DA Confusion for the 10th of April, 2020

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s Good Friday DA!

50 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 10th of April, 2020

  1. Morning Trippers. Today’s crossword posed a few challenges. Did it online, determined not to reveal the answers. Had to go to the replica though for the shaded answers to solve the instructions. Funnily, I’d read the instructions but when I got to 17 down I’d forgotten about that and was trying to solve the clue!

    As some of us will have the printed copy only, and some the online version, with instant answers, and some the replica, I suggest we keep to the tradition of not revealing too much too soon.

    I’ve arranged the 7 to get 17. Enjoyed the challenge DA threw us. Interesting twist.

    But I’ve yet to parse 11 across. And I thought 19a defiinitely deserved the ?

    Hope you’re all well. At least we have the crossie on this Good (?) FriDAy.

  2. As is common for me with DA’s NB crossies, this one took significantly longer that usual. It wasn’t helped by the digital version not having the NB clues shaded.

    FOI 4A, 16A, LOI 12A, 11A. Other good starters might be 23D, 22D, 21D, 20A, 1D.

  3. No paper in Yamba today :(
    Gonna hafta work this download thingy out :/

  4. Hi Captain Ken. Half your luck to be grounded in Yamba. My favourite childhood holiday spot. Sorry about no good old trees and ink DA though, and I don’t have the technical skills to forward you a digital version. I’ve had one humdinger of a week trying to work from home.

    @ AndyW Thankyou Even with your clear explanation I still had to go over it a few times! Found that tricky.
    And I forgot to mention 26a. Is that 1, 2-5? (if so I can’t explain 2-5). I could think of 3 films with the same first and last letters, but that’s not the def, eh?

  5. Gayle, isn’t 26a something you’d roll down the aisle at a cinema?

    I liked today’s. Easy starters 4d, 7d, 20a. As yet I don’t fully understand 2d, 6d, 9a.

  6. In case anyone’s interested I’ve sorted the clue for 17d in that other place that no one ever visits …

  7. WARNING POSSIBLE SPOILERS! Sorry if it’s a bit early for these.

    2D: “me up” gives letters 2,3 and “carnival spot” gives letters 1,4,5.

    9A: “essentially operable” gives letters 1,2 , “speed” letters 3-6, “charge” 7-9.

    Still working on 6D !

  8. Cokes, you had a late query on 3rd of April’s (you’re a slow-burn cracker like me!)
    Blokes – two of them, going by the same 4-letter bloke-descriptor – shaking (off) their bottom(end)s!
    (Thanks for indulging this, 10th-of-April-ers. Not unusually, I haven’t even started it yet…)

  9. When I said 4d was an easy starter, I meant 4a.

    I’m starting to dominate this board … might go for a socially distant walk …

  10. I make the 17D clue as: 22D, 6D, 13A, 11A, 15A, 22A, 15D

    Any other ways of doing it ?

  11. Thanks Johnno…had it all solved early on, but always try to parse everything…clear as mud, old ‘chap’

  12. Still stuck on NW corner 1A, 9A, 2D and 3D; also 12A. Oh, and also 19A. And if my 7D is correct, don’t understand how ‘spirited’ gives 6, 2-5.

  13. SB 7d I took the word for ‘spirited’ to be a synonym for ‘spiked’, when something extra is added to an alcoholic drink.

    Geoff M @9.40. Agree about the definition in 26A but still don’t get the parsing. Is the pitch some sporting reference. And snorter the first letter?

  14. Ben & SB, there are good hints for some of the clues you mentioned above.

    19a is unusual in that the definition is just a part of a word.

    In 3d, “gentleman aspired” gives 6, 5, 4, and the dimwit is 1, 2, 3, 7, 8.

    In 12a , the lecturer is 1, 6, 7, and the mark 2-5.

  15. Gayle, in cricket a really good delivery from a bowler is described as a 26A.

    Despite explanations above, I am still not happy with 11A

  16. Gayle, it’s cricket slang for an exceptional ball, (rip)snorter being a synonym.

  17. Gayle, there’s a cricketer whose name is a homophone, evidently (“pitch”?). Now my interest in cricket is zero, but perhaps he snorts when he’s playing? Or perhaps he’s into drugs? Clutching at straws here …

  18. Jack, 11a…

    Start with SCG. Remove the C (“central pitches”) and replace it with “to secure”.

  19. Like Jack, I’m still unhappy with 11A. Nearly there, but it seems to me that 4-6 (as mentioned above) needs to be “secure” to make it work, and I don’t understand that.

  20. Thanks Gail for ‘spirited’! Funny how you don’t hear it when the spelling is different.
    And thanks Geoff M for various.

  21. Could someone tell me what the definitions are for 1A and 9A?
    I have an answer to 16A but it’s a singer not a pianist, or have I misread the clue?

  22. Thank you Geoff M, I could not get the significance of central pitches until you explained it.

    My order of words for 17D is 22d, 6D, 11A, 12A, 19A, 22A, 15D, but it still looks a little awkward.

  23. GeoffD: 1A last two words, 9A is &lit. For 16A you evidently have the answer. Start from the Beatles’ White Album revolution no. and go from there!

  24. Here’s a link to the digital replica for others like me who can’t trust themselves to stay away from the answers in the app and was unable to find a paper copy today: https://imgur.com/9iCMSZB

    With working from home in full swing, I’ve had to dig out the dilapidated, dusty old ink-jet and am now solving today’s DA in a nice faded hue of green.

    And thanks to AndrewT, for those who find the DA like my username, your gentle hints for good starters are always extremely helpful.

  25. Possible easier starters 4A, 7D, 16A, 20A. Finally had all the answers but missing 3 worplays so jumped on here. Thanks AndrewT for 9A, Jack and AG for 26A (never heard the slang before) and GeoffM for 6D (very clever).
    Favourite was 24A.
    For 11A think of secure in the sense of “with the last ball she secured the match”.

    My sequence is 22D 6D 13A 11A 19A 22A 15D.

  26. It looks like ‘dimwit’ is doing double duty here as part of the wordplay and the definition.

  27. Ruby Princess. Don’t forget “moron” as well. Got answer just from that. Google moron, dimwit, and PM. Too easy DA.

  28. Thanks to Tim C for 11A. The mist finally cleared for me on that one. I’d had an R as the middle letter.

  29. Fun puzzle this week! All done except 8D and 10A. Very stuck on those! Can anyone help without giving the game away?

  30. All done

    8d – screen star, think archaic term for learning.
    10a – 2d is a homophone indicator, old term for Government Division.

    Hope that is pitched ok.

  31. Hi everyone
    We were unable to get the paper today. Is there somewhere we can download the crossword online – or is that service no longer available. Thanks for your help.

  32. Tough one this week for me. I ground to a stop twice but my late night revisit cracked it now and all done.
    Thanks for the above posts solved a few parses, and referred to Google to confirm 5d, 28a – new to me.
    Like SB I couldn’t see half of the spoonerism letters 6, 1-5. Thanks for answering that Gayle.

  33. All out now after turning to this great site with north patchy. 25d seems obvious but word play eludes, could someone please explain?

  34. Paul, the definition is the first three words. Letters 1 & 2 are a salt (as in sailor) and the rest a type of fly best known to horse owners.

  35. I’m in the same position as you, Bernard. I’d just thought, “Oh well…”. But I thought I’d come on here to see what I was missing, and lo and behold there’s Mud’s post at 2:36 on Friday with a link to a pdf of the SMH’s copy!
    It does occur this might be breaching some sort of commerciality, though? Any views on this anyone? (not being an online-y or subscribe-y type, when I miss buying the paper I confess to photocopying at the library. But that’s gone as an option of course…)

  36. johnno2@1:05. I asked AS, our host, some time ago about the copyright/’commerciality’ issue of sharing the grid. I can’t remember exactly his response but i was satisfied at the time that we could do that.

  37. Thank you, Gayle :-)
    Do the hosts still host, do you know? I got a prompt helpful answer from AS over on About Us some years ago but it’s been ‘crickets’ to my recent couple of postings there…

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