DA Confusion for the 28th of February, 2020

Have your confusions sorted out for this not-last day of February!

42 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 28th of February, 2020

  1. Done, found top half easy going.
    FOI 2d, LOI 21a
    Most understood.
    Happy solving

  2. My usual supplier of the grid + clues seems to have disappeared, so I haven’t a crossword. Sad.

  3. This one was a hoot! Of the commuter clues FOI 11a. Fantastic image. LOI 8a because i was going for the def at the wrong end. Biggest chuckle 23/16. Also liked the baby-carrier, the megalomaniac doctor, and the Aussie wine six-pack. Got well and truly by the misdirections both in wordplay and definitions. Good fun.

  4. Sorry Arthur. Our posts crossed. Hope someone comes to your rescue. Gotta run to work now.

  5. All done. FOI 25a. LOI 10d.
    I did like the commuter link. Not as tough as last week, for me.

  6. All out, all understood, and in only one and half coffees. FOI 11,12a, LOI 21a. I agree with Gayle, lots of fun with some brilliant misdirection and imagery.

    Arthur, I can send you a screenshot of the puzzle if you want. Not sure what the easiest way to get it to you would be though.

  7. Had more trouble than it deserved today, but still out in good time.

    FOI 5A, LOI 15D (shamefully). Other good starters might be 4D, 7D, 9D, 23A/16D.

  8. FOI 2D, 5D, 8A. LOI 10D as I had a cross letter wrong. Otherwise fairly straightforward today. Favourites 5A 8A.

  9. Moderators. Please email me Arthur’s address so I can send him the puzzle as some sort of condolence.

    2D help please! I can’t think of a word that would give letters 3-6 by dropping a standard.. But I might be barking up the wrong tree again.

    Both 23/15 and 24/16 were knew to me. Are they in the citizenship test?

  10. Mike, for 3d, the best I can come up with is this Oxford definition of “pat”: “Simple and somewhat glib or unconvincing.” A long shot, perhaps? Others may have a more convincing explanation.

  11. I came to the same conclusion for 3D Geoff M and Mike, but didn’t feel totally convinced.

  12. Mike
    2 d – “naval man heads off” gives letters 1-6. “Guevara” 7-9 . Definition is disaster.

  13. Argh! Just read the “2 D” not the rest of your post Mike – sorry. I am in the same case as you with 3 D

  14. Any gentle hints for 10D?
    Liked the theme… anyone actually doing this while commuting?

  15. Carol, 10d, the last three words are the definition. The baby-carrier is a live one. I can’t see the reason for “spewing” in the. clue

  16. Thank you Geoff M, I have it now. I suppose spewing could be an anagrind for the word before?

  17. I guess so. But I was thinking that “possibly” was the anagrind. Whatever!

  18. I stand corrected. Actually I lie on the bed corrected, watching our Mr Astle on “Letters & Numbers”.

  19. If you can take the humour you might want to look at “8 out of 10 Cats does Countdown”. The English” Countdown” done by a bunch of comedians.

  20. No, Margaret, I’ve tried that, and I can’t stand the “humour”. It’s a shame Australia could only sustain three or four short runs of “Letters & Numbers” (aka “Landlords & Anaesthetists”), whereas it’s been going forever in the UK, and even longer, I believe, in France.

  21. Geoff M,
    Fast forward is your friend. You could just look at the quizzes. It has, certainly, improved my arithmetic.

  22. All finished at breakfast Agree with AndyW top easier than bottom For 3D the three letter elision for standard came to me from the phrase for rote learning where you got things off xxx
    Liked 10d & 15d
    Can’t fully parse 5a haven’t worked out brief yield

  23. Ian, think of a four-letter word for “yield” (often followed by “in”) and truncate it.

  24. Thanks GeoffM
    that 4 letter word came to me later in the day first up I’d been thinking financial yield DA had successfully misdirected me

  25. Geoff M… ” “Letters & Numbers” (aka “Landlords & Anaesthetists”)”… LOL. That’s worthy of DA.

  26. It also made me think that DA could produce a themed crossword with “Letters&Numbers” (15) as the answer to 1 Across or 1 Down (with ‘&’ being an unchecked letter).

  27. Thanks, Tim, but alas, I can’t claim credit. I vaguely remember an occasion on the show when the two contestants were in fact a landlord and an anaesthetist, and DA came up with the witticism!

  28. If anyone is still there – I had a VERY slow start – now down to last 4: 23A/16D (pretty confident about 1st word), 24A/17D (pretty confident about 17D) , 26A, and 6D. Gentle hints welcome… if anyone is still here :)

  29. Nice Geoff M. I still think my idea of a Letters&Numbers themed crossword is a good idea. Maybe I should give it a go. :)

  30. Any subtle hints for 19A? What’s the defn? I’m surprised no-one has mentioned it here: it’s my LOI & I am stumped.

  31. Hello Barry. I think most trippers have moved on by now — I only opened this page by accident! But always pleased to oblige …

    19a has the definition in the final two words. The answer is an abbreviation of a six-letter word — “su” normally comes first. Think of “catch” as in “Here’s the catch …”

  32. Thx Geoff M.
    Strange that I was scratching my head wondering what could be _U_B for commuters’ home for ages then it twigged as soon as I read “19a has the definition in the final two words”.
    Must be morphic resonance!

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