DA Confusion for the 17th of January, 2020

Get your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

42 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 17th of January, 2020

  1. Initially I thought it was going to be a hard solve, but once I got going, it wasn’t too hard.
    FOIs 2d, 14d, 26a, 16d, 15a then 24-27 & 4-22.
    Happy solving.

  2. Three easies in so far, 14D FOI, then 21D and 26A. Onward, ever onward.

  3. What a pleasant experience after last week’s! (Which I abandoned.) Today’s struck the right balance of challenge and reward, methinks.

    My first one in 26a, then soon after, 21d, 16d, 8d. 18a, 11a and 4d/22d brought a smile to my face.

  4. Easiest one for a while for me! Got back to what I used to consider my average solving time; guess I’ll have to adjust that mental benchmark :)

    FOI 9A, LOI 7D. Good starters might be 1A, 15A, 19D, 10A, 6D, 26A.

  5. Yes, a pleasant outing even with my eyes. I had to browse to check my answers to 9A (an historical reference in the wordplay) and 21A.
    It may be too early for hints but I don’t get the wordplay for 23D.

  6. Have completed it ie one of DA’s easier ones and all understood except 20A. Is “fine” the definition
    and, if so, ??? its derivation from the rest of the clue.

  7. FOI 21D. LOI 9A (had to Google the setter). Favourites 18A and 4D/22D.

    20A “State” is a homonym indicator is that a homonygrind?) and yes, fine is the definition alaric.

  8. Alaric Yes for 20A “fine” is the definition. A thesaurus helps!
    Andrew T: Thanks re 29D but I can’t account for
    “fit to be tied” (which I have misread?)

  9. can someone parse 21D for me please. Also not sure where letters 2,3 come from in 21A. Still much to do. Top half mainly…

  10. 21 D
    Presents = total
    3-1 = “fruit” turnover
    4,5 = “tosses” crusts.

    2,3 = “observe” from the rear

  11. Thanks Margaret. All clear. Can I start to ask for more help? Too many to list (been a while, am out of DA-form)…

  12. Thanks for help so far
    Is 24/27 an anagram?
    Also, any hints for 1d would be appreciated

  13. Hi Dan. I prefer at this point just to give hints as my feeling is we should give more time to people to get started this evening.. before spelling out the wordplays.

  14. Dan,
    Happy to help where I can. I’m sure others are keen to help as well.

    24/27 is an Anagram

    the total answer = turban (it is a common word)
    the word play is made up of “chap” and “to deal with”.

  15. LONI / LONO – is 20d . How can I not guess 3 letters , to find a Thomas ???

  16. Dan,
    I think we’ve just been rebuked :) I’m happy to give you whatever hints I can to get you on your way.

  17. @Neanderthal He’s done it again. The anagram for the 24 & 27 answer appeared around the same time as the last one I mentioned.


    This is not a coincidence. The anagrams on this site are not clues, but clearly DA takes note of other people’s anagram work. So how ethical is it to then use that work in clues? Maybe he could claim “inevitable discovery”.


  18. Thanks for that site – Ive just seen a couple of terrific Trump ones :)

  19. I dont understand where the defintion is in 18a?
    it cuts back (1-4)
    quiet (5)
    chime (6-9)

  20. Yes Andrew and matthew. 18A was one of my favourites. “It” is the definition, although the answer is often used as a cryptic indicator for “it”.

  21. Jethro,
    well, as last time, I noted it was an unusual inclusion and presumably as the anagram was known beforehand. This one makes it a pattern of sorts.
    Is it ethical ? It’s not a whole clue from another setter and any anagram from that site is presumably there for public consumption. I’d hope it’s not a regular occurrence as that’s not a good look for any setter.

  22. Hi all, only a few moments for this today, so thankfully not too hard. Only question left is how if the answer of 21a a “dynamic statute”?

  23. Yes, SandyMc, dynamic statue is the definition. Gallery opening gives letter 1, I gives 5,4 and observe 3,2 (the reversals are indicated by “from rear”‘

  24. Late start this afternoon
    Foi 14A. 7 to solve 1d 5a 7d 8d 12a 20a 20d
    Not sure about 13a & 17d
    Agree this week is easier than last

  25. I agree with robskee my mum got me hooked on cryptics when LB was in his prime as a setter and music critic for the SMH.
    Finished my 5 outstanding clues over breakfast. Loi 5A

  26. Prob too late. But an explanation for 1A, 3D, and 11A, would help me learn. Thx

  27. Hi Dan
    1A – Words 1 &2 = Def’n.
    In retirement is reversal indicator of the essentials of 6th word, then 5th; 4th and 3rd.

    3D – last two words + def’n. Part = 2,5,6 &7

    11A – last word = def’n. Drained rack gives 4 & 9; with foreign being an anagram indicator that gives 5, 6, 7 @ 8; And Knight gives 1 -3

  28. Another very tough one, but ultimately solved after getting 24-27A then it cracked open.
    I don’t see how 20a works, answer is first word but the word play escapes me.

  29. Phil, it would be a sheer delight to help with 20a!

    My reading is that “state” is a homophone indicator and that the “trim” might apply to sheep. The final word is the definition.

  30. Thanks LJ, that’s super helpful. All clear to me now… I can rest for another week.

  31. Big call on the anagram ?
    How do we know DA didn’t contribute them to that site or just come up with them himself in parallel?
    Took my several goes but finally out last night … unlike the last few weeks.

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