DA Confusion for the 25th of October, 2019

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s fun DA times.

46 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 25th of October, 2019

  1. Off to a flier this morning, 1a, 6a, 7d, 20a, 4a and 6d worked out very quickly. Then back to normal ‘DA’ speed.
    I liked 25a and 28a.
    All done, still need to work out the wordplay for 16a and 22a.
    Good luck.

  2. Nice one today. First one in 4d. Easy starters 6d, 18d, 1a, 15a, 20a. Favourites 1d, 9a, 21d. Haven’t figured out the wordplay for 16a, or the first half of 29a — but I expect they’ll hit me at any moment.

  3. I think I have an idea on 16a.
    Dope = 1-3
    Risk = 4-6, 11
    Hardly worth = 7-10 which is hiding.

  4. GeoffM,
    the first half of 29a relies on ‘State’ being a verb, which applies to the rest of the wordplay.

  5. Think I understand most now. Penny dropped on 1d, I quite like that one. Still not entirely happy with my 8d and 27d reasoning.

  6. All out. FOI 10A. LOI 24D as it’s not in Chambers but you’ll find it online.
    It took me ages to get the wordplay for 16A, but Margaret is correct. 27 down ‘working’ is 2,3 and ‘current’ is 1. I also struggled with 8D but I think ‘upright’ is 4.
    1D was clever. Not a bad day for this 18D solver.

  7. Thanks Tim C. I think we are on the same wavelength for 27d and 8d. Not entirely happy with either of them though.

    my FOI was 15a and LOI 22a.

    I think a lot of us are 18d. Sometimes I get a bit 17a doing DAs but today wasn’t too bad.

  8. Thank you, Margaret, for shining a light on 16a. Your mind appears to be as twisted as Mr Astle’s — which, of course, I mean in the nicest possible way!

    Still scratching my head over 29a, despite your help, Neanderthal. Am I correct to assume that “state” is a homophone indicator? If so, that must be a synonym for “badgered” that I’m not familiar with.

  9. Geoff M,
    Yeah, 16a was like one of those puzzles where you have to unfocus your eyes until the picture jumps out at you.
    For 29a – Think of horses. Although it was the second bit that had me scratching my head for a little while.

  10. Help with 1d needed. I have the answer. I know that the first word is the definition. It’s the rest that I need.

  11. I have not previously encountered the use of “upright” to clue the one letter in 8D and 27D.

  12. Forget my inclusion of 27D. The current referred to in this one relates to Ohm’s Law.

  13. I agree that ‘upright’ is dodgy in 8D, Jack, but I can’t think of anything better. One of the dictionary definitions for the letter is ‘anything shaped like the letter’.

    The same letter in 27D is the physics symbol for ‘current’.

  14. The “upright” in 8d reminded me of Sir Humphrey Appleby’s “perpendicular pronoun”.

  15. @Geoff M. :-) Hadn’t heard that about the perpendicular pronoun. My favourites the same as yours, 1d, 9a and 21 ( which I had to look up).
    @ Jack. The upright is a fairly common tool in the setter’s box of tricks.

    Got held up for ages having the wrong spelling for the second half of 22 across, with 14 down then being last one in.
    Also fell for the misdirection of the Deadly novelist. :-(
    Quibbles with both homophones today, in their latter parts, but that’s not unusual with DA.

  16. Melanie,
    It does start with a P and part of the clue acts as double duty.

  17. As it’s late in the day, can someone please give a heavy clue for 24D? I have no idea.

  18. AG, if you have 15a, just say it after the indefinite article. It must be an obscure word — it’s not in the dictionaries I checked, and when I googled it all I got was a big company in Utah!

  19. I originally had 24D with the third letter as ‘I’ and thought it was a bad homophone. But then I found the correct answer. As I said at 10:51 “it’s not in Chambers but you’ll find it online”. I believe that it should have a hyphen according to The Oxford, although I haven’t checked that.
    Yes AG, it is a-*** as in “at ***”

  20. I found a definition at vocabulary.com. I, assume, it is a neglected pair to ashore. The “a” indicates “toward” or “on”; according to what I’ve uncovered.

    There is also a bit on it in the word detective site.

  21. Where is Celia? I miss her contributions – comments? I enjoyed today’s xword.

  22. Still going with four left. Trying not to do any ‘learning’ as I like to call it, though had to look up the two French fellows.
    14d is giving me a hard time, as is 11a, 29a and 21d.
    All said enjoyed the challenge so far, and your insights prevent total failure.

  23. Paul,
    Hang in there. I, generally, find when I step away and come back later the answers tend to jump out. 21d I hadn’t heard of but deduced from the clue then looked up to confirm.

    Give us a yell if you want any hints.

  24. @Paul: definition is first word of clue. Zip gives you the first letter. See how you go from there.

    Also had trouble with 29a (hints in this forum helped me eventually) – there are two homophones.

    And I can’t get 11a or 21d either!

    And while I’ve got 18d, I don’t understand the wordplay.

  25. Victor, in 18d, the metalworker is letters 1 to 5, or more precisely 0 to 5!

    11a, the last word is the definition. 21d the definition is the last two words.

  26. Thank you Margaret and Victor, getting a mountain helped with 14d. Have stepped away for the last 3 but just not sure enough about what I have to put it down…
    Also troubled by 5d, have answer but can’t work out what boring minute is about?

  27. Paul, “boring” is an inclusion indicator. Pronounce “minute” as “my newt” then look for a three-letter synonym at 1, 2, 10. It’s a very loose synonym, methinks.

  28. In 21d, think of “forward” as an adjective that can be applied to people.

    In 11 a, “it” letters 5,4 breaks “heart” 6,3,2,1.

    29a, “state” is a homophone indicator for two words, “badgered” and “change”.

  29. That helped, have 21d and 29a. 11a I think I’m a vintage slightly under one to associate the definition with the answer but that’s part of the fun!

  30. Like Paul I’ve stepped away since breakfast with to go
    Got 5D and 7D stumped on11A and 14D where I can see first word is the definition but can’t think of an expression with the cross letters for the 3rd word
    I thought zip talk might give 5,6
    With 11A not sure if blue is a colour or mood
    Any hints appreciated

  31. Just discovered I had misspelt latter half of 22A back to the drawing board for 14 D

  32. IanS, I am no expert unlike some others here but here goes:
    11a it’s neither but a type of movie?
    14d split zip and talk

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