A Belated DA Post on the 10th Day of Christmas

I don’t know what day of the week it is. I’m reliably informed, however, that today is Friday.

Here’s another belated Christmas-period DA post to collect your thoughts on DA.

Comments again have already started about this week’s DA on last week’s thread.

Regular programming might return next week… maybe. The concept of time is not strong at the moment and I’m not sure what a week means anymore.

40 thoughts on “A Belated DA Post on the 10th Day of Christmas

  1. Hi folks… I’m done but I can’t work out how the definition works for 3 down. I’m keen to figure it, seems like it might be a good clue. Any hints?

  2. Goodness, looks like I’m first cab off the rank. (Apart from Gayle, who had to use last week’s.)

    Quite straightforward today. 2d was my first in, now that I know that unfamiliar herb (thanks to DA expanding my lexicon in a previous puzzle). 24a, 16a, 15a were good starters. In 5d, isn’t that the opposite of a column? Hadn’t heard of 10a, needed to consult my electronic device. 25a made me smile.

  3. Steve, the wordplay for 3d is pretty convoluted, but you have this, yes? “Kookaburra” is an example of the solution, presumably. Never thought of it as such, but it makes sense.

  4. I had heard of 10A, Geoff M, but I have to criticise DA for the form of the clue. It is constructed such that the homophone of the answer (which of course doesn’t fit) should be the solution.

    Struggling at the moment, with only eight out, but hope to break through soon.

  5. Moving along nicely now, about 2/3 done. Would appreciate an explanation of 21D, letters 1-2.

  6. Yes, AG, 10a would be better as “On radio, host singer Paul.”

    In 21d, the first two letters come from “say” reversed (“cycled”).

  7. Agreed that would be a better clue for 10A AG and Geoff. All out apart from the wordplay for 17A.
    Favourite was 9A.

  8. Happy New Year trippers!
    All done & I think understood (which for me is a near record as I’m also at work).
    Tim C, I think read-out is a homophone indicator

  9. All done but had a lot of trouble with NW corner. Had a couple of the anagrams spelt incorrectly to start with. Agree with 10a, around the wrong way.

    17a – I think it is a homophone indicator for “bogus”.

  10. Went on a date with a girl, told her i would teach her the cryptics. Couldnt get one clue!

  11. matthew, your post made me smile. I’m picturing a nerd-chic couple…

  12. Well, I’ve just wasted half the day as the very first clue I “solved” was 16d. Easy one, starboard. I’ll even pen it in straight away (which I never do – it always sits next to the clue until I can talk myself into it). To make it worse, answer was confirmed by 19a. Finally, the penny dropped. Doh

    With 4d am I anagramming two words (4 letters each) to make a compromise?

  13. Mud, 4d is 9 letters, so can’t be 4+4 anagram. The four letter word is an anagram within a five letter synonym of snobs.

  14. Also Mud, I can see starboard working on 16d, but I can’t get what it really is. Any hints?

  15. actually just got bowling alley. all future crossword dates will be on a tuesday

  16. LOL matthew. What about Thursday with No Sweat (NS)?

    Sandy, the definition is celeb and the wordplay is a double definition

  17. If anyone’s still there I just cant see the Spoonerism at 22D.

  18. Sandy,
    1a –
    think about essentially “machines” and plastic “change to”.

    1d – think of the homespun use of “shoot”.

    9a – think of slang and put a capital on “Breaker”.

    Regular “grub”
    “herb” reportedly

    Give me a yell if you need me to be more explicit.

  19. Sandy 1a – plastic is an anagrind for to change
    9a – for breaker think of an Oz Breaker (book and film)
    1d – answer is little-used colloquial word for shoot. Take top off word for hamper
    2d – think sage (but not as a herb)
    This might help to get you started

  20. BillyboyOz,
    It isn’t a one for one transfer. Take two letters off one and one letter off the other. You have a 5 letter word and a 3 letter word.

  21. Margaret
    You helped Sandy whilst I was trying to do so – but do you have the Spoonerism?

  22. bbOZ
    22 d wordplay is a 5 letter word for grunge and a 3 letter word for babe, before spoonerising.
    Don’t know if you have the answer and definition, but it’s something that usually relates to television or radio. Sing out if you need more. It’s late enough in the day.

    Can you tell me if the kookaburra answer is a noun or an adjective? I still haven’t counted all the letters.

  23. Sorry Margaret and bbOZ- just noticed Margaret’s reply at 5:34 and it looks like some posts crossed.

  24. Gayle, 3d is a noun. This is a messy clue. But then again, I’m sure I couldn’t do better …

  25. Gayle,
    No need to apologise. That happens all the time. I think it is good to post, anyway, as some people’s answers are clearer than others.

  26. Agree Jonny. Brilliant! I was blown way by that first thing this morning but no-one was up to share it. (Had to shout out to the ether on last week’s blog.) Howdeedoowit??

  27. Good puzzle DA. I’m happy with 10a as it is. Gradually cracked all except for 2d, maybe I don’t know the herb; are letters 2 and 4 the same? I can’t fully parse 13d to my satisfaction though I have the answer, any hints there?

  28. Yes Phil. The letters 2 and 4 are the same. You could regret not hearing the name of the 3 letter herb word. :-)
    13d. Outer 2 letters (case) of barrister. Involving is indicator to anagram ‘dock pair’.


  29. Thanks Gayle for both of those.
    I was stuck on a wrong train of thought (which is usually fatal) trying to make “brief” be part of it. Possibly good misdirection.

  30. Jethro,
    there’s always a chance that unrelated compilers will come up with the same anagram, good or bad.
    And there’s always accusations of plagiarism from one setter to the next.
    But the mere fact that this unusual answer, across two different grid parts, was used at all suggests it was inserted for a reason . . . or maybe it’s all just coincidence.

  31. People, my head hurts. I’m out, but with much effort. It feels like much of the clueing was forced, perhaps rushed? Didn’t have the usual elegance. Not much there for the a ha! experience. For me this week’s was all work and no play.

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