DA for the 8th of November, 2019

Get your DA report on for this week’s DA.

5 thoughts on “DA for the 8th of November, 2019

  1. Here’s my take on this week’s 22A.
    There is no definition as it is a themed clue (and falls into the category of reds under the bed).
    “Cryptic way to see” means that the answer reads as a cryptic indication (wordplay). The way to get from “cut” to “trout” is to have ‘C as TRO’. It also works the other way (getting from “trout” to “cut”).

  2. Warning, spoiler: explicit parsing for Celia for 22A as requested.

    I agree with Anthony and Tim C on the parsing. In order for the word TROUT to become the word CUT, one would have to put C in place of TRO. C as TRO. The early part of the clue alludes to this kind of trick being occasionally seen in cryptic clues.

    I agree with Tim C that it’s very clever, though I wonder the last two words of the clue might have been better in reverse order.

  3. 6D. The solution does not match the clue. The answer is what you do to a measuring instrument to get it to work, not the measuring. I call a slight DA BS.

  4. ML is correct in the scientific method definition however the wordplay is precise and I think you can cut DA a bit of slack

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