27 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 21st of February, 2020

  1. A slow start, but all done, relatively quickly in the end.
    My FOIs were 22d, 8d, 12a, 9-10a and 5d.
    Last in was 4d.
    Can’t workout wordplay for 11a yet.
    Happy solving.

  2. Andy, 11A: “host” is 5,6; “in the vein of” 1-3; “music” 4 + 8-10; “close to distasteful” is 7.

  3. Quite enjoyed today’s puzzle – only had to look up the artist and the bird. And no, 7A is not a mispirnt!

  4. A puzzle of three parts for me – first 1/3 done really quickly, middle 1/3 took 80% of the time, then finished in a rush.

    FOI 6D, 22D, LOI 13A. 17A a new word for me.

    Good starters might be 7A, 3D, 18D, 21A, 12A.

  5. A Goldilocks puzzle today. Not too easy, not too hard, just right.

    My first one in was 19a. Easy starters include 26a, 2d, 12a, 22d. Not into soccer, so 7d took me a while. Hadn’t heard of 17a, nor that term for a pawnbroker. Chuckled at 7a. Couldn’t work out why 27a was “screw-on cap”. (It isn’t.) Still to work out the wordplay for 13a.

  6. Geoff, 13a “Don Juan initially twerked” gives 1,2, 5,6. “trim behind off” gives 3,4

  7. FOI and good starters 3D, 5D, 12A. LOI 25A. Favourites 7D and 7A haha. I hope that’s not 18D.

    Not sure what you mean Carol.

  8. Got there after a slow start, but a bit puzzled about 25A. Any hints please?

  9. Having trouble with 17A. I note someone above said it was a new word for them. Def first two words?

  10. Yes, Carol, definition is first two words.

    Trishq, the polly (I’d have spelt it “pollie”) is 1-3. The rest is a shortened four-letter word.

  11. 25A for Trishq: def is last 2 words of clue. First word of clue gives letters 1-3, then drop the last letter of a word meaning careless to get letters 4-6 .

  12. Good morning all,
    I finished it off this morning.
    Contrarily to most posters, my last ones in were 7a, 12a
    (I still don’t get how the definition for 7a = the answer. But only could get it from the wordplay – common blood group, say).
    Also, the wordplay for 16d eludes me (I have 1,2 and 8,9 but not the rest).

  13. Julian …

    16d, “became ‘fringe'” is 1, 2. “Warmer” is 4-8. “City” is an American one, 3, 9.

    And 7a isn’t “common blood group”. Look closely.

  14. I was so confident about the southern NSW town, I wrote in Gundagai without any cross letters or doing the word play properly !
    Ha ! That’s not it …
    Good enough puzzle …

  15. 14d is still a mystery. Can’t even work out what the meaning is! And as for that rotten bird… No idea!

  16. Me neither Friday Girls . Mystery to me why others haven’t mentioned it. Can see some of it, but not all.

  17. 14d the definition is Open.

    The answer is actually written in the clue (look carefully across the 2nd, third and 4th words in the clue.

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