A Belated DA Post on the 3rd day of Christmas

Apologies… still snoozing through the Christmas period.

Here’s a belated Christmas DA post to collect your thoughts on DA.

Comments have already started about this week’s DA on last week’s thread.

32 thoughts on “A Belated DA Post on the 3rd day of Christmas

  1. Thought I would start this thread.
    FOI 1a
    LOI 21d

    I liked 12d

    Enjoy people and have a happy, and safe, New Year.

  2. FOO (alternative but synonymous to FOI) 6D followed by 14D, 11A, 25A … then LOO (ditto, LOI) 25A, preceded by 16D, and I forget.

    Muddy Waters had a song, “Champagne and Reefer”, they’re both here!

    Can anyone spoiler-free hint at the wordplays for 25A & 16D, the reason they were my last two out?

  3. Celia,
    Hard to go without spoiler but I’ll try.
    25a – think of how “game” might fit in this clue.
    16d – you need to think of your beautiful woman from a bit further afield.

  4. Seems like I wasn’t the only one off to a slow start today :D

    FOI 24D, LOI 22D. Good starters include 11A, 12D, 27A, 13A.

    25A: def is last word of clue. “Game” gives two of the letters, lined by “Printing”.

    16D: def is first word of clue. Hard to give further hints without spoilers, but it’s another container one, with two components (one with top removed) inside the third.

  5. Celia, I’m perplexed too. 25a think I get all but the 2nd & 3rd letters. Seasons greetings to all

  6. Thanks Margaret & AndrewT, I got the game & the printing, what threw me on 25A was there is a physical learning game with that title.

    And a touch of orientalism has delivered 16D to me also.

    Happy solving, all, and PAYER PAY WHEN!

  7. I too was a bit puzzled by 16D but I see it now thanks all. The last one to bother me is 4A. The answer seems clear but the wordplay is not (to me anyway). Am I missing something obvious here?

  8. trishq for 4A take a word that means “disorder” (here I think in a medical sense) and reverse its “superb”.

  9. D’oh! Always obvious after the fact. Thanks Celia and seasons greetings to all fellow solvers.

  10. With 25a I can’t make any connection between “game” and letters 2,3.

    Also 10a, 17d is my last one left. I think I know what the 17d component is, but 10a doesn’t look promising. No idea wat the def is.

    Help appreciated.

  11. Hi robskee Re 25a William Webb Ellis’ name is on a trophy in letters 2,3. He famously picked up a soccer ball and ran with it. So for showing off my 25a.

    10a 17d The def is the last word whereas the answer is one of the first words in the def.

  12. Thanks Noni, Mike. I never feel bad about my ignorance of sports other than chess. As for the bubbles, never heard of it. A good grid nevertheless.

  13. Hello All.
    I have tried to buy yesterdays Age all over Bendigo to no avail, and am subsequently missing my weekly dose of DA. Is there anywhere online that I could get a copy of this weeks DA?

  14. If anyone is still here, could you tell me if 9A-4D is an anagram? Thanks.
    Having terrible trouble with this grid…

  15. Hi Carol. Yes re 9A/4D – with 17 letters even though only 16 are required because of the shared letter.

    11A and 23A are relatively easy ways of getting a lot of letters,

    For me I still don’t get the wordplay for 19D

  16. Hi Carol. Yes re 9A/4D – with 17 letters even though only 16 are required because of the shared letter.

    11A and 23A are relatively easy ways of getting a lot of letters,

    For me I still don’t get the wordplay for 19D despite the hint above.

  17. Mike, same here. For 19D I can’t think of what is meant by beautiful woman. This word or name, missing its first letter I assume gives letters 4-7 of the answer. I’m thinking of a famous Greek actress perhaps, but that would mean removing merc from the top. Seems a bit much. Anyone still out there to help me?
    All out once I got the answer for 21D.

  18. Viv, 19D is not the beautiful woman clue, that’s 16D, and the word you’re seeking there is a 5-letter starting with “H”!

  19. Mike re 19D, a double definition, where the first is a riddle. Think of different types of your answer e.g a battle zone is a 19D of operation. That’s a big hint there!

  20. Just an idea about 20D: is “client” in the clue a synonym for “patient’??

  21. Pretty sure I have 24D, but where do letters 2 & 3 come from? I’m assuming defn = last 3 words.

  22. Brian Fingerton, from “writing”, an accepted abbreviation. A hesitant or unsure speaker punctuates their speech with many 24Ds

  23. Thanks Sonambulist. That’s the word I had & the defn I was using but I still don’t get how writing = letters 2 & 3.

  24. Any explanation of 10A, 17D? I reckon I’ve got the first word but have no idea how the second word works.

  25. Still there, Olbert? I’m one of the sAvourers rather than one of the Devourers, so only just ‘on’ now checking my own couple of confusions! Mike (4:34pm Friday) touched on it – definition is last word (perhaps well-consumed last night?) 10A is clued by “passion” with its adjacent indicator. For 17D, 1-4 (I’m shaky here – open to other suggestions!) are clued by semi-8-letter word for “combining”, in the sense of coming together empathetically, and 5-8 are clued by a 5-letter word for “say”, reduced.

  26. DA 3 for 3rd day of January. Happy New Year Trippers!
    All out but used a word-filler-inner for a couple of clues. NW corner went in first.
    Last one in 3d, and kicked myself. Boom tish. Haven’t accounted for all of the parsing yet, and not sure what the final letter should be. By the time I get home I imagine today’s post will be up and will check in later.
    Also not fully clear about the wordplay for12. Liked the misdirect though.
    11/18 . What a discovery!

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