DA Confusion for the 26th of June, 2020

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA fun times.

74 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 26th of June, 2020

  1. Let’s hope that if there is a theme in this week’s DA, that it doesn’t reference classical or popular culture, otherwise we’ll have another shed load of comments. ;)

  2. All done.
    FOI 12a. LOI 18a

    No theme.
    Still thinking about word play on a couple. Will relook after sleep.

  3. Most enjoyable today. Can’t remember which was first in. Favourites 10a & 3/25d. Re 20d, I wasn’t aware that was a sticker, unless it’s a rather warped definition. I hadn’t heard of 18a.

    Easy starters today: 12a, 4d, 1d, 22a.

  4. Well , very late start, but found four easy ones thus far: 12A, 28A, 14D, 23D. But a very busy day ahead, so may not get much done.

  5. 13 solved, must leave till later in day I was around in 1954, remember it well.

  6. Geoff M,
    In relation to 20d, if you think of its use“sticker” is understandable.
    I’m not sure where the last letter in 19a comes from.

    I had heard of 18a but my spelling was off; hence LOI.

  7. Have to say I found this one of the easiest DA for some time.
    Completed, but don’t get the parsing for 21D; understand definition and also letters 3-6 but not 1,2.
    Re last week, why is there this continuing reference to “classic”; nowhere did the themed answer include that word – it was simply l……. h……. ?

  8. First ones 12A,27A,4D,5D,10A. Favourites 2D and 7D. LOI 3D/25D which I got early on but took a long time to be convinced of the wordplay.

    Yes, Geoff M, I think sticker is a bit of a warped definition.

    Margaret, diminish in value the last letter of 19A (think the second half of 5D).

  9. Faves 3d21d, cute, and 15a. Enjoyed the playfulness of 20d and many others. Go DA, keep our minds nimble.

  10. Margaret, yes I was thinking along those lines for the “sticker”. Hmmm…

    Re the last letter in 19a, do some Roman arithmetic!

  11. In 17D, is the heart that’s lost a ‘b’? If so, there needs to be a question mark at the end of the clue, as that’s not a real word. I really enjoyed the rest of this puzzle. I learnt all about 18A when studying Latin many years ago.

  12. Geoff M/TimC
    Thanks for the hint. That is a tad left field but I do like it.

    Yeah, DA can be a bit “obscure” at times. Hmmmm indeed.

    I did enjoy this one, though.

  13. Good FAQ DA this week, and I appreciated the little tribute at 6D (though “ratbag” seems the wrong word in the clue).

    Jack, no, the missing heart is a V. The hesitation is at 2-3, if that helps.

    In 3D/25D I don’t understand how “his” fits (or is) the wordplay. I suspect I am in for a facepalm. Anyone?

  14. AG, you really have to think outside the square re “his”. That’s all I’m sayin’.

  15. AG “his” is a second definition and follow by a “? ” Ienjoyed that and much else.

    I, although an immigrant, to my shame did not know 6D. I am still unsure about 22A. Is the clue just a definition or is the definition “A sort of footy” that I have not heard of.

  16. Much better than last week. Despite the above I’m still unclear as to where the last letter in 19A comes from.
    AG think of “his” as something other than a pronoun.

  17. Those days my FOI is 1A I get a brief burst of usually false confidence, but today made steady progress. Only 8D and 15A to go but will have to come back this evening. Liked 3,25

  18. Nice traditional DA xword today without ‘un’popular themes, although I have also don’t get 3,25D yet and don’t quite like the last letter in 19A reason given

  19. KraDen and Cokes 3D/25D was allegedly a typical police enquiery of peope, in UK films/TV at least.

  20. Thanks Mike.
    I knew that was the definition.
    That’s why I was sure I had the right answer.
    I just couldn’t justify it cryptically.

  21. For those who have 3d/25d but are still struggling to parse it, think of a common 2-letter equivalent to 3d. And, as 25d is identical, there are two of them, right?

  22. Thanks to those who set me straight on 17D. I was confusing the two hesitations.

  23. All done. Was held up by having the wrong second word in 26A and the wrong kind of throne in i12A. Annoying!

    I got 3D early on, by sounding out “his” as two words, not hi-s but h-is (haitches, or aitches). Funny how the mind works.

    AG: in 6A, I had the “ratbag climbing” at 2-4.

    Happy solving

  24. Melanie, remove the king from a four-letter word meaning “view”, and you get a throne (one of many euphemisms).

  25. Well, nobody seems to have been troubled by 18A, I’m totally baffled. I even checked Dan Word on 14D and 18A, it still seems impossible. He gives the Icarus relative as 18A, but also gives the obvious answer to 14D, which makes letter 3 an R, whereas for his 18 across, that letter must be a D. They can’t both be right. So, please, at this late stage of the dqay with everyone seemingly finished, what is the correct answer for 18A?????

  26. Arthur, if I’m not mistaken, the letter at the intersection of 18a & 14d is “A”.

  27. Arthur,
    Icarus relative.
    Counters “done for”
    “Table” regularly

  28. Excellent crossword from DA today. I liked the Australiana clues, 10a, 11a and 19a especially.

    Arthur C – I’m not sure I follow how your grid is working. The third letter of 14D is neither a D nor an R.

  29. Ta folks. I had, as hinted above, automatically written in AURICARIA: it is a pine, a song, gold, carbon and argon there. But apparently wrong. So I’ve no idea what the answer is.

  30. And finally, I see. Faulty memory as to the spelling – long time since schooldays! So all confusion now cleared up.

  31. Arthur – right idea but wrong spelling. The “song” is the first two letters and the last two letters.

  32. Arthur, I think Dan Word must have given you a bum steer on 14d. My answer for that one had A as the third letter and it wasn’t obvious (to me at any rate).

  33. “3d, 25d His is the plural of …”……. Oh thank you Julian @ 2:43 pm. My reasoning was not up to this. I can go to sleep now a happy person. It’s now my favourite clue for the day.

  34. Mary @ 5:09 pm… “Nice to see another crossword genius making a guest appearance at 14d.”…. Love it.

  35. I, like others, hadn’t heard of 6D. Don’t you hate it when DA has references to popular or classical culture that no one in their right mind could possibly have heard of? Maybe I need to get out more. Oh wait…… ;)

  36. Is anyone there? I enjoyed this. Still not sure of the wordplay for some, and still don’t have 6A, 15A or 8D. Gentle hints welcome.

  37. Only Henson @1408 has mentioned 15A – I found it i) tough, and ii) clever. Re the ‘sticker’ in 20D, when used in a medical sense (which is what DA intended?), the verb form ‘to stick’ is as per 3-7 but in everyday usage the noun form ‘sticker’ always has a ‘t’ added at the end.

  38. I’m still here, SB, even though it’s way past my bed time.

    For 6a, you need “composer” from the previous clue. The composer is a Baroque one, very well known.

    For 15a start with a monitor that’s neither a person nor a television screen. Letters 1, 7, 8 give “twisted”.

    In 8d the last word is the definition. “Ruin” gives 1-4.

  39. Oh hello hello Geoff M. Our paths crossed. I get it now. How could I not have seen the composer in6A! Or the monitor in 15A! Thank you.

  40. Re SB @10:26pm – our messages crossed, you also had trouble with 15A; think an animal to get started. 6A – look at a word in 1A. 8D – if you’re old enough, think of a Coke ad that became a hit song!

  41. Oh Slow A our paths crossed again – I missed both your posts. All good now. Thanks!

  42. Usual late Friday start went to bed far too late and finished this morning FOI 1D
    Thanks to Wally for Aussie reference helped with 10A Can’t follow stream on parsing 3D/25D how about this alternative
    Remove tips from a 6 letter word for a male and repeat term ?
    Overall I found this weeks DA easier than last week taking 3 sessions to complete

  43. Oops re 3D/25D add “h” to start of above term on second thoughts maybe too clunky
    Maybe someone could elaborate in DA Comments

  44. IanS, I also struggled with the wordplay for 3D/25D until Julian’s comment at 2:43 yesterday… “3d, 25d His is the plural of …”. The clue is a double definition type, the first definition is “What do we have here” and the second is “his”. How do you sometimes say hello?

  45. I thought it was easy…for about 6 clues then totally stumped for a session. Sat afternoon got all in ; 6d had to confirm my effort with google.
    Why sticker for 20d? The answer is a new word for me. 6d and 14d also additions to my vocabulary.

  46. DAs puzzles are too difficult to be enjoyable even when you succeed fair and square. Self indulgent?

  47. Phil, I’m familiar with ‘sticker’ for weapons like daggers and shivs and things which ‘stick’ you, a kind of criminal slang, although I doubt that would have originated in the Middle Ages.

    No one has mentioned 16D. Could I have some help with the parsing please?

  48. Hi customer
    Many years ago I rang the smh to complain about the difficulty of da x words
    The indulgent telephonist listened patiently To my rant, then saiD
    “ some people like the challenge”
    I’ve been hooked ever since, particularly with the aid of this forum

  49. Gayle, 16D, “Strange set-up” gives 9,8,1 and “off” gives 2-7 (yes, I know).

  50. I’m not sure I agree with the suggestion above that 1,2 in 21d is a synonym for done. A more likely answer is that ‘shot done first’ is a drumming reference. As in – hitting the drums is called a shot and the answer as a whole refers to a well known technique.

  51. Simon, I find shot is a synonym for 3,4,5,6,1,2. “done first” is an indication to move the last 2 letters to the front.

  52. Hi TimC and Simon. Not at all sure I’m right but my parsing of 21D was:
    3,4,5 & 6 for ‘done’ as in “After working on DA for 24 hours with no sleep I was completely ‘done’ “, and 1,2 for ‘shot’ as in “you’re shot”. – but can’t say I liked that at the time, and still don’t

    Most of the rest out and understood, but still not sure about last two letters of 9A – so if anyone is still about …. ?

  53. The last 2 letters come from “cadre to help”, cadre in the sense of core or nucleus.

  54. Thanks TimC – I thought that was possible, but not at all sure I like it :)

  55. Tim, I thought along the same lines initially but wasn’t comfortable with the ‘done’ part.

    LJ, I will admit that I hadn’t though of the your turn possibility but not sure that it quite works in this instance.

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