DA Confusion for the 22nd of November, 2019

Get your confusion sorted out for this week’s DA.

36 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 22nd of November, 2019

  1. Morning Trippers.
    Found it pretty straightforward, although one of them was a bit hard to see.
    FOI 1D. LOI 22D. Liked 26A and 28A.
    Happy solving, as AndyW usually says. Where is AndyW and all?
    Hope everyone’s faring well in the fires.

  2. All good Gayle, have finished, just hadn’t got around to posting.
    Yes, quite straightforward,
    FOI 1a, 4a.
    Happy solving.

  3. After few days away the leeettle grey cells are a tad on the slow side today … got there eventually though.

    FOI 1A, LOI 23D (shamefully!). Good starters include 4A, 8D, 18A, 27A,29A.

  4. I have 7 & 14
    Not so easy for me today, I’ll probably check in again after tennis

  5. The SW corner is not co-operating. 23d, 22d & 28a in particular. A pity, ’cause otherwise I’m out. On my first scan of the clues, 1a, 4a, 26a, 1d, 7d, 14d & 20d fell into place. 27a my favourite. I’d never heard of 18d.

    Stop press — I think I have 23d. Needed a magnifying glass …

  6. Yes, SW was my bete noir also.

    Haven’t parsed 22D yet. Were you after a hint for 28A? The answer is a pretty obscure word IME.

  7. Thanks AndrewT, I think I have 28a. I wasn’t aware that a certain word in the clue could be a verb. Still utterly flummoxed with 22d.

  8. I know that these comment section is usually filled with savants posting that they got it all out well before sunrise, but if you’re a total moke like me and stare at the black-and-white grid for hours before an answer even begins to peak out, some good starters are 1, 4, 9, 13 across and 1, 2, 14 down.

    Some of those answers have anagrams which for me, when doing a DA, is like gold.

  9. Triumphant that I got 18D – weird and I hadn’t heard of it before.
    But the wordplay for 25D escapes me with my answer having “Increase” as the definition. Help please.
    …and yes thinking of all those threatened by fires and climate change.

  10. FOI 26A, 7D, 14D, 15D. I struggled to get started but then things started to flow. LOI 23D (I really must learn to read all of the clue properly).

  11. All done, not quite all wordplay understood. Slight quibble – 18a is only a section of a section.

  12. There seems to be a problem with a virus. Also the x word was extremely abstruse. Not very enjoyable.
    May be why there are not many comments today.

  13. Never thought I would need a magnifying glass to solve DA crossword, but then along came 23D

  14. I have got the answer to 1D. I understand how the first 3 letters of the 7 letter word is supporter but I don’t understand how the D and the remaining 3 letters match the other clues . Understand test legend a ultimate answer but I’ve guessed it not solved it . Anyone explain how last 4 letters contribute to answer please

  15. Ian,
    “named” rocky (anagram) sapped of “energy” (remove e).

  16. I can’t see wordplay for 28a – anyone?

    FOI 13a; LOI 8d and not absolutely convinced of wordplay for that one either. :-)

  17. Hi Cathy – 28A. Waterfowl = definition. Quail = 1,2,7-9. Biting = container. Senior = 3-6, with little tail off, i.e. remove last letter of ‘little’.

  18. Top half doneish, bottom not so much, really struggling with the ellipsis clues. How do I attack those?

  19. Hi Paul. 18D is self standing. The definition is the last word in the sense of what you might have mid-afternoon rather than evening. 20D’s last word is the definition, and first word is a (much more lateral) definition too. You can somewhat safely ignore the ellipsis, in my opinion.

  20. 23D’s definition is hidden in the punctuation. 25D – first word definition, then find a synonym for second word and knock off first letter.

  21. All done, but can’t for the life of me work out the wordplay for 27a.

    Ian F and Paul: 25d is very clever. The clue suggests the exact replacement of one letter for another, along the lines Geoff M mentioned.

  22. Hi Robskee – oh I see, that’s a much better analysis, thanks. Very clever, as you say. As for 27A, stick with the Roman theme, and think of the adjective for the God of War.

  23. Could someone please clarify the answer for 4D, in particular the final three letters.

  24. Hello Jo. “Close to cathedral” gives letter 8, and “right in Paris” 6,7,9. “Right” is really “yes”, but that would mean the clue wouldn’t work, yes?

  25. If it’s not too late, could someone please explain the wordplay to 3D and 23D?
    I used a magnifying glass for the latter and spotted the , but can’t justify it, even allowing that the order could refer to butterflies.

  26. Hi benadem, for 3D:
    “one found in NZ forest” = definition
    “picked up” = “sounds like” indicator

    for 23D, the state is an abbreviated US state which you are removing from “order”

    Hope this helps.

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