DA Confusion for the 17th of April, 2020

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA while you while away the time.

43 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 17th of April, 2020

  1. Good morning all,
    Not too difficult today I thought, maybe isolation agrees with me.
    FOIs 1d, 13d, 15a,1a, 2d
    LOI 25a
    I liked 12a and I’m a big fan of 24a :)
    Happy solving. Will try to drop back in.

  2. Gee Andy ,you must be an early riser! I have queries about 4D, 22D & 25A…….
    Happy Iso all!

  3. Got partway through today’s and thought “This is more challenging than usual.” Then I realised it’s Friday. This isolation stuff is doing my head in.

    My first one in today was 1d. Laughed aloud at 12a. 13d brought a smile to my face too. Haven’t yet figured out the wordplay for 17a, 21d, 22d (assuming I have them correct).

  4. I agree with Andy, not too tough today, a good ratio of gentle to wicked clues. I especially enjoyed a few of the definitions, like 9a, 2d, and 24a (again, couldn’t agree more, Andy!), as well as a couple of somewhat topical clues in 12a and 26a.
    FOI: 1d, 6a, 15a, 5d; LOI: 3d, 17a, 25a
    I’m still a bit puzzled by the wordplay for 17a and 22d, so any enlightenment there would be appreciated!

  5. Never mind, wordplay for 22d just dropped into place. Geoff M, the trick for me was realising that 21d gives you letter 4, and the remainder should hopefully be apparent then. As for 21d, the key is “just before the finals”. I’m still perplexed by 17a, though.

  6. Hi Luke . Thankyou for 22D. I have answers for the other two but can’t fathom the wordplay.

  7. *Sounds like* you’re doing pretty well over all, then. ;)
    That said, 4d is a bit iffy, depending on your pronunciation (personally, I pronounce the answer with a ‘w’ sound that doesn’t appear in the “apple gadget”, but that might just be me).

  8. First ones 1D, 3D, 13D, 15A, 1A. LOI 17A as I got stuck on the wordplay, thanks Brond. I found the homonym in 4D a bit dodgy. Favourites 22D for the computer reference and 24A for the cryptic definition.

    Now 13D.

  9. Thanks Luke – 4D now understood, though this plural of a (presumably) Latin word is not in my dictionary!
    What about 25A?

  10. I had a real problem with 17A until I realized that the “way” referred to is at the beginning, not the one at the end. Otherwise, today’s puzzle is on the easier side of typical DA crosswords. I think 9A is very clever.

    Why is this site so difficult to reach in recent weeks?

  11. It must be easier today. I’m more than half finished! Unheard of this early in the day! I also think 4D is a bit dodgy.

  12. Sorry, Brond, I should have been more specific. Hopefully you’ve already seen Tim C’s comment (10:54), pointing out that 25a is another homophone clue

  13. An hour and a half ago I wrote quite an extended comment, then waited for ten minutes for the webpage to receive it, then it crashed my tablet. The comment has disappeared into cyberspace, and I couldn’t be bothered typing it again. This site is running far too slow, far too often. Time to change website hosting companies, methinks.

  14. Thanks to Luke and Tim C for help on 25A. I guessed it was a homophone indicator but I had the wrong F-word inscribed….. so, many were the f-words that followed! Happily it’s all good now though.
    (Geoff, I’ve had no difficulty posting today, though I have had in the past on occasion.)

  15. Geoff M,
    I normally do a copy on anything large before I post. I’ve been caught like this before. I can then just “paste” if I get a failure.

  16. Yes, good idea, Margaret. I have a website, and I can assure you that if it performed as poorly as this one I’d be going elsewhere. End of rant.

  17. Not too much difficulty with today’s, but I’m having trouble with the south east corner. Can someone throw some light on my blind spot with 24A please?

  18. As seems to happen often I saw 24A right after I posted and kicked myself. Still a bit puzzled about 21D and 22D though.

  19. TrishQ, 21D the definition is level, although it may not be a word that springs immediately to mind as meaning level (think building or surveying). Just before the finals means look at the penultimate letters in words in the clue.

    22D Nightmarish computer – think Stanley Kubrick. The last letter is an abbreviation of 21D.

  20. Brond @3:02 For 25A I had “Feed” for a while and thought it was a double definition clue. It turns out that it’s actually a fairly old fashioned definition of “cable”.

  21. Got it all out pretty efficiently for me – 5 or 6 before work then completed this evening. I don’t understand all the bits to 9a, are letters 3-7, 10 punching pervert? I like the subtitle.

  22. For those that were confused by 4D I think it is the plural of the singular word.

  23. Phil,
    3-7,10 are “pervert”. Basque extremists are “punching” this.

  24. Liked 9a, but didn’t get it at the time. Same for 12a. Don’t know how you can solve that though without all the cross letters and a good guess or an online gadget to fill it in. Not sure about the ‘has’ in 5d. A word too many?
    Thanks to Jack for 17a.

    Re the technical glitches: AS, our Tripper host, has acknowledged that the site host (if that’s what you call it, his service provider anyway) has been less than satisfactory, but I don’t see how we can complain when he’s providing this out of his own pocket and his own time. Maybe computer buffs here could help out? I would if I could but I’m just learning how to use my first smartphone ever at the same time as all the other technology for working from home!

  25. Yes, Gayle, I’m grateful to AS (whom I’ve never met) for providing this, and I wouldn’t want Reverend Spooner to think of me as a shining wit. I use a very reliable webhosting company for less than $5 a month (and no ads). It doesn’t have this “proudly powered by WordPress” arrangement — I don’t know whether that’s an extra cost. In my experience, this site responds quickly 50% of the time, slowly (up to a minute) 40% and extremely slowly (up to ten minutes, occasionally crashing completely) 10%. I often curse and bite my tongue but yesterday had to let off some steam!

  26. @GeoffM . Maybe you could have a chat to AS? His email address is on the RHS of the blog. I haven’t met him either, but I’ve always found him a nice fella …. gotta be, eh?

  27. Brond @9.47 (yesterday) – that was the BEST hint ever, esp with the Thursday answer right there on the page (for those of us who still buy the trees from an 8 down version) . Thanks!

  28. Luke (10:50 am yesterday) I think you have the wrong word for 4D. Only incorrect by one letter.
    Also, I can’t get 11D and nobody seems to have mentioned trouble with this? Any clues? I don’t want to give up and look at answers just yet.

  29. Viv, 11d’s definition is the last two words. It’s a straight anagram, with “cops flak” as the anagrind.

  30. Only missed four this week which was good for me. Have looked at the answers and the wordplay for 22D remains a mystery. Can anyone explain please?

  31. Geoff D,
    I might’ve been able to explain it 19 years ago.

    To me the trickier bit was seeing the last letter in 21d, but if you think about how a form is filled in this is a standard representation.

  32. GeoffD, the first 3 letters of 22D are the name of a computer that went rogue in a Stanley Kubrick film (LOL Carol). Letter 4 is a single letter abbreviation of 21D.

  33. Thank you all for your advice. My problem clearly was that I’ve not seen any Kubrick films but Googling found me the relevant one. I now understand the answer but would never have worked it out in a million years !!!

  34. Don’t worry, Geoff, neither had I. Some have compared me to an unsuccessful 12a …

  35. Thanks Trippers
    I needed your help to complete this.
    I did like the subtitle and cab rank :-)
    I had to use a thesaurus for 25a even though I’m electrical!

    3D why is “once” in the clue? ANSTO is still there !

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