DA Confusion for the 3rd of April, 2020

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA. Or maybe take the extra time to savour the confusion — not like you’ve got much else to do!

49 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 3rd of April, 2020

  1. Slow going this morning, only five in, perhaps six. If the 6A I have is correct, I don’t understand the clue. But it fits my 6D, 8D.

  2. And was correct! Eleven now, dug the name in 9a from the dim recesses of my memory, name didn’t come up on a Googled list.

  3. All done and dusted.
    Late start today. Finished NW corner first, overall not too difficult.
    Happy solving.

  4. A reasonably challenging but most enjoyable experience today. My first one in was 18a; other good starters include 5a, 25a, 1d. My favourite today 23d. I’ve written “Huh?” next to 9a (and shouldn’t it have a “von”?), 22a, 21d & 3d, but no doubt the penny will drop soon …

  5. Is it just me, or temporary, but I usually access my DA via my Age digital subscription – In fact it is the main, possibly only, reason I still subscribe … but that’s another story.
    Today, instead of giving me the option to access a virtual version of the printed paper it tells me I need to update my subscription.
    If this is not just a temporary glitch I may be forced to cancel the Age altogether.

    Not happy!

  6. All is ok (and I can breathe a sigh of relief)
    Despite it still telling my I can’t access the replica paper (and DA), I can now do this. So hopefully only a temporary glitch
    Now back to WFH and will look at DA later tonight or perhaps tomorrow

  7. Hi Cokes, re 10D , as a starting point take the tail off CNN, and work with what is left.

  8. Hi Daryl,
    Have the solution, can see why the first word, but not necessarily the second…not obvious to me

  9. Coke: 9D is principally elementary.

    LJ my iPad has no problems Using the menu at the bottomm of the screen).
    I didn’t think my Windows computer gave access to a digital version but I have just discovered that, my premum subscription gives direct access to a nice digital version of the crossword. Maybe that was a result of some recent improvements that, for example, make it easy to check your subscription etc.

    Best of luck and health to all

  10. Thanks Mike – I’m over my panic attack and it is sort of sorted – for the minute at least
    Happy solving and stay safe and well too

  11. Thought it was just the right balance of confusing and satisfying today. FOI 18a, 15d, 25a; LOI 23d (which should have been way more obvious, given I had 13a,4d, but a really nice clue once I worked it out) and 3d. Other good starters could be 5a, 21d, or 24a (which helps a lot with its crosslights). Not sure about the parsing of 22a: I can see a good way of getting the first 4 letters, but a reason for letters 5-9 still eludes me.

    Cokes, if you’ve ‘detailed’ CNN and can see how it gives the first word, you should be left with a single clue for the second word (it might be easier for those who drive automatics).

    LJ, they seem to have updated the way the digital edition works, so you can now access the crosswords directly and fill them in on the screen. So hopefully you’re just suffering a bug in the update which will clear up soon.

  12. In 25A is “loot” a (bad) anagrind? Oherwise all out and understood.

    Coke: on 22A brush up your Latin!

  13. Luke:
    “Cokes, if you’ve ‘detailed’ CNN and can see how it gives the first word, you should be left with a single clue for the second word (it might be easier for those who drive automatics).”

    mmmh, I guess so, a bit of a double derivative…elementary I got, but he’s being a bit lazy with the rest

  14. I’ve removed all my “Huh?”s except 22a. If it’s something to do with Latin, Mike, I’ll give up now.

  15. We use the letters “i.e.” every day, but we don’t always realize the expression for which it is an abbreviation.

  16. Done and dusted. Couldn’t quiet parse a couple, as usual. Anyway filled a few hours of lockdown. Too bad every day isn’t Friday atm. Find the Times crossie a bit boring.

  17. I am glad you have all done well. After nine in I came to a screaming halt. I have a couple of others due to above. Thanks. But, while I think I can parse 10d I can’t think of a word that fits as the second word. And for 22a I can work out “that’s”, but not the rest. Latin at school was 40 years ago.

  18. I struggled a bit today. FOI (suggesting easier starters) 18A,26A,19D,24A. Then came the struggle. LOI 17A.
    Favourites 12A for the cracker, 23D (great clue), 22A for the Latin and 13A/4D for the references to 20A and 23D.
    I agree Mike that ‘loot’ is not the best anagrind.

  19. I finally got there. I had no idea what you were on about with the electrical cords Jack. Still don’t understand the wordplay for 22a, 10d or 15d. Perhaps someone can shed more light.

  20. Sandy
    22a 1-4 is places reversed. 5-9 is ‘that’s’ in Latin
    10d CNN detailed gives 2 letters. They abbreviations for the 2 words in the answer.
    15D insensitive gives 1-4, before is 5,6,8, temperature is 7 and ultimate concern is 9.

  21. Mike says:
    3 Apr 2020 at 11:54 am
    Coke: on 22A brush up your Latin!

    Why? Not sure what it has that got to do with a lazy clue;-)

  22. Sorry……Just saw you were referencing 22A, I was talking about 10D
    Didn’t ask about 22A

  23. Thanks Tim, that answered all my queries.
    As I said earlier, my Latin was 40 years ago and I hadn’t remembered the Latin words the acronym we use stood for.
    And I have never heard the acronym used for 10d. Indeed when I googled it, it came up with a few possibilities but not 10d.

  24. My Latin lessons were more than 40 years ago but somehow that one must have stuck.
    The 2 letters are not a single abbreviation, but two separate abbreviations. The C is obvious, and if you’ve every driven an automatic you will see the letters D, N and R, not to mention that the letters stamped on the back of a power socket are A, N and E.

  25. Hi Friends,

    Really enjoyed todays all finished now. I do have a few questions
    1. [10d] What does detailing mean?

    2. [2d] I have 1-2 = abbrevitation for roughly, 3-5 word for meat, 6-9 word for veg. Is this correct interpretation.

    3. [3d] Completely lost here. Looks like a deletion but cant find the word.

    4. [21d] I dont understand letters 4-5


  26. Matthew:
    1. detailing usually means take off the last letter(s)
    2. Yes
    3. Letters 1-3 left as in departed is depleted as in detailed. Last three letters are a bad example of an actor.
    4. Think of a spirit that is used at Xmas and remove a part of a grain seed from it. IMO not a strictly correct clue

  27. Well done all you finishers.
    I have completed it I think, but stuck with parsing on:
    1a. Anagram of two words in the clue?
    3d. I can’t explain last three letters 4-6
    12a. Cracker?? Aha maybe I have done it – the answer has come to me this second!
    I like it.
    So any help on 1a 3d (and 21d like matthew) would be welcome.

  28. Phil …

    1a, yes. “Criminal” is the anagrind.
    3d, a bad actor.
    21d, the final two letters are the final two letters of a six-letter spirit. The four letters removed from said spirit are a “grain” that we eat to keep us regular. It’s actually grain husk.

  29. Only got round to DA this morning and like others I had trouble accessing Friday’s replica. Just very slow to load. But so pleased to see today’s crosswords online in the subscription. That will save a lot of paper and ink, but it will mean I have to do it on the day. Don’t think you can come back to the online version of the crosswords. The SMH has been having a few glitches lately. I think like some of us, some of them are having to work remotely. I’m past retirement age, still working, and having to learn an awful lot of new technology very rapidly.

    My favourites in this week’s DA for their surface, wordplay and misdirection are 1a, 2d and 3d.

    @Captain Ken . Try the Guardian online cryptics. Most days there’s a beautie.

  30. Have just noticed that the SMH online cryptics are retained, and started on March 21. Good to know you don’t have to do it on the day of publication, although DA, LJ and DS are the only ones worth the freight.

  31. As usual, the above has sorted most of my handful of confusions, thank you! I’m left with one: how are 9a’s 4-9 clued by (I presume) “running champ”?

  32. Thanks Mike for the Latin in 22a! And Netty for 3D.
    Gayle, me too – way past retirement age and wfh – huge tech challenges aaaagh.
    Interesting times.
    Stay well all, and wyh! :)

  33. All out. Just couldn’t click with this one.

    Stay safe, everyone.

  34. Hey SB. You’ve taught me some new techspeak. (Had to look it up.) Work from Home and Wash Your Hands. WTF?! :-)
    Stay well Trippers.

  35. Gayle “Have just noticed that the SMH online cryptics are retained, and started on March 21. Good to know you don’t have to do it on the day of publication, although DA, LJ and DS are the only ones worth the freight.”

    I believe the online versions are kept for last 30 days….but you have to have clicked on it, and ‘in progress”

  36. Thanks Cokes for the tip.
    And apologies to LR, and to LJ for my typo. Although, if I were LJ, I wouldn’t mind being credited with LR’s excellent cryptics,

  37. Can anyone explain 12 across. I see 1-3 but is’ou’ just a sound like?

  38. Bernard, cricket for bowled, the ‘a’ in the clue, then what are you if you work it out?

  39. …the ‘by a’, with “cracker”, was a nice mislead – ‘by’ is only a positioner, not part of anagrist for ‘cracker’ as anagrind…

  40. Thanks Johnno…what about 5 across? That’s the only other one I can’t parse, (have the solution)

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