DA Confusion for the 6th of March, 2020

Get your confusions sorted for this week’s first Autumn spectacular!

43 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 6th of March, 2020

  1. All done and understood.
    Got 2d very early on and made the solve relatively quick (for a DA).
    FOIs 1d, 4d, 10a, 2d
    LOI 22d
    It wasn’t until I finished that the first part of the NB made sense.

  2. Don’t understand how 2D relates to the missing wordplay letter pairs. Can anyone explain?

    Also, for those with an SMH subscription, I’ve discovered the crosswords are loaded at MIDNIGHT into the app, daily Cryptic & Quick, including Sunday’s cryptic.

  3. Hah, the two missing letters specify a 2D. Now that that’s sorted …

    First in … I forget but possibly 10A
    Last in 29A & 30A

    Also, how are letters 3-6 of 29A derived?

  4. Celia,
    for letters 3-6, read ‘news’ differently, then indefinite article.

  5. FOI 10A, 13A, 15A. Got the theme early which made things much quicker. LOI 14D (is there a single letter missing from the wordplay or is it one of those ‘reverse cryptic’ clues).

  6. Celia and Neanderthal, re 29A, I think we’re looking for letters 4-6 only using N’s explanation. The diminutive pair could have been 1-2 or 1-3.

  7. Very nice one today, liked it a lot. The theme not too simple nor too obscure, one of those nice ones where you get a glimmering early then it dawns on you suddenly after a while. First in 10A, last 17D. Favourite 20A, which fooled me into thinking it ended in -ice for a long time.

  8. AG,
    yes, I didn’t quite click that Celia was after the last 4 letters, not 3.
    Agreed, ‘news’ is 4-5 and then on . . .

  9. I didn’t get the theme until mostly done with the puzzle, luckily that didn’t matter much. Done in about standard time.

    FOI 10A, LOI 5A. Good starters might be 23A, 28A, 26D, 14A, 15A.

  10. Thanks Mary and Celia. I’d missed that 2D in another clue as well as 14D.

  11. Quite difficult for a not-very-sport-interested chap. Some were very easy, such as 15a, 20a. I’d never heard of 29a nor 30a. And I can’t come to terms with 16d or 17d. Any clues?

  12. Geoff M, re 16D. 24-down overhauled gives 1-3 and ‘moving’ (not south) northward gives 6-9.

  13. All out but 9D and 11A. I know one of them is themed but don’t know which.

    FOI were 20A, 28A, 7D. 1D I got early pre-theme but wasn’t sure whether the power-line was the definition or worldplay.

  14. Mr Indigo, it is 9d.
    I am struggling with 19d, 23a, 24d and 29a if there are any hints out there.

  15. 19D – Whisky as in NATO phoenetic alphabet. Maniac is 1,2,5,7
    23A – My school geography lessons came in handy and think of steer in terms of animal
    24D – Lighter is not the opposite of heavier. Neither is it a match
    29A – Not a common word. Diminutive pair is 1-3. See hints above for news article

  16. Hi all

    All out – though it took a while.
    If I’m right, each of the 2Ds occur twice (hence two “sides”), but on counting them I get an uneven match of 8 downs and only 6 across. Seems a bit unfair

  17. Hi Xmgjim

    Think you’ve slightly misunderstood the rubric?
    There are two sides – 7 a side meaning 14 clues are themed. However the ‘sides’ are not evenly distributed between the across and down clues.

  18. Xmgjim, why would you expect the themed clues to be equally distributed between downs and acrosses?

  19. Spoiler alert…. My thoughts on the themed clues and ‘positions’ I’ve posted in DA Reports.

  20. Thanks Tim C, I had to do other things since my request, and actually worked it out on my own. Never heard that meaning of lighter, nor of 29a.

  21. TimC, Mary, and Celia – 14D, I read as unthemed – anagram, and ‘with’ = 2nd letter.
    And still don’t have 11A or 12A.

  22. SB.
    14D is themed with second letter completing the set. Not sure ‘with’ can equal that second letter?
    12A: Plummets = definition. Drastically = anagrind. Vividness = anagrist. After six = remove appropriate 2 letters. Then add 2 themed letters to the mix.
    Not sure of 11A wordplay myself, though definition = Asian mammal.

  23. To me, two “sides” would equate to 14 clues being themed, each player being skipped twice. However, I can count only 12 themed clues.

    I read 14D as themed by the same skipped player as in 22D.

    Great to see 23A bring to mind a classic movie from 1943 titled “The 23A Incident,” starring Henry Fonda, Dana Andrews and Anthony Quinn.

  24. In 11A, the painter has the Christian name “Lloyd” and he sits inside “projected” which is clued as being the outstanding word.

  25. SB, re 14D , second letter is the theme.
    12A is themed plus anagram.
    11A think of projected containing an artist

  26. I just found the other two themed clues. The thing now 1D together beautifully.

  27. Thanks Ian F, Jack, & Darryl. Got it. All done & understood
    I quite enjoyed it.
    Till next week.

  28. At 2/3 through I was was forced to come here, then thanks to Jack realised I had the ‘other’ plummets starting with n which ‘projected’ me re 2d. With all that fixed only a few left in the south-west (not east).

  29. Can someone explain 24d. I have resorted to looking it up and can’t see lighter relevance.
    And Sandy, I think letters 1-3 are an anagram followed by 4-6 unsealed tombs.

  30. Phil,
    24d – A lighter is a type of flat boat.

    I’m all done but found this one frustrating. I did like the 2d reference though.

  31. Phil, see my 12:27 pm post, those three letters aren’t clued as an anagram, the “a” comes from the clue, the two letters following from removing a letter from the “mate”

  32. I have 5A but I can’t parse at all. If anyone is still around, a push in the right direction would be appreciated.

  33. I have 5A but I can’t parse it at all. If anyone is still around, a push in the right direction would be appreciated.

  34. Carol, I’m a week late here, but 5A is as follows.
    1,2,3,6 are letters of cartons taken periodically (odd ones only) Letters 4,5 is a position of a 2D. Presses is the definition word.

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