DA Confusion for the 24th of July, 2020

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA. And hopefully it’ll be the correct crossword will be published from the outset this week!

61 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 24th of July, 2020

  1. I hope you will indulge me. I wrote this letter to the complaints department of The Age about the mix-up last week:

    Dear Potential Robot,

    You probably already know this by now, but on Friday, you printed the wrong crossword. On Friday. The only day of the week when it really matters that you get the crossword right.

    This might seem like a small oversight to you, but it isn’t, I promise you. I buy The Age every Friday purely for the crossword. This means that I have to co-ordinate my groceries so that the milk runs out on Friday so that I have a valid reason to go to the shops because people might not understand that the newspaper and the crossword that it contains is actually an essential, life-saving service.

    My sister Emily and I do the Friday crossword together over Zoom and I think it might be my favourite time of the week. The thrill of the hunt, the charming wit, the fiendish, brain-stretching dance that DA takes us on within that 15-by-15 square is something I relish. My sister and I frown and groan and exclaim in frustration. Then we gasp and laugh and coax the answer out of each other with gentle hints. Sometimes we meet with Emily’s other crossword friends and we all have a little party nutting it out together.

    At home I have six children. I love my family, but lockdown can make things a little relentless. Why are there SO MANY SHOES in my house? This week, I missed my oasis of joyful sisterly time doing something I love. I know that everybody makes mistakes, even sub-editors, but this mistake really hurt.

    Here are some suggestions of ways you might make it up to me:

    1. Give me a refund or a voucher for another paper (this is the boring option)
    2. Give DA a raise. Whatever you’re paying him, it isn’t enough. That man’s a national treasure.
    3. I’m a freelance writer. Put me in touch with your features editior. I’m an excellent writer and always meet my deadlines. Let me write something great for you.
    4. Give me a promotional gift basket from one of your liquor advertisers (six kids, remember?).

    Looking forward to hearing back from you


    Kate Moriarty

    The man got back to me that day, assured me that he was not a robot, apologised and said he was only able to offer his thanks as compensation, as well as some constructive criticism for my blog (the About page was out of date by, like, five years). It was like getting broccoli when you’d hoped for icecream.

    Thanks for letting me share here!

  2. Sympathy with Kate Moriarty, when my normal crozzle didn’t arrive I mounted my iron horse (scooter) and made my way to Coles, bought an Age, found when I got home, WRONG ONE!

  3. I don’t necessarily start at 1A but today I did. Ok, so I need 6a. Got it, then 1a and off to a flying start. Slowed down in the SE at the end, until I got that double-crossing tricky one. Favourites 8d and 29a. Lots of different clue constructions which was entertaining. DA does take chances in ‘homophoning’ foreign or borrowed words.

    Have fun everyone.

  4. Congratulations, Kate, on getting a response from a real person! There is hope for the world.

    I enjoyed today’s. Still a few whose wordplay I’ve not yet fathomed, but they’ll probably hit me soon. Easy starters: 9a, 19a, 26a, 14d. Needed help spelling 11a! I’d have clued 4a as “Refuse to purchase first horsewhip.”

  5. I really struggled to get started on this one, but ended up finishing in reasonable time. Started in the SW corner, SE, NE, NW.

    FOI 28A, 14D, LOI 15A/1D, 1A. Had to check spelling of 8D, 21A.

  6. Easier starters for me 13A,15A/1D,19A,3D/11A,6A,1A. LOI 27A. Didn’t the word for cautious in 8D appear a few weeks ago? Favourites were 5D, 14D and best of all 23A/17D.

  7. Thanks, GlenH, I suppose it is. I lead a sheltered life!

    And you’ve helped me with 8d, Tim, thank you. Come to think of it, he did use it in the recent past.

  8. I thought of horsepower for the abbreviation in 4A Geoff M, but the single letter abbreviation isn’t listed in Chambers.

  9. TPP, you need to add a letter to each of “spin” and “ad”.

    My two “Huh?”s are 6d & 25d.

  10. Thank you, Tim. I was almost there with 6d (wasn’t sure about 1,2,9), and that’s a new ram for me.

  11. All out eventually. But a couple not at all understood – 28a, 5d, 16d. Any help appreciated.

  12. I guess it helped being a youth in the sixties. The ram word also describes what a ram does. ;)

  13. Sandy, for 28a, start with a word for “draw” then fiddle with its final letter. First word is definition (rather loosely, I must say).

    For 5d I thought for a while that swapping sides would involve changing L to R or vice versa. I was on the right track. Think of a state in its geographic sense.

  14. Think of draw in the sense of attract for 28a, Sandy.
    What’s the opposite of letters 1-3 in 5d?
    16d, hmmm… it’s a strange one, but my take is to sound out the “hearts” of ‘sight winning Grecian’.

  15. All out, but despite Geoff M’s hint (12:25), I’m still lost as to the first two words of 23a/17d (I can see how “ad” works, but not how “spin” does…)

    Thanks to Tim C for clearing up 5d for me. I agree with that take on 16d, too. It was one of my favourites once it clicked!

  16. My take on 16d is that “so-called” indicates that it sounds like when spoken.
    Apparently is sounds like Eternal + sight
    Definition = the last 3 words.
    But not really sure…

  17. Emendation – following Tim C’s comment – yes – it is sounding out the hearts of all 4 words in a row “eternal sight winning Grecian”. Very clever

  18. I have never posted before but have to thank Kate Moriarty for so eloquently putting into words the devastation wrought by last week’s stuff up. I have a serious addiction to DA. I look forward to Friday all week, even more so in lockdown when days merge into one another. Good try for compensation, love it!!

  19. Yes Julian, I wondered about eternal as well, but I think the heart of that gives an incorrect pronunciation for the answer. Not sure, and my hesitation prevented me listing it as a favourite for the day. The definition is the whole clue (hence the “?!” ?). Agreed it’s very clever.

  20. Thanks Geoff, Tim C and Julian,
    I think I get it all now. 16a I’d particularly tricky but the sounded hearts make sense. I do say the heart of ‘eternal’ like the beginning of the answer.

  21. Re 16d, I pronounce it with an indeterminate and quick first syllable. I thought “eternal” might be part of the definition? Is it an epithet?

  22. There is a two letter Scottish, Northen English and archaic word meaning for ever or always (i.e. eternal) which gives a close representation of the first syllable in 16d, but not close enough for me. Chambers pronunciation guide has the first syllable rhyming with the second syllable.

  23. Trying not to give too much away, does 16A relate to geography and if so how is the first syllable clued?
    Also I have an answer to 23A/17D (without understanding the wordplay) but in my view it is nothing like a crew cut.

  24. Delighted to have stumbled upon this site….I am totally stumped by 6d, 7d, 8d, and 3d/11a, and 27a.
    I started again on DA just last week, and thought my intellect had drastically faded, till I found this site, and was glad to read your comments about last week’s puzzle!

  25. With 16A, I feel the clue is fair in terms of pronunciation when the definite article precedes the solution, as it nearly always does. Without the article I’d be more inclined to pronounce it, as Tim C suggests, so the first syllable rhymes with the second.

  26. happy chappy…
    6D rock band is the definition. See my comments above as well.
    7D Dance is the definition (an old dance which a few would have to look up). It has the ‘wings’ of limbo occupying a 3 letter word for space.
    8D Go to your Greek Classical education. 1-5 is a rarely used word for caution which appeared in the DA crossword a few weeks ago I think.
    3D/11A 1-3 is issue in a publication sense. A well known Aussie comedienne.
    27A When do you need hearing aids (think a part of the ear)?

    Ian F, I agree, if you mean the indefinite article precedes the solution. I’ll try and post in DA reports a fuller discussion but I have to go and finish cooking dinner.

  27. Except for what Ian F has said. I didn’t get the ‘hearts’ thing at the time, but thanks to
    Tim C I do now. I get the archaic word for eternal, but if it’s the hearts of the 4 words, the middle letter of the first word could be a kind of homophone, if you’re a non rhotic speaker of English, an unstressed syllable, known as as a ‘schwa’.

    Doing my head in, after my first full week back at work in the pandemic. Nice DAstraction from sanitising, distancing and all things mundane.

  28. First thoughts on 16d were Julian’s at 1.11. Who’s to know? DA rarely drops in , and then usually in disguise.

  29. Love the letter, Kate! Those crossword parties with your sister and her friends sound like a lot of fun.
    I’m stuck on the SW corner – any help with 13d, 22d or 28a would be greatly appreciated

  30. Thanks Gayle. I need to go and understand what the new (for me) word “rhotic” means, although I thought a schwa was an indistinct/missing/neutral vowel rather than an unstressed syllable.

    I didn’t think Julian at 1:11 was a drop in DA, but I’m happy to be proved wrong. :)

    I’ve posted some of my thoughts about 16D in DA Reports here http://datrippers.com/2020/07/23/da-for-the-24th-of-july-2020/#comment-520711.

    Spoiler alert as I list what I think the solution is.

  31. Oh, and belated thanks to Kate (first post) for trying to keep Fairfax on their toes. I wasn’t affected last week as I get DA via the SMH, although someone told me that on one day this week 3 clues were missing from the “Quick” crossword. What happened to quality control….. oh wait, I know,…. it costs too much.

  32. Cancel that request, the penny dropped for 13d and the others flowed from there

  33. DaveB, 13d Surprise is the definition. Crop circle is an obtuse way of describing it. A sort of double definition.
    22d Definition is Hate. Roman cardinals are 1 and 5, individual (up) is 4,3,2
    28a Definition is Beat. see previous comments in this thread for wordplay.

  34. Thx Geoff M @ 12.41 however I’m still struggling to parse 5d…….more help please.

  35. Vicky, do you have 5d, but don’t understand the wordplay? Look at the first three letters. By “swapping sides” a word for “state” (in a geographical sense) becomes a word for “persuade”.

  36. VickyC 5d was my favourite!
    Think of a 3 letter opposite to the first three letters of the answer, and substitute those letters.
    That should steer you in the right direction.

  37. 24 hours later and done but need a hand with parsing if anyone is still around! 10A, 27A, 23a/17d and an explanation of the Roman cardinals for 22D wouldn’t go astray!
    Thanks for any help

  38. Vincent ST
    22D cardinals as in Roman numbers. Tim’s given their letter positions in the answer at 9.05pm last night.
    Will come back to your other questions if no-one else has jumped in.

  39. 10A. The relative recalled (reversed) and with its last letter missing (briefly) is at 7,2,1 , securing (containing) a 4 letter word meaning state or say.

  40. Vincent ST,
    Tim C gave 27A at 6.35pm last night.
    Geoff M gave 23/17 at 12.25 yesterday.

    Sing out if you need a bit more.

  41. That makes sense for 10A and 27A thanks! I did read Geoff’s 23/17, didn’t really follow sadly – any other hints?

    Thanks for your help!

  42. Vincent ST, 23/17 was my last to solve and it’s pretty special so I hope I don’t muck it up by trying to explain it. I’ll give it a go, but someone else might have a better way.
    Definition is words 1 and 2 of the clue. Depending on your age you may not be familiar with either the definition or the answer, which both mean the same thing,
    The wordplay is kind of operating in reverse, ie words 3 and 4 of the clue, are actually clued by the answer. SPIN is a word for back, with its final letter missing.
    AD are the outer letters of a 3 letter word.


  43. Thanks Carol (24/7 @ 10.31pm) I’m still working through it……..light will yet dawn

  44. Vicky, think of three-letter equivalents to “for” and “against”.

  45. Finished after 3 spells foi 21A loi 12A
    Overall easier than last week NE corner last to complete Liked the Greek classical references in 8D and 16D also27A.
    Being a fan of the college cut made 23A/17D easy as this was my instruction to the barber !
    Got misdirected on 12A . Still thinking about wordplay for 5D

  46. Ian S, late enough in the day to say,m following on Geoff M’s tips at 4:51, pros and cons. Substitute one for the other. Think Canada for the original ‘state’.

  47. Oh my goodness. Thank you all who helped. FINALLY the penny has dropped.

  48. This is the first time for a long time that I had so much trouble parsing. 5D, 28A, 25D and 16 D remained mysteries til I checked this site. Even then, had to get to last few comments before I finally understood 5D. Still think 16D is a bit stretched.

  49. Thank you Tim C.
    You were a big help regarding the latest DA.
    I have unsubscribed for now, but wanted to tell you I appreciated your help.
    Happy chappy.

  50. Got all out but like others had some difficulty parsing – especially 5D, 16D and 28A. Many thanks for the hints – agree with others that 16D is a great clue (I am in the camp of thinking that the heart of ‘eternal’ is in there).

  51. Hi there, 8D does “$500 raised” mean move the D up in BIDS to make BDIS? And 22D why are V & M Roman cardinals? I’ve recently stepped up and am working through the back catalogue.

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