DA Confusion for the 21st of August, 2020

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA. Do it.

59 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 21st of August, 2020

  1. Don’t know if it’s insomnia but I found this pretty tricky. In hindsight , some of them were really good, but a lot of reverse engineering. As often, DA’s foreign homophones are a bit suss. And I wonder how many people know the sausage. It’s a kind of cultural thing, past and present.
    17 a, 1d, and 23 d first ones in. Still trying to sort all of 12 a out.

  2. Hi all,
    Overall not too bad.
    FOIs 8d, 6a, 1d, 11a, 7d.
    I completed top half before any in bottom half, SE corner last.
    Gayle did you watch Little Britain?

  3. @ AndyW. Thankyou for your attempts to help this technophobe. Did that, and none the wiser for the def. Gonna go and try to get a kip now for an hour or so before WFH.

  4. First easier ones for me were 10A,1D,7D,6D,11A. LOI 25A. LOI 25A.
    Fairly straightforward and no real favourites although 1A was a good definition. 12A wasn’t a common phrase for me (never found Little Britain funny so didn’t watch it).
    I had heard of the sausage Gayle. It featured in Roy and HG’s Olympic commentary a fair bit.

  5. Geez I struggled to get past the first 3 or 4 answers … got the first word of 1A and 22A but the second words of each did not come until the end.

    FOI 5A, 7D, LOI 2D (shamefully), 5D.

    Other good starters might be 17A, 21D, 16D, 23D, 20D.

  6. I have the answer to 27a but unhappy with my missing the parsing of the second word…sausage seems to be a problem? also have 5d, but unsure of parsing of last three letters…otherwise the rest of it was fun…please help

  7. Happy: the sausage in 27A clues letters 1, 8, 9 – it’s a rather old fashioned colloquialism, short for a 7 letter word for the same ‘delicacy’. Letter 10 is clued by ‘bagel’.

  8. Re 3D: How is the 2nd word in the answer derived? Is “tops” a slang for it? Or am I overlooking something?

  9. Average today. Not as many smiles or chuckles as recent weeks. I don’t get 12a either — the only reason I got it was AndyW’s reference to Little Britain (a show that didn’t appeal to me either).

  10. Haha. Put the crossie down and went out to do some work in the garden. Penny dropped on one that was annoying me.

  11. Graham M….thanks….the marbles tumbled around into place finally…no doubt we’ll be speaking again next week.

  12. I have never watched Little Britain, but I still consider 12A to be very good. The definition is ‘stubborn technocrat, 18-down.’ Some people will insist that their computers cannot ever be incorrect, even when an output is obviously absurd. When questioned, the answer they give is 12A.

  13. Thanks, Jack. ‘Twas the wordplay that was eluding me, but it’s since becomr obvious. The good old anagram! D’oh!

  14. All done.
    FOI 17a LOI 25a

    I liked 12a as well. It is a pretty iconic phrase.

  15. I have an answer to 18D but can’t see how the last three letters relate to wordplay. Any help please?

  16. GeoffD: the last three letters of the 18D answer are clued by “fold”, and are placed “below”. A little dodgy, I agree!

  17. Andrew T,
    I thought of it in relation to wool. I, agree, it took a bit of a squint.

  18. Thanks for the help. Dodgy indeed. My thesaurus gives neither “fold” or the answer as a synonym of the other. Nor can I think of any context where one could be substituted for the other.

  19. GeoffD – just FYI from “Dictionary.com” – and as per Margaret:

    a layer, fold, or thickness, as of cloth, wood, yarn, etc

  20. Found this weeks cryptic fairly straightforward, except for 2D. The second word completely escapes me. Any clues?

  21. I’m pleased I finished this. I needed the discussion to parse 27a thanks.
    In contrast to Gayle I understood the definition for 12a but not the wordplay.
    Also not sure I have 23d…is it a plaything?

  22. Yes, a block sort of plaything Phil, although I found the ‘go through’ part a bit obtuse.

  23. Oh whoops, Margaret. Are we not on the same page here?

    Phil, wordplay for 12A is ‘listing’ is an anagrind for the previous three words.

  24. GeoffD @ 6:29 pm…. Although it’s in the dictionary as a definition, I too found ‘xxx’=’fold’ as a bit of a stretch and had to confirm it with the dictionary before I wrote in the answer. As you say I also struggle to make a sentence where they can be substituted.

  25. Tim C,
    Not a plaything, more a UN thing :)

    That makes the “go through” work.

  26. I’m lost Margaret. 23D was my second last one in. I got it early on but didn’t insert it until I got the cross letters. Interested to hear other thoughts.

  27. Oh no. The penny’s just dropped. Where’s the brown paper bag to stick over my head. I should have rejected my first instinct that ‘go through’ didn’t seem right. That makes a lot more sense.

    So no Phil, it’s not a plaything, unless we’re talking high politics.

  28. Tim C,
    I didn’t even think of the plaything, I’m glad I didn’t or I would’ve been fixated on it. Frankly, I wasn’t even bright enough to get the misdirect :). I could see how you could convince yourself it was part of a journey you go through; I certainly would’ve.

  29. Tim C – 23D, I had exactly the same answer as you did, and the same sense of unease about the word play. Despite Margaret’s helpful hint, I had to go through the 21 x 21 mental exercise – finally got there on the 352nd try! (And good luck to anyone who can work out the answer from this info.)
    Graham M @10:51 am – despite your help, I’m still stuck on 5D, my “last” – is it a verb, noun or adjective?
    My experience of ‘mainly’ or chiefly’ clues is less one letter, so is 15A OK?
    Still bemused by the ellipses – in the ‘ignore completely’ category this week I think…

  30. SlowA,
    5d is a verb. It is best just to read it straight. As indicated “end” is missing.
    15a is probably correct, it is missing a few letters.

  31. Got it! (23d). Thanks Margaret, Tim C Sat morning brought a fresh mind with your help.
    I’d say 5d is a noun, although letters 4-6 are a verb without end
    Any explanation of 12a wordplay? I know the answer but not how ‘put money across listing’ works.

  32. Easier than last Friday
    Came to Trippers with 4 to go 17A 24A 18D & 23D Conversation helped solve all bar 23D which I failed to get along with26A where I had a plausible alternative describing a generic biscuit and heading up wind in a yacht. FOI 14A, solved top half last night and remainder today. Liked 1A and 22A. Still parsing 25A letters 4 & 5
    Stay warm everyone

  33. Thanks Graham M
    What I found distracting was the repetition of the word “in” in the SMH edition and wondering if it was a typo or DA being mischievous?

  34. IanS, I must admit I didn’t notice. Methinks it’s a genuine typo, as I can’t think of any secret, cryptic meaning for it!

  35. Hi everyone. I can’t quite parse the first two letters of 14a; should there be a homophone indicator there (or is that what aligned is for, and if so, how is that a homophone indicator?)

  36. I found it quite tough. Got about half way before some clues from above helped me break the back of it.

    I had the plaything for 23D until looking here; still think the wordplay for it works.

    12A shows how much better DA’s anagrams are than pretty much anyone else.

  37. “12A shows how much better DA’s anagrams are than pretty much anyone else”

    How so, Adam?

    Surely “listing” doesn’t mean mixing? Making it a very poor anagram.

  38. Well I only got one clue on this without help. In despair. Must be losing it.

  39. Don’t worry CLY, we all have those ones. Well most of us. Sometimes the synapses just don’t do it.

  40. I managed everything except 20 down. I actually think I know the first 3 and last 3 letters of the word due to the raised ‘a tots’. But I don’t know the philosopher or the Australian reference. Can anyone help?

  41. Matt, it’s a Dutch philosopher, “Australian” gives letters 5 & 6.

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