DA Confusion for the 8th of November, 2019

Get your confusions sorted out for this week’s thematic DA.

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  1. I thought the theme was very obvious, thus making it a relatively quick solve.
    FOI 5d, 9a, 10a.
    Good luck.

  2. I suppose the fact that ALL the acrosses are ALL red is meaningful but it’s a visual disaster for me. Reds cannot be read. I hate to think how colour blind people are going to deal with this … ditto downloaders who don’t have a colour printer. The answers would be hard to read even were I to attempt them. But I won’t.

    PS – How does one get a copy of DA in China? … the SMH website is embargoed.

  3. All done. Theme was obvious but interesting variations.
    FOI 10a
    LOI 24a

  4. Alright I now see the theme and yes, it will be easy-peasy…. but I still cannot see my answers when I write them down unless I scan the print copy and photoshop it to eliminate the red.

  5. ShatteRED! I only have 9A and possibly one other. I’m getting denser as I get older.

  6. Had some parsing problems (8A letters 1-3?) but yes, the theme made it fairly easy, once I realised there were three different meanings of ‘red’ involved. Homophone in 22D fairly dodgy.

    FOI 24D, LOI 17A.

  7. Geoff Lambert,
    I use The Age app on my iPad and there is no colour to it, just standard grid. This may have diluted the clue effect as it just became straight forward being told the theme. If you are printing can you select grey rather than colour? I’m not sure how dark the red comes out in grey scale. You also might be able to adjust the density of the print out to lighten it a bit. Hope I’ve helped, have fun. For China investigate VPNs that might tunnel you through.

  8. Favourite DA in a long time…. all out, although would appreciate help in parsing 22A.

  9. FOI 24D, 21D then 23A which gave me the (fairly obvious) theme. LOI 8A as I hadn’t heard of it (surprisingly). Favourite was 26A.

    Will have to wait for this evening to sample some of the across clues, 7D.

  10. 22A, Truly inadequate gives 1-3, number left out gives 4-9 Smactuary.

  11. AndrewT
    for 8A, 1-3, think of bird.
    I agree with your assessment of 22d. I had a wrong letter in the last section to start with.

    10a is absolutely straight forward for the theme.
    For some of the others – sit down, pour yourself a drink and I’m sure a bunch of answers will come to you. You also might want to look under the bed for some of the other answers.

  12. Sorry, it’s hard reading the numbers with the red grid. It took a long while for the penny to drop for me with 22A. Way doesn’t give 3-4. Look at the words “trout cut”. The answer is a cryptic was of expressing a way of getting one word from the other. A very clever clue.

  13. Is 22A in the same red bag as 11, 17 & 26? Can’t parse my tentative answer. Also stuck on 24A & 18D, any non-spoiler hints?

  14. > Is 22A in the same red bag as 11, 17 & 26? Can’t parse my tentative answer.

    Yes. “See” gives letter 1, “way to” letters 2-3, “trout cut” letters 4-6

    24A: same theme bag again. “Thornbill” gives letters 1-3, “heading for orchard” letter 4.

    18D: def is first word of clue. “Happening” clues first word of answer, before “profit” cluing the second word of it.

  15. Yes it is Celia.
    24A is in the same group as 22A. Think of alternative names for 1-3.
    18D is double definition(s).

  16. Celia, yes re 22A (and 24A)
    18D first word is def.

    Hope that helps without giving too much away

  17. Thanks Andrew T, but did you really think they were the requested “non-spoiler hints”? Please, I can think for myself if gently nudged in the right direction.

  18. Margaret: thanks, I’d never come across that word before, despite it seeming like a crossie natural!

  19. Tim C, I think you use the phrase “cryptic way to see” to give you letters 1+2-3 in 22A.

  20. Thanks to all for the assistance in my last three unsolved: Tim C, Smactuary, & AndrewT (don’t fret over my earlier comment, I appreciated your contribution anyway!)

    btw I concentrated on the reds first before tackling the defined cryptics, so first three out were 9A, 10A & 23A, then for what it’s worth, 11A’s first two letters were a gift!!! Oh, and 1A letters 1-3 I learnt from an Ivor Cutler record, “I bled his ×××” was the quote, possibly something on the album Velvet Donkey, an early release on the then-fledgling Virgin label!

    Happy solving everybody!

    Happy solving everybody

  21. I might not be the sharpest coconut in the attic, but I always thought that the first word of 13d had an S on the end….have I been stating it incorrectly all this time?

  22. Yes, Celia. “Cryptic way to see” should be considered as a single phrase, which I hope I suggested in my 9:44 am post.

    Kenneth, Chambers has the S and doesn’t list a version without the S. I suspect that the version without the S is an American spelling, as they also drop the S in ‘maths’.

  23. Kenneth & Tim C. re 13D

    Apparently US origin, FDR political era, or earlier, later pluralised by the Brits. So singular most common in US & plural most common in English speaking nations excluding US.

  24. I’m not sure the explanation above for 22ac is what’s intended. The whole answer is meant to reflect a cryptic instruction to transform ‘trout’. Certainly letter 1 is not intended as a homophone.

  25. Anthony, could you please post a full explanation and parse of 22A in the other posting space, please? I don’t understand what you are getting at

  26. I’ve posted my take on 22A in DA reports Celia. Spoiler alert, the answer is in there.

  27. Celia, Anthony and Tim C may be off air now. I’ve posted in the general comments thread (I think that’s what you meant) an explicit parsing as I (along with them) see it.

  28. From Celia:

    “Thanks Andrew T, but did you really think they were the requested “non-spoiler hints”? Please, I can think for myself if gently nudged in the right direction.”

    As Oscar Wilde said ” Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit”.

    Celia, just be grateful that someone is trying to help you. You are not a really nice person and we understand your mental problems but don’t attack someone who is trying to help you.

    With love from a friend.

  29. Peter, I wasn’t being sarcastic, I requested gentle hints without spoilers. If you’d read further on, I thanked people who’d rendered assistance, including Andrew T.

    And you’re no friend of mine, so don’t sign a message as if you are. Take your trolling elsewhere!

  30. Half done, with help from you all and a drink after a lengthy break, thanks for the suggestion Margaret.
    Any hints on 13d, 23a and 15a would be a great help with the rest, which all seems to be the lower left.

  31. Paul, 13D anagram, defn 1st two words. Singular form of phrase usually plural
    23D “truly inadequate” 1-3, balance of clue for the rest. A colour!
    15A a rare parrot (at least in name) 1-3, but your cross letters and “against” for the rest should see you home (hint’: popular Italian beve)

  32. Can someone please tell me what’s happened to DEEF in the Australian Crossword Club. I always appreciated the answers given explaining DA’s answers ? I think his name was Afriza ? Thanks

  33. Marie-Paulette, I too was saddened by the passing of DEEF. However, Zinzan (one of the regular DEEF posters) still posts daily breakdowns of the ex-Fairfax cryptics over here:


  34. Jillian,
    Bill = 1-3, (think bird)
    Stopping life science early = 4-8.
    Answer = red wine

  35. Thanks Margaret. Its the bird 1-3 that has us stumped and not a red wine we know that ends in the shortened life science…have all the down letters and still no idea …

  36. Jillian, spoiler word
    Neb is another name for a birds bill or beak. You will find it in dictionary.com.

  37. Got it only after cheating horribly…and neither the bill or the wine is anything I’d heard of. Hmmm.

  38. The wine isn’t that well known out here, so not surprised you didn’t know it. The bird bill was very obscure, particularly in the way DA used it. I did have the word squirrelled away, but without knowing the wine I probably wouldn’t have recalled it. This was really a case of loading two obscure things in one clue, so “checking” isn’t really cheating :).

  39. Paul, I had a different take on 15a. I think letters 1-3 are a homophone (parrot) for ‘leading’, with letters 4-7 clued by ‘against’.

  40. David S, though I think you may be right I don’t know and can’t find any relation between the word and meaning as you suggest.

  41. Paul,
    2-5 are “bank order perhaps wanting taps”. So add “taps” to 2-5 to create a bank order.

  42. Thank you Margaret I just can’t see how the missing letters relate to taps?!

  43. Can someone please explain the “Democrat” in 20a?
    It seems like a fairly obvious mistake to me unless I’m missing something?

  44. Dave, “Senator Kamala Harris (D) of California”

    David S and Paul: I’m with David S. 1-3 is a homophonic synonym for ‘leading’. sort of like quay and key

  45. Haven’t got the lot out yet, but getting there. My only disappointment is that a certain former ABC Melbourne breakfast presenter was not one of the Red clues.

  46. Thanks Robskee.
    My answer must have been incorrect. Coincidentally it also fitted the theme perfectly but used Reagan (R) instead of Harris (D) hence my utter confusion

  47. Dave et al
    My take on 20A follows
    Explosive = grenade
    Substitute ch (church) for d in grenade gives wine,
    I’m still trying to get 1d, I’ve got cross letters and 7 thanks to Margaret but can’t decide if first or last word of clue is the definition ( a common problem for me with DA) !

  48. The penny just dropped after looking again at Margaret’s post all done first word is defn
    Thanks everyone did your insights

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