DA Confusion for the 5th of June, 2020

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s winter DA.

56 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 5th of June, 2020

  1. I’m not surprised that there are no comments yet. That was a shocker with two words unknown to me before now.

  2. @Peter I’m hoping you started the crossword at midnight when it published online and it took you that long to complete it, but I suspect not. I only finished last Friday’s DA yesterday – and most weeks don’t even get that far.

    And I’m assuming that’s no typo on 7d.

  3. No, that’s not a typo, Lachlan. And quite a test for the eyesight!

    Almost finished, half a dozen to go. 18d is a very easy starter. Haven’t fathomed the wordplay in 22a or 4d yet, but no doubt they’ll hit me soon.

  4. I have 17, 6d and 18.
    Off to tennis now but hope there are a few more helpful hints on my return

  5. All done. Good fun. The reason I couldn’t parse 4d earlier is that I thought it was “tibouchina”. (It ain’t.) Still can’t parse 22a. Some clever clues today — 21a brought a smile to my face.

    Have the earlybirds slept in today?!

  6. About the usual time today, one word I didn’t know (14A) and a few unusual ones.

    FOI 15d, 7d; LOI 13a (shamefully!), 12a.

  7. All done. FOI 7d, then 6d, 6ac. LOI 12ac, 5d. Especially liked 22ac and 21ac.

  8. First ones 5D, 19A, 6D, 16D. LOI 1D. 14A was new to me also, and I learnt some new geography. I chuckled at the deliberate spelling error in 7D.

  9. If my 21d is correct its a double def’n. And if my 7D is correct (surely it is) then I don’t get the wordplay (even having finally spotted the spelling quirk). And in that case I can guess 21A but don’t get the wordplay. Otherwise all done. FOI 2d, 8A, 5D …

  10. Geoff, SB. To me the equivalent sound – not a homonym – in 21A is fine. Don’t forget that “place” has several meanings.

    On 7D, yes people with poor eyesight such as me should inspect the clue very carefully. It cost me a lot of time! If, sd, you have the correct first three letters of the ansswer, check the meaning of the rest of that “word”

  11. SB – 7D wordplay is a Rebus – take the answer as an instruction for how to get the final word of the clue!

  12. Thanks Mike & Geoff for 7D – nice. I’ll settle for what I’ve got for 21A&D but without great confidence.

  13. SH, in 21a two three-letter words form a homophone (“heard” is the indicator).

  14. OK. Thanks GeoffM. Got it. Very funny. I had the 2 21s starting with R :(

  15. I don’t get the word play for the first 3 letters of 6A. Can anyone help please?

  16. A sad farewell to Tripper friends, my supply has dried up, harsh taskmaster decided I wasn’t putting enough effort in, will send me no more. I did eventually fill this one in, but must confess to cheating, had never heard of the item in 6D, got also 7D by Googling. Used Wordfinder for 6A. Criminal offence, it seems.

  17. DN, it’s synonym often used for a certain type of fight, truncated. (If I’m sailing too close to the wind with hints at this stage, I’m happy to be put back in my box by a more experienced poster).
    Anyway, 1D and 13A to go. The latter looks like it will jump out at me so I’ll take a break and come back.
    I don’t understand the wordplay for 10A. I know the word well from studies so it jumped out but can’t retro-fit the clue.
    Also, in 6D the 2nd word of the clue seems redundant, with the answer explained by the first, fifth and sixth words.

  18. DN re 6A it’s a word for fight with the last letter removed.

    Arthur! DA is a great mental work-out so., for yourself, please carry on solving.
    You cann email me at an address that it so unused I check it only every couple of weeks norris4bayside@hotmail.com I’m happy to help for the years until my eyes pack up totally.

  19. Henson – 10A – shock with one of its letters out gives 3-6.
    6D – The first word isn’t actually part of the anagram, it just has it’s ‘redhead dipped’ before being inserted int the anagram.

  20. Arthur, you must get a recipe and create some 6d. I have fond memories of enjoying it at breakfast al fresco on the shore of Lake Geneva at Montreux. Of course the Swiss do it better than anyone else.

  21. Re 13A…not a major issue, but does the first part of the answer represent a 5-letter apostrophised word or a different (non-apostrophised) 5-letter word?

  22. I guess it could be either, SlowA. But more likely the latter was intended, I’d say.

  23. Thanks GeoffM. Good to know I’d interpreted the first word of 10A correctly albeit not able to apply it.
    6D Yep I knew it wasn’t part of the anagram but I’d interpreted ‘redhead dipped’ as removal not ordering. Thanks again.

  24. Henson, that actually was Geoff sans M, not I. We’re two distinct creatures. Confusing, isn’t it?

  25. Mike (1645), that is a wonderful offer. I will gladly take it up. My ancient (I’m 90) brain finds DA a real challenge, rarely do I solve it completely, but I like to have a go.

  26. Geoff M, (1716), my breakfast doesn’t really change – oats, oats, oats, 365 days p/a. When my wife was here I made enough porridge for two, I still do that, just put one plateful aside for tomorrow. Was the food mentioned so named because someone of that name invented it?

  27. All done, finally. Got stuck on a couple. Frustrating.

    Answer = last word
    “Smart” is 1-5,8
    “Provided” 6,7

    I hope I’m as “with it” when I’m 90. You keep yourself safe.

  28. Tess,
    We all have our D’oh moments. Today’s crossword was like pulling teeth. A few words I didn’t know and some “difficult” word plays. I think the one for 7d is a doozy, but I like it now I understand it. If it’s any comfort 15d was one I had difficulty with as well.

  29. This was slow going but I got there. I didn’t know 14a and resorted to cheating (google).
    The DA chat explained 7d… I didn’t see all of it until I took a long hard look.
    Can someone explain 22a wordplay so I can kick myself.

  30. > Arthur C: Was the food mentioned so named because someone of that name invented it?

    I believe so. The first half of a hyphenated surname, actually.

  31. I still have a couple to get, but my mind is more exercised by Arthur’s position. I feel as if I know him well from decades of reading his letters in The Age and contributions here. Arthur, you’re a touch older than I am, and it’s clear our social, religious and political views are mostly at odds, but that is not important. Recent events around the world have emphasised the importance of a civil and humanitarian way of living, and continuing to sustain the things that keep us together. Please stay in touch here if you can.

    Meanwhile … a gentle hint for 14a would be welcome. I fear it’s outside my ken.

  32. Hi AG.
    14A is an unusual word you might not meet all year, but the last two words of the clue are its definition. As for the wordplay, 1-4 are ‘trim’ running back and 5-7 are ‘line’.

  33. Re 22A, “Trendoids” is 1-3, “can’t tear” gives 5-8 and “sweet” is 7, 9-13.

  34. Melanie, in 1d, the carrier is an ocean-bound one. Letters 4-8 are the nation. In 11d, “certified” refers to letters 1-3.

  35. Melanie, like others I am struggling this week! I don’t have 1D, but can offer the following for 11D: First word is the definition; 2nd word gives 1-3 (think laterally about meanings of that word); remaining words give the remaining letters… Now back to the grind… and don’t give up, Arthur C, you’re my hero!

  36. 6D was actually my first one in (long-time fan of the stuff) and for once I knew an obscure one – as an erstwhile formatter I was familiar with 14A.
    But I stupidly lost ages trying to force an answer out of the letters of ‘trendoids can’t’ in 22A. Real duh moment.
    And as Kathy says, don’t stop, Arthur!

  37. …. also, I don’t believe there is anything wrong with using a little help with Friday’s crossword.
    All’s fair in love and DA solving!

  38. My usual start late Friday pm had 10 to go by bedtime. Consulted Trippers after breakfast and got 3 more and appreciate the help. I’d also like to encourage ArthurC to carry on I think at 90 he’s an inspiration to all of us. With 70 odd years of cryptics (my mother had me solving LB’s anagrams at a young age) I don’t regard resorting to a thesaurus or Googling for synonyms as cheating. I always learn a new word with DA each week. eg 14A I knew the symbol not its name.
    I have a question re 4D does an Australian river (flower) come into the wordplay ?

  39. Hi Ian

    Aust river is the answer. Can’t fully parse, though. Didn’t get on to it till today, either. Lovely sentiments AG. Keep at it Arthur

  40. Finishing last week’s before starting yesterday’s, am stuck on 13A’s wordplay and 21D’s everything if anyone can enlighten me?

    With 7D, I eventually got that it’s a rebus but had a few issues with it:
    – I feel like it needs a question mark
    – not sure where ‘calling for’ fits in
    – the fact that the first six letters are the last six letters in one of the words is very misleading and/or confusing

    Other than that, still classic DA and still loving it

  41. Hi ofm
    DA on 5 June
    13 A wordplay: ‘on radio’ is a homophone indicator. life-raft sounds like CREWS AID, but I think it’s a bit dodgy. There’s a /z/ in there.

    21 D double definition. FOOL and COASTAL DIVER . Wiki tells me that species of bird only breeds on coastal plains up near the Arctic.

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