DA Confusion for the 15th of November, 2019

Get your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

48 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 15th of November, 2019

  1. All finished, not sure of wordplay for 15d.
    FOIs 1d, 1a, 10a, 2d , 3d
    LOIs 11a, 8d

    Happy solving.

  2. I think I have all the word play now.

    Not too bad today. I did like 3D that was the SOI.

  3. 1D, 1A, 3D, 10A, but that is all for me. And a question. If I have the correct 1A, aren’t the singular and plural the same four letters?

  4. About average time for me, but stalled in the middle for some time, as seems to be the new normal for me.

    FOI 1A, LOI 19D. Good starters might be 12A, 10A, 7D, 3D, 17D.

  5. All out. Would appreciate help parsing 18A, 8D and (1-4) of 24A

    Particularly liked 25A!

  6. NW corner went in first. As for the longuns, 3d first in, 9a off to a quick start with hitting on the right writer, 23a followed, but needed some crossers for 6d. A nice mix of clue types and some interesting stories … American schism, city bars, flag-hoisting, dandruff outbreak and vital fuel. Favourite 5d.

  7. @Smactuary , 18 a think of a common abbreviation relating to the Caribbean and you’ll see the rest.

  8. 8d the bone is one you might see on your dinner plate or in a car crash. Twisted is an indicator,and the concrete is in your mind, or not!

  9. 1-4 of 24a . There’s a ditty about a happy ruler that might come to mind from childhood. It took me a while to get that as I had the wrong spine and I thought jolly might be another euphemism, but no.

  10. Thanks Gayle. understood for all…for some reason I read jolly as lolly so was struggling with it!

  11. FOI 1D. LOIs 20D and 6D. I thought the clue for 3D was missing the ‘ing’ or am I being 2D. Good starters are 1D, 1A, 5D, 7D. Favourite is 20A 22A.

  12. Help please with wordplay for 6D. Assume “sign of pug” is definition and “dog we hear” gives letters 1-5, but cannot work out the rest.

  13. Thanks, Tim C. Does DA use “basically” to indicate a missing letter? Silly me, never even thought of “parents” as the verb.

  14. Margaret (0707), yes, I eventually realised that, had previously only thought of them as a class, no plural. I was really miffed by the reference to a SA river, never thought of that continent. If i’d been cleverer, might have found it from the clue, had certainly never heard of it.

  15. Tim C and Arthur C,
    My Geography is abysmal, I’m lucky to remember the Yarra and I live in Melbourne. Once I built the word from the clue I would’ve needed to look it up no matter where it was :).

  16. About half done though unsure about half of those. Any hints on the following would be great:

  17. 16a think double definitions.
    20/22A just a string of 4 definitions to make up the words.
    13A think anagram. 14D also think anagram but note the ellipsis.

  18. Hi Paul
    16A: last word defn (often found at schools); first word of answer = first word of clue (think verb); second word of answer = “put off”‘

    20-22A: first two words defn: then 4 smaller words for service, yonks, even and to scowl

    13A: defn is first word and you have to 20A the next 3 words (don’t think colour)

    14D: combine 5D with pets to get ingredient in explosives

  19. Thank you both but mainly xmgjim just for pushing me over the line on those. And you do mean 8d right?

  20. That’s OK Paul. I try not to give too much away unless it’s later, or on Sunday when people can look at the solution. And yes, I think that xmgjim meant 8d.
    24A is a poet. :)

  21. Paul. are 20d. First word is def.
    Argument’s gist over gives 1-2, attack gives 3-5

  22. Thanks Smactuary but I can’t see how in 20D letters 3-5 mean attack”. Without spoliing can you please give me a clue?

  23. Hi all
    Did wonder (after posting) how much had I given away. I think Tim C’s general prompts were probably best-advised, but I have been in that zone of getting half-done and then brain-freeze…..

    2 years ago, couldn’t do DA to save my life. Got onto this site and it helped enormously. Now I can crack them – not in any record time – every week.

    Bit of an art getting the balance right. Anyway, welcome to the blather!

  24. Like xmgjim i am leaving the art of DA. Firstly can i ask what FOI and LOI stand for?
    As for the answers.. Looking at them today. 4a 9a 11a 4d 6d 7d 15d make zero sense to me!
    Thanks for all the help on here

  25. Ciaran,
    FOI = First One In
    LOI = Last One In,

    I will do a few posts in case I lost stuff.

    I will put quotes around relevant words and leave out the quotes to indicate actions.

    Therapeutic = answer
    “Gamblin” = 3-7
    during “dinner” = 1,2 and 8,9.

    Retired “writer” = 1-3 (think as 3-1)
    “Didn’t come” prepared with “gun” = 4-15 (this is an indicator of an anagram of “didn’t come gun”)
    contract = answer

    Treated = answer (think of giving someone a treat)
    “Couple” nursing = 1-3 and 7
    case of “dandruff” = 4,5
    “outbreak” primarily = 6

  26. Ciarin,

    “Tycoon” mainly = 1-3 and 8,9
    traversed “valley” = 4-7
    SA river = answer (river in South America)

    sign of pug = answer
    “dog” we hear = 1-5 (we hear, indicating sounds like a type of dog)
    basically “ran with” = 6-10 (basically as an indicator of truncating)
    11-15 = parents (think of brings up)

    Vital = answer
    “Fuel” refined = 3, 5-7
    across “delta” = 4
    linked to “nationwide” borders = 1,2

    15 d
    Speculator = answer
    to “see Viking” quoted = 1 – 9. It is a sounds like.
    think of it as
    “see” 1-4 as in go out with
    “Viking” 5-9

    Happy to go into this further if this hasn’t helped. This is my take, happy for someone to correct me if I’ve got it wrong somewhere.

  27. That was my take too Margaret. Thanks also for clarifying 9a 1-3, didn’t think of retired as a reverse indicator.

  28. Paul,
    Thanks for support. Glad to help. I’m a tad reluctant to post, generally, in case I make a complete fool of myself :). A couple of times I’ve read other people’s answers and thought “I’m glad I didn’t reply to that one, I’ve gone down the wrong path”.

    DA, in particular, can go for the more obscure indicators.

  29. I was SO wanting 19d to be “tequila”. “Quite different” is a nice red herring. I still don’t have it.

  30. Robskee,
    You are SO close. Think about a word for “different” and a brand of cough drop.

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