DA Confusion for the 1st of May, 2020

The cold has dropped on Melbourne. Cryptics in front of the fire is the best possible activity. So have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

73 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 1st of May, 2020

  1. G’day everyone.
    FOI 1 across. LOI 8 down, don’t get the parsing.
    Favourites 21a, 15d and 5 d.
    The long’uns were mostly guess from definition and crossers and parse later to confirm.
    Of those, still haven’t worked out 11a – get what the wordplay is telling me to do, but not what it was working on, and 2d – too many repeated letters to figure it out.

    Will have to wait for other Trippers to come out of the doona on this freezing morning for some enlightenment.

    BTW Did anyone else think that JudgeJuryExecutioner last week might have been DA himself dropping in? Made a case for DA’s non partisan approach to town names, sports etc in NSW and Vic. See if he drops in this week :-)

  2. Good morning all,
    All out, a few inspired guesses which I reversed engineered.
    Started in SW corner, FOIs 20d, 24a. LOI 11a. Like Gayle I’m still trying to parse 11a. Is reluctant the word I need to use?
    Won’t give away 2d yet.
    I will have to re-read JudgeJudy’s posts.

  3. Also meant to add 8d, over is 1,2,3,6 and should make sense from there.

  4. Agree with Celia, I’m totally lost. 70 minutes has yielded six answers, Google found the cocktail for me. My Wordfinder didn’t have the 11A word, but found it anyway (I think).

  5. I’ve posted a partial parse of 11A in the other section. It all hinges on a definition …

  6. Arthur C, I’m not totally lost, my MayDAy × 3 was a joke! 😁 Took me 90 minutes to complete, though, twice last week’s time!!!

  7. Mostly straightforward today, with several clues that brought a smile to my face — 1a, 17d, 15d, 21a, among others. My first one in was 16a, and other good starters are 10a, 6d. I learnt a new cocktail today — perhaps I’ll try ordering it when the pubs open. Still scratching my head over 11a (which, incidentally, isn’t in the Oxford dictionary online). And I’d have begun the clue to 17d with “Pink possibly” rather than “Possibly pink”.

  8. Geoff M,
    For 11a think about “pussy” alternatives. I quite liked that clue.

  9. Geoff M, re 11A, I posted a parse in the other comments section, but start with an 8-letter synonym of “pussy” …

  10. Found it hard going. First ones 1D, 3D, !A, 23A which have me a false sense of security. LOI 21A (that brought back some funny memories). Never heard of 19D before either.

    Thought there were a couple of dodgy clues today which I 7D……11A (not in Chambers either Geoff M) is a poor definition IMO, as is 13D (misnomer could be anything, or have I missed something?)

  11. Hi guys, newbie here. I’m slowly working my way through some of the clues. Done 4, woohoo. I get how part of the 2d clue works but not the other part.

  12. Welcome, Bec. 2d is complicated and if I explained it to you so early on the Friday I’d be struck off! But do ask again tomorrow!

    By the way, I finally got 11a, after your help, thanks Celia & Margaret. Clever.

  13. Maybe a little bit of help with 2d …

    “Slipping” is an anagrind.
    You need a three-letter alternative to “through”.
    “Crusts” is a container indicator.

  14. I’m a newbie like Bec. Have followed DA trippers for a couple of years and can now proudly say I have finished today’s crossword! Yay! Caveat though – can’t completely work out parsing for 11a and 6d.

  15. Welcome, Lyn! I was stuck on 11a till I pronounced the second word a different way.

    And in 6d, the Greek character gives letters 4,5.

  16. Not too bad going today, but like several others I’m still working on a couple of wordplays. FOI 6d, 19d (my personal favourite! The bar 1806 in Melbourne makes a particularly delightful one), 24a. LOI 21a, which is a bit shameful given my schoolboy barbershop experiences, but I’m still struggling on the wordplay for it. I’m also still puzzled by 11a and 2d, but I’ll try working with some of the tips above…

  17. And as usual, posting a comment is all it took for the penny (or at least, one of them) to drop. 11a is all good now, thanks Geoff M for the hint!

  18. Found it easy/ish today. I have a grammarian objection to the verb form non-agreement between def and answer in 2D: as the clue is phrased, the first word of answer should have an S added.

  19. I agree on both counts with AG. The puzzle today was on the easy side, and the first word of 2D, for grammatical reasons, should be ‘Are’

  20. Luke,
    21a- Think of cartoon misogynist and the rest is, pretty, evident.

  21. I think I have the first word of 9A, but what seems to me to be the logical second word doesn’t fit the wordplay. Or am I completely off the track?

  22. GeoffD, probably the latter. It’s a fairly convoluted wordplay involving a couple of nestings. Here’s a hint, letters 1+10-15 can possibly mean “set”.

  23. Thank you Celia and Geoff M. My answer was correct. I had failed to see the relevant meaning of ‘set’.

  24. I too had trouble with 11A but eventually found it via OneLook (thanks Celia). A bit obscure methinks! I agree that the first word of 2D does not match the clue. Finally it is undoubtedly obvious but I can’t parse 1A. What is the red-blue bit?

  25. TrishQ, re 1A and the red-blue bit …
    loud is a homophone indicator.
    Red … think of a well-known red whose initials are KM.
    Blue … four letter synonym

  26. Funny, but I am in total disagreement with the trend of today’s post as I found this one of the easiest DA puzzles in weeks. It took me just over nineteen minutes to complete, despite not knowing the answer to 19D and having to guess at the cross-letters that I did not have.

  27. Hi TrishQ. 1A parsing. ‘Loud’ (as in ‘said out loud’) red (as in Communist) = 1-5. Blue = last 4 letters.

  28. Me again. You are correct Tim C – it doesn’t mean nosy it means “habitually suspicious” according to the few references I’ve found.

  29. TimC & TrishQ,
    From DA in today’s paper
    “Forgive me for that clue I made. You know the one. I’m sure there was one. Okay, maybe two. Or three. Whatever the tally, I plead guilty to pushing the envelope now and then, bending a phrase into ludicrous shapes, fudging a homophone, perhaps defining CATTLE PROD as a stud poker….”

  30. Thanks TrishQ. I’m not alone.

    Today’s as in Saturday’s DA column Margaret? I’ll look forward to reading it on the morrow, if so. :)

  31. Tim C,
    I do agree with you that it wasn’t really a match, but I did like the way the clue was put together and he has been known to take liberties.

  32. I for one don’t mind DA’s small liberties. I just enjoy Friday’s xwords – always.
    My 2 favourites today were 1A and 24A. FOI 16A, 20D, 25A, 4D.
    Celia, I’m impressed. I’m delighted if I can solve in one day.
    Thanks GeoffM and Celia for wordplay for 9A, GeoffM for 2D and AndyW for 8D.
    There are still a few wordplays I still don’t quite get (21A, 26A, 3D and 22D) and a few that I still haven’t solved (11A, 14A, 18A and 7D)
    TimC, 13D is definitely a misnomer.

  33. melanie, for 12A, first word is defn, not a verb; drink is 1-3. Take it from there.
    21A defn is first 2 words. I don’t get the wordplay either.
    hope that helps

  34. Hi SB. Hope the following helps…

    11A. Please see the discussion above. It’s an obscure word which unfortunately has been misclued.
    14A. Like = definition. Mum (non-regular meaning) = 1,4. Regular lunch = 2,3.
    18A. Impatiently rips into = definition. Rock = anagrind. Operas = anagrist (2-7). Outstanding figure = 1,8,9.
    21A. Lacking backing = definition. A misogynist = 1-5 (proper noun, fictitious character). Bloke (Aus slang) ‘lost face’ (missing initial letter) = 2-9.
    26A. Archaeologist = definition. King = 1-3 (dramatic) missing ‘east’. Groomed = anagrind. Cat for = 4-9 (anagrist).
    3D. Mollifies = definition. Skinheads = 1,7. Digesting = container. Contents of book = 2,3. Article = 4-6.
    22D. Definition = pin position. Overtake = 1-3. Golf champ briefly = 4,5 (end of name elided).

  35. Melanie, I will give hint then breakdown

    “cut” of meat.

    Lacking backing

    “cut” of meat.
    “To a” departing “toast”
    During “summit”.

    Lacking backing
    Misogynistic (comic strip character)
    “Bloke” lost face.

  36. Margaret, I thought the first letter of 21a was the misogynist’s initial. Either way …

    By the way, this website appears to be running a lot more smoothly since my tantrum a fortnight ago.

  37. Thanks everyone
    Just finishing over brekky
    Wild and windy in Hobart!!

  38. Finished at last after 4 sessions FOI 1A
    LOI 15D
    Didn’t make Wimbledon final had another legal term and bombed out on cocktail
    Liked 21A
    Thought a ? mark might have been used at end of 26A to denote fictional character
    Interesting DA this week had a good start, slow in mid section, fast finish.
    Found Trippers helpful thank you

  39. Hi all, I’m also a new poster here, although a long-time user of this blog for tips and hints. I rarely complete a DA but C19 means more time, and confidence is up after completing the crossy 4 weeks on the bounce. This week, just 5d to go. Any hints out there?
    Also, I can’t see the wordplay for 23A so am curious about that.

  40. Welcome, Henson. Wordplay for 23a …

    “Rage” gives 3-5.
    “Zeal off and on” is 1,2.

  41. Just wrapping it up, but can’t completely parse 15d, and can’t get 20d (does it have anything to do with sticks?)

  42. Just got 20d; I like it. Still can’t work out how to get the 1st letter of 15d (unless it’s the much less common variant of the word)

  43. Victor, “minded” nude (i.e. stripped of its outer letters) gives letters 1-4.

  44. Can someone please explain the wordplay in 11 ac – I cheated by putting the whole clue into google and got it on Danwords. I just want to understand….. someone above said say “pussy” differently but that hasn’t helped.

  45. Erbert … I posted a partial parse in the non-confusion part of this forum. You need to find an 8 letter synonym of puss-y then perform a substitution ! Cheers.

  46. Hello! First time poster here, nice forum and thanks for having me!

    What do FOI and LOI mean? First and last something something?

    Also, I would really appreciate some more hints for the following clues (I have read through the entire thread):

    9a (I think I have the first word)

    That’s a lot of clues left :) But still proud of the ones I’ve managed so far.

    Cheers everyone

  47. Thank you Geoff!

    Seems hard to use that site without immediately finding out the answer. What I like about this tread is that it’s relatively spoiler free. But I appreciate it

  48. Worked out all of them except 9a, 25a, 5d, 8d,, 17d and 20d…. I’m pressing on

  49. Victor –

    15d: “minded nude” gives 1-4, “little money” gives 5-8

    20d: “political group” is the meaning, “talking” is a homophone indicator, with that in mind “stop” gives 1-4, “you and me” gives 5-6

  50. Ralph, I fobbed you off with that link because your list looked a little overwhelming. Now that you’ve reduced it somewhat, allow me to assist you with the first three. If anyone else is still around and not out enjoying the beautiful autumn weather (it is here, anyway), they may choose to assist with the other three.

    9a Mix up (beat) “I can” and place it around (sandwich) a simple four-letter “way out”. This is surrounded by a seven-letter word for “set”. Think jelly.

    25a A synonym for “promise”. There’s a saying “He ?????? like a trooper.”

    5d is a marine film found in oyster shells, I believe. It’s can be found hiding in the clue (hence “vein”).

  51. Geoff, thank you!! I had figured out “way out” inside ICAN anagram, and guessed the rest of the clue correctly. I just didn’t see the “set” synonym until you pointed it out… Excellent help, thank you.

    I hadn’t hear the saying “xxx like a trooper” before, but makes sense!


  52. Ralph, 20d might be easier if you make “pink” “Pink” (I alluded to this in a comment Friday morning). The “gooey stuff” is letters 5-7, “explodes” is 1-4.

  53. Ahhh, that’s what I thought! Thanks! Weird to have a lower case P there. And I don’t get DA’s weird habit to have the fodder out of order in the clues, as in 23a and 17d.

    I’ve also filled in 20d and 8d now, finishing my first ever DA. Can’t say I understand how they work, but they fit…. Thanks for the helpful hints!

  54. Congratulations Ralph!! You won’t look back now, but be kind to yourself; I’ve been getting DAs out for a few years now, but there are still times when the last words won’t come to me until several days later or checking for hints on this site.
    Now, for those last two words. 20d the definition is political group. If you stop a bottle, you might put a —- in it. The ‘talking’ at the end of the clue is suggesting that audibly, and not in writing, the answer may sound like ‘stop you and me’.
    8d, the definition is ‘give’. Another word for ‘over’ gets the letters 1,2,3,6. This word is crowding or surrounding another word for ‘in attendance’, letters 4 and 5.
    Some of DAs habits are what make his puzzles unique. Leaving out punctuation or having it in the wrong place can often make things seem out of order. You will adapt to it the more you practise. Hope this helps.

  55. Thanks for your kind comment Viv! They do make sense when you put it like that. It’s a bit like learning a new language I suppose. I’ll try it again on Friday!

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