DA for the 14th of August, 2020

Report about your DA fun for this week.

5 thoughts on “DA for the 14th of August, 2020

  1. I got the theme and a few answers yesterday but can’t see how the theme works or which are the themed clues. Ian’s Crosswordclub link from years ago doesn’t work any more – it would really help us strugglers if someone would kindly post a weekly explanation somewhere.

    The nine themed clues are …
    1a In formation
    5a Be long
    12a Not iced
    14a Bound Aries
    22a A bridge
    28a Enter prising
    29a Late rally
    15d Do Ma in
    17d Use less

  3. Would love a detailed explanation of parsing on 23A, 18D and 5D in this please.
    Not sure if I’m close

  4. Cokes, it’s Saturday afternoon, so I don’t think I’ll encounter too much opprobrium if I address your request in the main thread.

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