventually worked them out. An interesting theme.

  8. Off to a flyer with the LHS and 5 of RHS out in about 20 min. Unclear on the wordplay for 1d though. Does the bunk or the invalid refer to 5-9 in 1d?
    FOsI, 6a, 2d, 30a.
    Back later after work.

  9. Struggling with so many inter-related clues. I think I know 9,3,4D (Sydney?) and 24A,23,24D (Melb?) except can’t get the word for 24D.

  10. Henson, in 1d, letters 5-9 are clued by “one dropping off”.

    GeoffD, 24d is a synonym for “on a high horse”.

  11. stuck on 13A. Otherwise LOI 20/1; FOI 21A, 22D; liked 12A. Enjoyable overall

  12. Started working through the across clues and didn’t get a bite until 29A which had me worried unnecessarily. Other starters 30A,2D,16D,17D. LOI 18D.
    So it turned out OK in the end for this 30A (in more ways than one).

  13. AndyW, at 6:22
    I recognise some of these clues too. Recycled? Reused? Repurposed?

  14. Very educational today. I recognised the agronomists, but 28, 8D was a totally new one. Only about nine to go now, after very very late start.

  15. 3D: What leads to the extra “e” disappearing? No one else seems to be worried by this so I must be overlooking something (as usual!!!).

  16. Alaric,
    My take was it was “pretty quiet”, not entirely quiet. Happy to have a better explanation .

  17. 3D – I’d say “pretty” (as in pretty much) – as a guess as to how DA thinks. It is a bit of an awkward clue all up in my view.

    But – hey – it’s DA.

  18. Alaric, “pretty” as sometimes used by DA to mean “not entirely”. I’ve never really liked that one.

  19. Snap.
    All done. Decent crossword. I’d not heard of 28/8 either, and I’d add that it’s not, as the clue would have it, an equivalent of the Werribee duck, but a component of its supposed environs.

  20. Thanks every one. As all four agree, it must be so. Can’t say I enjoy the use of “pretty” to indicate “pretty much”. Fortunately, the answer was reasonably obvious.

  21. Thanks Graham M (10.48). It took a while even with your help. I couldn’t get past 4D for both expressions, but suddenly was obvious.

  22. Put me in mind of a blind mullet. Some nice Australianisms today. Agreed, AG, that it’s not quite the same.

  23. Quite easy one today, as others have said 28a 8d is a newie on me, as is Werribee duck! Now nothing to do until Monday’s cryptic….Is it my imagination , have they upped the font for the clues, and shrunk the actual grid? If so, I wish they’d take it back, I think last Tuesday’s was the perfect size…

  24. Much easier for me today. Heard of the duck but not of 28A/8D before – a great Aussie term!
    The 26A in Toorak would typically be a Range Rover but the 1D in 20D would actually be a bicycle (or possibly a Prius) wouldn’t it?

  25. Could well be SlowA. Also known as a Rose Bay Shopping Trolley which would be a Range Rover.

  26. All out, probably average difficulty which means hard, for me anyway. I presume I have got 6a right, but haven’t worked out the wordplay. Any clues welcome.

  27. All out, probably average difficulty which means hard for me. I presume I have got 6a right, another cut-off word (like pretty) I guess? I agree with others this is my least favourite device.

  28. Phil, 6a is precisely half of an eight-letter word for earthenware.

  29. Tim C, that suburb seems much more appropriate! Macquarie lists other similar terms (affluent Australian suburb plus 26A or Shopping Trolley), and for 9/23/4D and 24DA/23D/24D. Internationally, there is also the Chelsea 26A.

  30. Could someone please explain the word play for letters 2-8 for 17down

  31. Nette, it’s made up of MI, a note, as in do, re, mi… The rest is a word for a quantity of paper.

  32. Thanks Graham M, that’s true which makes it better than a merely abbreviated word for me.

  33. As AG has said, all Werribee ducks have been TRES (in Calais) insulted & mortally offended by DA’s false analogy. This is so wrong on many levels. Poor ducks (NOT poo ducks). Shame on you, DA.

  34. I live in Balmain, I ride a bicycle but also have a Jeep and everyone around has everything from Land Rovers to Porsche Cayennes so it’s pretty accurate.
    Bondi Cigars were a rock band in the Eighties…
    Never heard the word Bulldozer used for city four wheel drives.
    4 to go with no internet help …

  35. As AG said earlier, DA has been TRES ( if in Calais ) insulting to the Werribee Duck. His is NOT a synonym for the poor creatures, who have enough to put up with. Wrong on so many levels.

  36. Haha Julie. Yes, the duck is no cigar. It just is surrounded by a lot of them in Werribee.

  37. Enjoying the city country themes and old north south rivalry. As a retired Sydney Water engineer twigged to Werribee ref as my first field experience was visiting Bondi Sewage Treatment Plant, so 28A/8D was familiar. I liked the alliteration in 20D-1D clue and answer I agree with Jupiter Balmain is no longer a workers suburb vale Neville Wran
    FOI 22D but stuck on 15A to finish I thought 1st word was def is I have all the cross letters in I’m thinking last word is defn
    A cryptic hint would be appreciated Cheers

  38. Penny just dropped definition is 1st word bust as a cricket tragic I associate the term with batsmen

  39. Again fell for DA’s misdirection last word is definition and preamble refers to batsmen

  40. I enjoyed this one. Raced through most of it last night but got stuck on some of the themed ones – I had not heard of either of the urban pastoralist expressions.

    First DA I can recall without a single homophone?

  41. It’s nice to be able to add to the long list of Things Mr Astle Has Taught Me, the locations of Sydney’s and Melbourne’s sewage outfalls. So much to learn, so little time …

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