DA Confusion for the 14th of February, 2020

Hey there lovebirds: get your head clear in this week’s DA right here.

55 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 14th of February, 2020

  1. Good morning and Happy Valentine’s Day.
    All done, just need to think about wordplay for 26a.
    FOI 10a, 7d, 14d, 17a
    LOI 30a & 25d

    Happy solving.

  2. AndyW 26A “test” is at 6, 8-11, rest for you should logically follow!

  3. Bit lonely here today, where is everyone.

    Any gentle hints for parsing 16A?
    F3O 1A 11A 17A
    L3O 26A 30A 25D

    Loved toDAy’s puzzle, lots of fave clues, the “blazer” of 29A into 30A, the red-herringed 5D and 20A/1D, the “dark and violent” of 9A etc.

    Happy solving, and a big đź’‹ for St Valentine’s Day

  4. I enjoyed today’s. Some easy starters 14d, 7d, 17a (as Andy W said, I see!).

    Still to work out the wordplay in a few.

  5. Easiest one for a while, for me.

    FOI 7D, 27d/28A. LOI 6D. Good starters might include 12A, 16A, 11A, 21D/6A.

  6. FOI 10A, 7D, 21D/6A. LOI 9A (still struggling with wordplay).

    For 16A start with a 5 letter word for fellow Celia…..

    My 2D/18A are with you all.

  7. Happy 54th anniversary of the introduction of decimal currency! Oh and that Valentines thing.
    Most out today. But stumped by 25d and 30a. I would love some hints. Also haven’t really figured the wordplay for 19d or 29a.

  8. And as so often. Now that I posted they all have twigged. Though I didn’t find 29a very satisfactory, I can see how it works. Never heard of the revolutionary which didn’t help.

  9. Hi SandyMc

    30A – definition is last word. The clue needs the last word of 29A, and that clue is just a double definition, really.

  10. All done, but still mystified by wordplay for 12A (4-8) (I’m reading website even as 1st 3 letters, but maybe cut accounts for 3-8; either way, can’t see April 5th); also 29A, and 19D (3-7)

  11. Back after a long period away from, and busy at, work.

    All out quite quickly today, but a lot of wordplay unclear, especially NE corner.

    Can someone explain the wordplay on 12A, 16A, 8D, 25D? I think I get 29A but it doesn’t seem very good.

  12. Mr Indigo, 8D wordplay took me a while. It’s basically an anagram. Otherwise, we have the same problems!

  13. SB re 12A thing of a word for cut a and take the letters in that word after the 5th of April. That gives you 4-8. Website even gives 1-3.
    16A replace ‘heading for lass’ in a word for fellow with a weird gift.

    Mr Indigo, 8D is an anagram (structured is the anagrind). 25D 1,2,4 are pieces (think chess).

    I still don’t get 9A. I have a mental block.

  14. Thanks Tim C. So 9A – my take is ‘dark’ or maybe ‘dark and violent’ discovered and reversed (travelling west). Def is last 2 words

  15. The wordplay for 20a/1d, 6d & 19d still eludes me. Will be grateful for hints.

  16. Never had such a relatively easy puzzle (ie all “solved”) with so many word plays not understood. Still don’t get 16A despite previous hints. Same for 20A,1D. Also, re 5D: get most of it but not the last few letters, even if “car” refers to a specific brand.

  17. Geoff M: for 6D, definition 1st word, breakfasts possibly gives 1,2,3,6,7 and for 4,5 look at following clue

  18. Ah yes. Got it. I was looking for a 5 letter word to ‘discover and reverse’, not 4 letters.

  19. My take on 5D, gain 1-3, one is 4, car is 5,6,8,9, billion is 7, and area is 10.

  20. Thanks SB and Tim C. I haven’t seen chess appreviations used that way in a Cryptic before! The weird gift was throwing me quite a bit too.

    12A jumped out at me when I returned from lunch.

  21. Can someone explain to me how 20a/1dn works ? Or give me a solid hint ?

  22. 20A/1D: def is last two words of clue. Hatchback gives the last letter of the answer, Olympus heavyweights the first word of the answer and letters 1-4 of the second word.

  23. Neanderthal 20A1D ? : Two of ’em, plus one letter from hatchback

    Those two words are so burned into my brain from childhood that I can open a newspaper page and immediately tell they are somewhere on the page even though they might be in fine print. This happened today even though I only had one letter (top of 21D).
    Arthur … are you here today? …. look East!
    Centre of the known universe.

  24. I actually finished it today, despite the awful news that my wife of almost 64 years, Margaret, will not be coming home from hospital, not ever. Just palliative care for however many days she lingers. So a DA was a useful distraction.

  25. AndrewT and Geoffl,
    but aren’t the elements of Roman heritage and Olympus quite not ?

  26. So sorry to hear your sad news Arthur. You will be in all our thoughts. At least DA was kind to you – not too much mystification from me this time!

  27. Very sorry to hear your news, Arthur. What a wonderful partnership you’ve had. Sincere commiserations from your DA friends.

  28. Arthur,
    That is terrible news. Hopefully, they can keep her comfortable. I’m sorry my words are just so inadequate but I wish you strength for what is coming.

  29. Sorry Arthur, didn’t read your post before.
    Not good at all. But sounds like you’ve had a pretty good innings together.

  30. I would also like to add my thoughts of support for Arthur and extend my best wishes.
    Came to Trippers with 6D & 8D to go
    Thanks to Alaric and TimC got the answers.
    Agreed today was easier, usually don’t finish till tomorrow. FOI 11A. Like others still working on word play for a number of clues.

  31. So sorry to hear your news Arthur. So very difficult for you both after so many years together. I hope they can keep your wife comfortable for her last days. xx

  32. Arthur , I too am very sad to hear your news . Lots of love and support is coming from your da tripper family. Take care .

  33. My thoughts also go out to you, Arthur.

    The mini theme in the quick crossword would have been a good theme for DA to work into a cryptic some time, particularly a word like 14D.

  34. Arthur- my 2D … best wishes to you and your wife !!!
    It would be hard for to not be near my wife, of seventeen years, so I can only hope I get sixty plus years …

  35. I am also very sad for you and your wife Arthur. 64 years together is an amazing achievement.

  36. I’m a bit like alaric, got thorugh it successfully at my second dig, but a lot of uncertain parsing (but not the ones causing others trouble funnily enough).
    My unexplained answers are: 6d (that has been mentioned), 29a (it seems too simple?), 25d
    Any explanations for those will be welcome.

  37. Phil, 29A is simple. Just two uses of the same word.
    25 D, first word is definition second word gives 1,3,4. Think of playing pieces in war games or chess. Gathered is a container word.
    6D, first word is definition, letters 1,2,3,6,7 is what one does when they partake of breakfast ( or any other meal) and 4,5 is another way of describing first word of the next clue…a bit of get up and –.
    Hope that helps.

  38. Question about 27d/28a – I have ‘got her’, where boomer’s kid = goth. Is this correct? If so where does the ‘er’ come from?

  39. Wrong, matthew, you’re over-thinking. Definition is “boomer’s kid” and wordplay is “influenced Green secured vote”. “Influenced” is an anagram indicator, “secured” is an inclusion indicator, and “vote” the character to be inserted. Have you got 13D yet? The “vote” is at its intersection with 20A. Happy solving!

  40. Thanks Viv
    You’ve corrected my answer for 25d, I didn’t know that word very well – I have heard it but didn’t know it’s mean-ing, ha ha.
    I saw that explanation for 6d earlier, I don’t think it’s a good clue it but I guess that’s it.

  41. I’ve been working on this on and off for three weeks. I gave up with it half done, and after googling answers and pouring over this thread I still don’t get a bunch.

    29A, 30A, 16A…and most of the rest.

    As a non-Melbournite not familiar with Greek gods this one was difficult. And for those playing along at home, 15A was not “Down the gullet”.

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