DA Confusion for the 15th of May, 2020

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s middle-of-May DA.

48 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 15th of May, 2020

  1. Morning Everyone. Found this one enjoyable and pretty chewy, not helped by entering 7a/6d in the wrong places. Had to go to Wiki for a couple.
    SW corner in first, SE last. Liked the crap shooter, the strange dish and the rock duo.
    1a/13d was clever. Needed a few crossers to get it, but looking back it was clear and fair. Not so 17d imo, if you don’t get it from the definition, which I never would have, and haven’t fully parsed.
    Also still missing some of 19a wordplay.

  2. Hi Gayle,
    19a, use 18a too.
    For 1a I had wrong 4 letter word for a while, which held me up, otherwise a good puzzle.

  3. Oh dear! Have looked and looked and looked again, not a single spark of inspiration anywhere. So, keep loooking!

  4. Nice one today. A few that I’d never heard of, for which I came within a whisker of cheating, namely 8d, 17d, 15d, 21d. My first one in was 12a. Initially thought 1a began with “back” — hadn’t heard of this version. 4d took me a while, a trendy, newly coined word, I presume?

    Easy starters 14a, 18a, 26a. Favourites 10a, 7d, 24d

  5. Yes, I got the first word of 1A wrong too – NW corner was last in due to that.

    4D and 15D were new to me. Still haven’t fully parsed 11A.

    FOI 7A/6D, 18A. LOI 9A, 11A. Other good starters might be 12A, 8D, 23D, 5D, 25A, 7D.

    ArthurC: 5D has been in the news in recent days! And I’m sure you know the work of 8D if not the name.

  6. I got lucky (my head was evidently just working the right way) and was able to put 1a,13d in as my first, but as with others I’m more familiar with the alternative first word. Steady going after that, hampered a bit by an above-average number of unknown entries: 4d, 8d, 15d, and 21d in particular. On the other hand, I actually really enjoyed 17d. The wordplay is a bit convoluted, I guess, but it checks out and when the definition clicked it was a nice ‘aha’ moment. Like Gayle, I also like the ‘crap shooter’ and ‘strange dish’ of 23d and 24d.

    AndrewT: 11a, the answer has a 5-letter ‘gift’ in the place of a 3-letter ‘priest’.

  7. Come to think of it, I wasn’t sure of 11a either. Not sure where the priest comes into it.

  8. The great 8D is actually a character in a current Netflix series called ‘Hollywood.’ He deservedly won an Oscar about 55 years ago.
    Never heard of 15D before, but it came out easily as an anagram. I think 4D is a brand name. I have also not heard of 21D and it caused me to struggle with the clues around it.

  9. Enjoyed 17 d, from school days

    May I have help with 20a, 22a and 25a, loi s
    Thank you

  10. I had similar difficulties and new words as others. Starters for me were 7A/6D, 1A/13D (although got the incorrect first 4 letters as others), 12A, 26A. Last one was 4D which I got from the wordplay and then had to look up the definition.
    Favourite was 20A/16A for the definition (the first 3 words of the clue melanie).

  11. melanie, 22A scalper is 1,7,8,9 and one proof of engagement is 2-6.
    25A, backbeat is 1-4 and harsh sound is 5-10.

  12. Well, that was slow and satisfying. An excellent classic DA.

    First in was 17D, which is an easily spotted definition if you know it, but I have no idea about wordplay – anyone, please?

    Also 27A, which is my last one in if I have it right. I have a definitional fit, but again the rest is a mystery.

  13. Nearly done, with quite a few LOL. But I am struggling with the two remainders – 4d & 11a. Any hints?

  14. I’d be interested to hear others’ views on 17 down as I’m not completely convinced about the wordplay. My take is dog is 1-3, mongrel lift gives 4-6, his (tail escaping) gives 7,8 and out front is 9.

  15. 4D, 28-across hat is 1-3, garland is 4-6 and absolutely is 7-10. I hadn’t heard the word before.
    11A I can’t explain it better than Luke at 11:34

  16. I had just worked out 4d, which I also had never heard of, when I came back to see your reply Tim C. But I had to use a word finder for 11a, despite Luke’s tip. Who would have thought, in a DA puzzle, you didn’t need a synonym for the first word to start with?

  17. 4D and 15D new to me too.

    Not sure what SandyMc means in last sentence – 11A seems fair to me.

    Thanks Tim C for 17D breakdown. Fair enough construction IMO, though if you didn’t know the definitional allusion it might be hard to get.

    On the question of the first word of 1A, the Google Ngram server suggests that DA’s version is historically more common in US/UK. Perhaps we here in Oz (including me) have popularised the minority version.

  18. I didn’t say it wasn’t fair AG. Not a complaint. It was just that I was caught out looking for a synonym when I only had to use the word in the clue itself. DA is usually not that direct.

  19. Yes, same here with looking for a synonym 11A when the solution was staring me in the face.

    As far as 1A/13D goes, I hail originally from the UK and have always used the ‘incorrect’ phrase. In fact I had to look up the ‘correct’ phrase just to check.

  20. AndyW@6:12
    19 a Strangely enough I could see the 18a bit but it’s the rest I’m stuck on, and no one else seems to have had any trouble with it. Anyone?

  21. Oh, now I see what SandyMc and Tim C are getting at. Bit dim today, sorry. Still, if the first word of the clue had been, say, “worshipped”, I think we would have been struggling to parse, and I (for one) would have complained of excessive indirectness!

  22. How about this slight twist on 7d’s clue:
    Cream? Perhaps scream with a S (8)

  23. G’day
    If anyone happens to come back here today I missed two. I couldn’t get 20A which meant that 21D was closed to me. The solution ‘Blood Type’ means nothing to me – please parse it.

  24. billyboy – Def is the first three words, 6 letter word for “damn” packing “shirt” (1 letter), following by 2 letter abbreviation for “gym”

  25. No one has asked about 28a and 3d yet which makes me think I am missing something. I’ve got answers that I’m confident are correct but can’t parse them. And I have no idea about 8d and 21d – will probably give up and check answers soon.

  26. Brian, 28a …

    “Harsh sound” gives the second word. “Sound” is a homophone indicator. The first word is a reversal if a synonym for “beat”.

    In 3d, the fetishist gives 3, 2, 1. The last two letters are “icy” spoken.

    8d & 21d are obscure — I’d never heard of either. 8d, a synonym for “My!” as an exclamation is letters 1, 4, 5.

    21d uses the letters of “odd” with a common two-letter (Latin) term for “yearly”.

  27. Brian Whelan – 28A was my fav today. Def is first word, ‘rock’ is anagrind, duo defending point is 1-6, 8; with affection is 9-10.8D see Jack at 1:08pm yesterday. 21D and 27A are my last – still don’t have them.

  28. GeoffM I missed your post! Didn’t refresh :(
    Still don’t get wordplay for 27A, assuming I have the answer. Might let it go

  29. Sorry Brian, parsed the wrong one, but SB stepped into the breach!

    SB, 27a is the centre of an eight-letter word for “squid”. Comes in rings, usually!

  30. Brian, for 28a, defn is first word. Rock duo for 1,7,8. Point 2-6. Symbols for affection 9,10.
    3D is one of 6 I’ve yet to solve, so can’t help there sorry.

  31. Sorry all, hadn’t refreshed the thread and I see all answered above. Now have 3d thanks to GeoffM

  32. Seems like no one was interested in my post from 10.14
    Answer was MASSACRE
    Thought it was a fun little extra given the closeness in wording to DAs 7d clue.

  33. Many thanks SK.
    It’s annoying when one gets so near and yet so far. I saw type as a possibility for the second word, but still didn’t twig.
    …..to next Friday

  34. Thanks to everyone for sorting my dilemmas. Really helpful, not just FOIs etc!

  35. Sorry if I’ve missed it in an earlier post but wordplay for 3,4 in 24d please? (F,U I’m presuming)

  36. Johnno, the strange dish gives letters 4, 3, 2 (“serves up”). “To start” is letter 1.

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