DA Confusion for the 29th of November, 2019

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA right here.

36 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 29th of November, 2019

  1. All done FOI 24d LOI 18a
    Still thinking about some of the word play. Will be back.

  2. Starting to get more….17a, 24d
    Off to tennis now …shall check in later

  3. I think I can justify word play on everything but 13a.
    25a/11a isn’t the expression, as I know it.

    Took a while to get into but not too bad once you get rolling.

  4. Margaret, in 13a, “drop” gives letters 1-4, then the keyboard has its “behind” brought to the lead.

  5. Still going, but easy starters are 9a, 13a, 16a, 3d/23a/20a, 17d/15a/12a/26a, 21d & 24d.

  6. Geoff M,
    Thanks. A definite “doh” moment. I had the drop; makes missing the other half even more painful.

  7. Very hard to get a foothold in with so many intersecting clues and the others were not so accessible either. 16a: I tried every ghost I could think of, but not that one! First long’un in was 17/15/12/26.

    Agree Margaret @6.55. 25/11 was also the one I had the most trouble parsing, and only after getting it from crossers.

  8. All done, I think. Is 15d in Japan? I don’t get it. Also can’t parse 18a or 22d. 25a/11a is clever. (It took me a while too.)

  9. 15d Geoff m, first 5 letters is synonym for horse
    Second word is derived from 1st, 2nd 3rd 4th letters of words in clue
    Hope I haven’t given too much away too early in day

  10. Me Too – a very slow start but once the two large clues fell, so did the rest. FOI 24D, LOI 28A.

    15A: The second word of the answer is clued by “progressively” taken letters from the previous 4 words in the clue.
    18A: “Spittoon mostly” gives letters 4-8, “muck from the back” letters 9, 3, 2, 1.
    22D: “truck” gives the first word of the answer, “movie” the second word.

  11. Thanks Melmel. I don’t think I’ve seen this type of wordplay before.

  12. And thanks Andrew T. Just managed to work out the spitoon — it’s a word that wasn’t in my lexicon. Don’t know why that’s a movie — I must lead a sheltered life.

  13. And I agree with previous posters that 25a/9a more commonly uses “with”.

  14. Hi Geoff,


    Horse = 1-5. For the next four letters, it is a progression in the next four words.


  15. Good start today. FOI 1D, got the 3D word string, (don’t like word strings) got the 18A, though not understanding the ‘separates muck’ bit. Maybe my answer wrong? About ten solved thus far.

  16. All out, with the usual difficulty. Came here to seek justification for the only thing which fits 25A. I’m bound to agree with Geoff M at 8.24am.

  17. Back after time across the ditch. All done but not really getting 7d or 8d. Any hints?

  18. SandyMc
    7d. Double definition.
    Locate as in the sense of hunting prey or a criminal of chasing information.
    Shot as in a person or a machine performing poorly.

  19. 8d definition is first word.
    Answer is a double homophone. 4, 5 at letters 1-3, and 4-9

  20. Thanks Gayle, I was not that familiar with that expression for locate (I knew ‘shot’). I also knew 8d must be a homophone, but broke it up at the wrong spot and it didn’t make sense. Thanks for the help.

  21. Geoff M,
    If you are still wondering about the movie; it is an animated film.

  22. @ Gayle 11:16am

    I thought 7d was ‘shot’ as in what you get at a bar, in the way of locate’s definition

  23. Funny that CJ. I originally had a ‘more cryptic’ answer for 7d with a reversal of something you find in a bar at 1-3. But I had to 6a that to get 6a!

  24. I’m all done. 19D was a problem- had a different answer that fits the clue.

  25. All out and understood with the usual struggle, but 16A doesn’t make sense to me if the ghost is the cartoon one I am thinking of?

  26. trishq, it is a cartoon ghost. But headless. The def is ‘following’.

  27. I was a bit 9A today, but got there in the end. FOI 24D. LOI 25A/11A as it took a long time to get the wordplay. Favourite was 15D

  28. A record-breaking solve this week, all done in one 90-minute sitting together with my brains trust, the Good Lady Professor Her Indoors.

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