DA Confusion for the 24th of January, 2020

Have your confusions sorted out for this long weekend’s DA.

Do you reckon DA makes his crosswords harder before a long weekend?

39 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 24th of January, 2020

  1. Finished, but still not sure on a couple of wordplays (12a, 7d, they intersect, so I may have them wrong).
    FOIs 10a, 4d, 6d, 2d, 1a, 1d, then the 24-6-11.
    I found this of average standard, top half fell out easily.
    LOI 23d.
    Happy solving.

  2. Struggled today. First one in 26a. Other easy ones 10a, 8d (even though I’d never heard of it), 2d. Favourite 27a.

  3. Shook the dust out of my brain, if not from the rest of Sydney …

    FOI A, LOI 19A. Good starters might be 26A, 21D, 16A, 23D.

    Will withhold parsing or hints for a while.

  4. FOI (and therefore good starters) 16A 22A 23A 26A. LOI 19A. Favourites 20A (great definition !!), 27A and 18D/5D (not heard that for ages).

  5. Five (maybe six) in, took a punt on a name I knew for the essayist, still unaware of the meaning of ‘rule changes’. But he fits. 8D FOI, followed by 10A.. Much work to do yet.

  6. Arthur C, it is “ODD rule” that you need to incorporate in the changes.

  7. Thanks, SandyMc, I’m too dense to see how that applies. But i think I have the right bloke. Lost now on 1D, for which I have only letters 5&7, and nothing that fits the clue that I can see. Was the novel of 13A a noun or and adjective? Maybe I still have wrong one.

  8. 13a a noun. 1d was my first in. The first word is the def. Crook 2-4; spotted concealing diamonds 5-9.

  9. FOI – 10a
    LOI – 15d

    Had to look up the tennis player.

    I did like 20a as well.

  10. All done. But I am really not at all sure about 28a. And I don’t get all the wordplay for 18,5d. Any hints?

  11. sandyMc
    Think of the Mongol empire or classic Star trek.

    Think of “captivating” and classic Star Trek. The same one as 28a.

  12. SandyMc 28A definition is first word. Letters 1 – 5 are most of a word meaning ‘missing’, pursued (followed) by a four letter word for ‘tribal chief’ at letters 6 – 9.

  13. Sandy, in 28a, the tribal chief is 6-9. “Missing” relates to 1-5, the word having been “detailed”.

    In 18d/5d, “doofus witch veteran also” refers to letters 3-15, with words 4, 3, 3 & 3 long. Letters 1, 2, 16, 17 are rage with the top blown.

    Hope I haven’t given too much away …

  14. Hi Sandy

    Re 18D and 5D I thought I had the answer but incorrectly guessed the first word of a phrase I didn’t know. With the correct answer the clue is spot on with ‘doofus,, witch, veteran, also’ incuded.

    In 28A ‘missing’ ‘details’

  15. Can 18/5D and 28A be worked out without any knowledge of Star Trek?
    Also what is the defn for 18/5D?

  16. Geoff, I have no knowledge of Star Trek, and I managed. In fact I’m not sure what Star Trek has to do with it. In 18/5d the first word is the definition.

  17. GeoffD
    If you must :) I found it interesting that, if you know your Star Trek, there is a connection :).

    18\5d – The definition is the first word. I hadn’t heard this expression before.

  18. Geoff M,
    Look up Star Trek and Ricardo Montalbán. It is probably the most famous episode of Star Trek.

    I thought I would try to give a hint without giving a full breakdown. Sounds like I’ve misjudged my market :)

  19. Thanks all, especially Mike. My trouble was I had the first word wrong. I had the rest of the wordplay, just not the ‘blowing top on rage’ bit. Now I do.
    BTW, Star Trek was no help to me either.
    O, and 18a twigged just after I posted (as often happens).

  20. Re 7D: Having got out all the “acrosses”, the answer is obvious. Presume the first word is the definition, but can’t see the word play.

  21. 7d – my take on this.
    First word “answer”
    “Dog” = 1-3,
    “Falling hard” = 4-9 when you add “parking” (street symbol) on the front.

  22. Started this afternoon , consulted trippers with 28A, 15D & 23D to go
    FOI 8d. LOI 23d
    Thanks to GeoffM discovered I had first word wrong for 18d/5d and also for solving 28a
    Haven’t got word play for all answers
    Overall I thought it was a moderate test
    western side out first

  23. Pretty hard one I thought. But chipped away while watching the tennis and got 28A as LOI in the tie-breaker around 1 am. That helped with 25a and hence 9a. I didn’t know 8D, 9A , 28A but confirmed answers on the net.
    Any other ideas for 7d word play?

  24. Like Phil finished whilst watching Millman v Federer
    Can’t get wordplay for 23d
    I get last word as defn but not sure if ellipsis indicates 22d is part of word play
    Any hints please

  25. Ian, the clue is independent of 22d, despite the ellipsis. Think of a computer keyboard. “Cases” is an inclusion indicator.

  26. Struggling with SW corner having had a pretty good run elsewhere. Hint on 15d would be great to help with the rest.

  27. 15d.
    “said” is a homophone indicator for the four words before it.

  28. Thank you Margaret not giving much away, I’ll try to make sense of that.

  29. One more hint, i didn’t think the homophones were straight forward, nor the answer. This was my last and the word came to me and I had to work backwards for the wordplay. Give me a yell if you want more.

  30. Thanks to you all above my queries reduced by 2/3 already! Leaves me with just two for my learning curve: function of “lancing” in 20a and of “strained” in 3d? “L-head off dazzling fish” and “Film studio to disrupt censors” respectively seem just as ‘sensible’ and sufficient? No doubt I’m missing something…

  31. johnno2 – my take on this.
    20a – “lancing” is removing the head off the word for “dazzling” – which constitutes the first word of the answer.
    3d – “strained” would appear to be the anagrind and the “disrupt” would be the indicator for inserting into the “film”.

  32. Thanks, Margaret.
    3d – Of course! You’re exactly right! (in writing my plea, I’d got it into my mind that ‘that’ film, beloved of setters, had provided 1,2, not 1,8)
    20a – I felt “head off” was sufficient for the removing. Maybe DA intended “L-lancing” to look like a stutter?? (in which case I suppose the clue as written has a better surface than “L-head off…” etc)

  33. Johnno2
    I think it is actually “lancing head off” to indicate removal.

    I agree that “lancing” is a tad redundant but I think it was a misdirect with the L. I did like this clue though.

  34. Margaret, you say you looked up the tennis player, how? I can’t find anyone who can fit in there, unless of course I have the wrong downs…
    Would you maybe help me with 21d?

  35. Paul K,
    At this time I dont think anyone will object if I can give it to you
    Dylan Alcott – he is a wheel chair tennis player. I can see how but I doubt I would’ve got there on my own.

    “Like” = answer
    “family” splits = 2-4
    “at” first “opportunity” = 1,5-6

  36. Many thanks Margaret, 1.5 clues left now, should be able to complete from here.

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