Blog Confusion at DA Trippers

Our hosting provider, Netregistry, is rather terrible.

Netregistry made an “upgrade” to its systems and the site was down yesterday and now we’ve lost a couple of weeks of posts.

Apologies for the terrible service.

But talk here for the Friday the 13th DA!

29 thoughts on “Blog Confusion at DA Trippers

  1. I gave up yesterday when unable to access the column on any medium and only just thought to check today. Fairly straightforward so I managed without assistance, but I was a bit puzzled by the word “cheese” starting clue 9 across. Liked 21 across!

  2. Yes it was a welcome relief from last week.

    “Cheese” is a lot iffy IMO as 9A isn’t the name of a cheese as such.

    Also the wordplay in 9A is mathematically inaccurate.

  3. I read 9a as being the first two words together (what you have after you say cheese) then replace first two letters(“I gave away”) with a common 22down. I got 22d but don’t understand it.

    Liked 4d

  4. @Tim C Why is it mathematically inaccurate? It is a ratio. Just a transcendental one.

    I have answers but no idea of the wordplay for 14d, 26a, 28a.

  5. @Tim C Why is it mathematically inaccurate? It is a ratio. Just a transcendental one.

    I have answers but no idea of the wordplay for 14d, 26a, 28a.

    And I don’t get 22d wordplay either.

  6. As well as being transcendental it’s also irrational which means it can’t be expressed as a ratio.

    14D, work is 1,2,8,9, a is 5, star’s clothing is 3,4,6,7.
    26A (dodgy) craft is an anagrind giving 1,2 and “wheel” is a car model (usually wheels plural). Any other ideas welcome.
    28A 1-4 amalgam, 5-7 limit, 8-11 stuff, all 3 with lead removed.
    22D Bums = last letters reversed (in retirement).

  7. Nice to see the site back on air!

    Tim, my take on 26a …

    “Craft” gives 7, 6, 5.
    “Down” 4, 3, 2.
    “A” 1.
    “Wheel” is a reversal indicator.

  8. Yes Geoff M. That makes a lot more sense than my poor effort. It’s obvious, but I had a real mental block with that wordplay. It was my one struggle this week.

  9. Thanks Geoff, Not knowing the movie didn’t help. I had also given up on 21a and 24,23d and looked up the answers and worked backwards to get wordplay.
    And the wordplay for 7a and 13a still alludes me.

  10. Sandy, 7A think of a 4 letter word for engaged and ‘stunt’ it. 13A is A 9 letter word for shift with 2 letters removed.

  11. Thank goodness the site is back up
    I kept getting invitations to click on girls in underwear 😱 when trying to access datrippers
    Any assistance with21a would be appreciated

  12. I too am glad da trippers is back
    Can’t work out 21A is there a link to The Mikado?

  13. I’ve had another look at 21A
    Definition first two words of clue
    words 6&7 anagrind for preceding 3 words
    Last three words modify the anagram content

  14. This is the week of drawing long bows!

    Rules critically
    Meet needs
    A long way to go

    Am I wrong?

  15. And isn’t xx the xxxxx of a circle’s circumference to its radius (or diameter, I can never remember which)? So the comparison is accurate.

  16. LOI will be 20d, 25a and 24,23d

    No idea about 20d. The others I think I know but can’t quite make them work.

  17. Couldn’t get through the last couple of days. Kept getting suspension message.

    “Completely” = 1,4,5
    Accepting gist of “report” = 3,4
    “O” = 6

    Answer = god

  18. 25a
    “Point” = 1-3,
    “Formal” = 4-7
    “Part of maiden” = answer (cricket)

    “Happen” = answer
    “Pinch” = 24d
    “Bookmark” = 23d

  19. robskee
    rules critically definition
    answer derogatory term for AFL used by rugby and round ball fans.
    words contributing to anagram have 15 letters need to remove one letter

    xx times diameter = circumference
    answer For down clue is a synonym of comparison
    sorry haven’t got crossword in front of me to identify clues by number

    agree with you you have to think right outside the square with DA, I’m often on the wrong track

  20. Thanks all. My paucity of cricketing terminology let me down once again.

    See you again next week!

  21. 2 to go. Half done myself rest with your help so thank you.
    12d and 18a giving me headache so hints gladly appreciated.

  22. Paul K …

    12d is a four-syllable cold-blooded creature. Its first syllable sounds like a girl’s name, as do the last three together.

    18a has the definition in the first two words, as I suspect many of us trippers are. “A German” refers to letters 3-5. “A gig vacated” 1, 2, 6.

  23. Hi everyone! First time poster. I met David Astle at the Word for Word festival and he put me onto this site.
    Could anyone please help me with the parsing of 11 across?

  24. Re 9ac, pi is indeed a ratio – it is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.

    It is not a rational number, but that only means it can’t be represented as the ration of two integers.

    I’m more concerned about calling pimento a cheese…

  25. Yes thanks Ken spot on. Definitely a ratio, just not a ratio of two integers.

    Similarly concerned about the cheese… ;-)

  26. And thanks Tim C and Geoff M for the wordplay explanations, I was definitely having a bad week!!

    Sorry for late appreciation – didn’t get back to check until today!

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