DA Confusion for the 3rd of July, 2020

Have your confusions sorted out — and for those of you in lockdown, I hope this DA lingers to keep you occupied for a long time.

53 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 3rd of July, 2020

  1. All done.
    FOI 15A
    LOI 3D.

    Still looking at a couple on the word play. Back after a sleep.

    I think the theme might annoy a few more people, again. Have fun.

  2. Well, I was lucky with the theme this time. It was a kind of tickle to get the answers, but some of the solving took a bit of reverse engineering, with a couple of hard-to-see indicators. 13a my pick. First ones in 4a, 15a and 16d. First themed one 23a.

  3. Morning all,
    Enjoyed today’s puzzle. Slow start, but fell out quite quickly.
    FOIs 21a, 15a, 16d then 18a.
    Once I had 18a, all the 18a references were the first ones to come to mind.
    I’d prefer 23a over 5d!

  4. Morning all. I think I’m happy with the wordplay as well.

    I did like this one but I wasn’t aware all of the references were related to the theme.

    I’m with you on 23a over 5d.

  5. Quickest one for ages!

    FOI 1A 25A, LOI 11A 8D. Good starters might be 1D, 15A, 20A, 20D, 16D, 9A, 14D.

    Still haven’t figured out what the first character in the 23A clue and the last one in 22A is; it shows as gibberish in the Pad edition and the SMH’s facsimile edition in the app is so fuzzy its unreadable.

  6. Oh, dear, can I really have finished a DA so quickly? But it all seems OK. How to fill in the day now?

  7. Great puzzle today, number 22222. I haven’t enjoyed a cryptic this much for a while. I must admit, I wasn’t aware some of them were 18a, but all the names were familiar. Still stumped by the wordplay in one or two, but I’m sure they’ll hit me soon. 12a, 13a and 16d brought a smile to my face. Stockholders, indeed!

  8. TPP I think 21D/7A has a 5 letter word (with “Outright” leaving 4 letters) for letters 1,6,7,8.
    I have to admit I did not know the 5 letter word and had to deduce it.

    Oh – and “another” is used in word play, not as defn.

  9. TPP 21/17 was my last to parse as well.
    Trying not to give too much away but still make sense…
    Outright cautious is an old-fashioned word (minus one letter) for cautious at letters 1 and 6,7,8
    There are 2 ducks in the middle, one of them upset.


  10. PS I only could see the parsing of 21/ 17 when I wrote the words down from left to right, rather than the way they appear on the grid… very confusing. Don’t know if that was by DAstardly DAsign, but it worked a trick on me.

  11. 21/7 was my last parse as well. That was a tad tricky with an obscure word and the double.

  12. 21d/17a was tricky. The other one I’m not 100% sure of is 1a. Has the kidnap victim shed a “c” & “b”?

  13. Geoff M – not completely certain but I was thinking Ancient Greece for the kidnap victim

  14. That makes more sense, thank you Julienne. My knowledge of history is sadly lacking, but I was able to confirm it with a little help from the internet!

  15. Noice one today, good fun. A bit quicker than usual. Faves 6d and 14 d.

  16. Yep, very enjoyable. Some nice work in clues such as 24A, 2D. 6D is two words, though.

  17. First ones 21A,22A,18D,18A. LOI 6D. Favourite 19D for the pun. Some other nice clues. I found 20A more obscure than the ‘outright cautious’ in 21D/17A.
    Maybe even a 20D could finish this DA.! ;)

  18. All the comments about how easy it is are making me feel stupider than ever!! Unsurprisingly I don’t have 18A so none of the themed answers. Have a few of the easy starters and not much else. Is the definition for 18A the first two words?

  19. GeoffD: Yes. And the last 2 words of clue give the last word in the answer!

  20. Yes, GeoffD, it’s the first two words. I was exaggerating with my 20D comment. It was probably a fluke that I got 18A early on which made things easier.

  21. GeoffD: think of first word in 18A in its other sense.

    Agree that 6D is two words. Also 16D is not a campus rather a host to many campuses.

    Well done, Arthur! Was it last week you were going to give it away for good.

    Haven’t heard from Celia in quite some time.

    Stay well

  22. VickyC: 20A double definition. Google lower case Hobbit name (keep scrolling)

  23. 20A is a double definition VickyC. You may well need a dictionary once you have the answer.

  24. A good lesson in Ozslang! ‘
    Scone’ in the clue for 19D, the first word in the answer for 13A, and the use of the last word of 18A to include 23A and 21D!
    The etymology of the slang is, as so often, wprth only a couple of points out of ten for credibility. credibility. Think of the Stone of Scone -)\\

  25. Saturday’s was a lot easier tuan usual, wasn’t it? Some clever clues but rather a lot of simple anagrams.

  26. DAJunkie and Gayle, a line from The Bold Gendarmes…’to risk our precious lives we’re c…y , when danger looms we’re never there’.
    Still don’t understand the wordplay for 6D. Anyone still out there?

  27. 6D . “Honkers no closer” gives 4-7 (last letter removed from 5 letter word for honkers), and working party gives 1-3.

  28. Re 19D, a simple ‘definition’ is a quick clue. In this case you have two definitions without any misdirection, even easier than quick. It is far from cryptic in my book.
    DA often blurs the boundaries between quick and cryptic, a few weeks ago his ‘quick’ included more misdirection than the cryptic, which was heavily reliant on either knowledge or google to be simply solved.

  29. ….on another note, it was the first time that I have seen my first name in a cryptic xword :-)

  30. In 19d, the “crypticness” presumably lies in the way it misdirects by implication. One of my favourite clues, “The rest of the afternoon (6)”, strictly isn’t cryptic either, but relies on the way it misleads.

    You’re 21d, are you, Cokes? Don’t leave us guessing …

  31. Tim C thanks, got it now. It would have helped if I had the right answer in the first place. I thought honkers was the definition so I had a sort of synonym for car horns. Wondered what it had to do with theme.

  32. Very happy to finish this difficult (for me only it seems) DA. Saturday arvo, session 3, did the trick including unpicking some errors. I’ll google 20a for the other definition.

  33. Found this easier than most DAs got 18A early which helped enormously though I don’t get the role of swatting in word play Gayle I’m curious how do you deduce 2 ducks when it’s duck in wordplay?
    Liked 12A LOI 4D

  34. IanS: it’s “duck upsetting another” which provides for two ducks.

    Had 3d wrong early on so stifled my nw corner, but got there on the end.

    But still haven’t got 12A; any tips?

  35. Victor, 12a …

    The first word is the definition.
    “Travel” is an anagrind, relating to “queen”.
    But not all of “queen”, only after the “kew”.
    I liked this clue.

  36. Geoff M: thanks. I really like that one; I had figured the last two words related to a letter, but hadn’t put the lot together

  37. As a fairly recent (last 6 months) reader of this group – always love the commentary on here! Managed to get this one without assistance but had trouble on some of the parsing – still not sure I have the second word of 13A. Took me a while to get 18A which I deduced from the examples that I had strong suspicions on. There must be others out there (like me) who only manage to get to the DA on a Saturday – say hi!

  38. Welcome Adam. If I don’t get to DA before work on Friday morning it’s usually Saturday for me too.

    13 second word parsing. Things that hold stock on a farm.

    Ian S, @4.24 The other duck, in a down clue, is ‘up – set’.

  39. Hi Adam
    I’m also usually a Saturday solver. I might get a few foi’s at breakfast on Friday, and some more in the evening if the time is there. I am in awe when I see that some people have solved it before 6am Friday.

  40. Ha ha Geoff M, there is that.
    I’m such a luddite I have to hope the paper delivery arrives early enough.

  41. I think I have the answer to 6d but when googling they are ubiquitously referred to as (3,4) not (7). Have I the correct answer?

    I’m a (working party)’s appendage away from solving this one completely and would hate to ruin it by seeing the answer if I was wrong

  42. Olbert yes I’d say you have got them right there. I’ve always thought of them as (The ) 3,4

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