DA Confusion for the 18th of October, 2019

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA. Do it. Deconfusify.

30 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 18th of October, 2019

  1. When I accidently got the idea of the starred clues, the puzzle was solved quickly.
    Easy starts were 12a, 13a, 23d, 5d and 14d.
    9d was the key for me, having a degree in this subject matter helped!
    I liked 20a, but had to look up 15d.
    Good luck.

  2. 5D FOI, total of seven so far. Geography gave me 21D, which helped with 10A. Baffled by 6D, for which i have letters 3,5,7. But not a clue what theme may be, yet.

  3. All out.
    FOI – 13a
    LOI – 27a.

    1a and 22a are probably the best two to get into the theme. I hadn’t heard of 6d. I would leave this until you have the theme.

    I wouldn’t worry about 6d until you get the theme, it is obscure.

  4. Very clever. I had periodical difficulties until I got the theme with 6D. FOI 3D. Favourites 18A, 20A and 9D (which got me most of the themed clues).
    I think DA deserves a 23D for this one.

  5. An interesting twist today. Took me a while to work out what was going on. My first one in was 12a, can’t remember which was last. I endorse Andy’s “easy starts”.

  6. Thanks, Margaret (0810), I gave it away altogether after getting seven done.; May have a look again after my pool session this arvo. Too tough for me, t his one.

  7. Arthur. Maybe have a look at letters 5 and 7 of 6D and think which letters might go in between.

    Much was obscure for me, not only two of the starred clues but also the Aussie slang, eg in 25A, the advertiing slogan, the Finnish port….

    To get the Spoonerism adopt a strong Australian accent with dipthongs where there should be pure vowels.

  8. AHA! Suddenly saw 2D, which tells me my previous guess at 6D is correct, and the theme is clear. Could say everything is now tabled!

  9. Interestingly, an additional theme member can be found in the quick crossword. Like AndyW, I have a degree in the subject matter, so this crossword is especially pleasing. I particularly like 20A.

  10. Congrats Arthur C. In the, apocryphal, words of Sherlock Holmes, “elementary, my dear Watson”.

    Still tossing up in my mind the word play for 1d. Working on the basis of a letter replacement

  11. Nice to find the Herald in Maleny on holiday. Pleasant late morning.

    Margaret, 1D LOI for me. I happen to be watching Astros Yankees which helped with wordplay.

  12. All done, with a bit of a struggle, but I’m puzzled about 4a. In my answer, the second starred answer has one letter too many.

  13. Alex K.
    Thanks. I prefer American football.

    I too have a degree in the theme. 6d will become my new “Pointless” option.

  14. 9d was the lightbulb moment. Tks AndyW and TimC.

    For 1d Margaret I have definition as 1st word, a not common noun derived from a well known verb. Letters 2-4 are between letters for a “long run”

  15. Xmgjim,
    I agree with definition as 1st word. Sorry to be obtuse here. Are you indicating that 1,5 are the letters for “long run”? If so, I’ve never heard of it and Google is not really enlightening me, although I had thought of that as an option. Thanks.

  16. Mary,
    Each of the associated starred answers should provide two letters giving the whole word.

  17. Pretty easy once the theme is found (it was 6D that led me to it).
    Like Margaret, I still can’t fully parse 1D. If there were some way of equating letter 1 to “long” … although even then the “divided” seems oddly placed.

  18. Margaret, that’s what I thought, but I can’t then make a word that fits the definition (I assume ‘drive’?)

  19. Oh, hang on, I can now! (I was thinking of drive as in hunting, specifically hares.)

  20. Margaret, AG, that’s right, 1, 5 are letters for a long run. Not American football, but in the ballpark … I think divided is unnecessary, except for the surface sense.

  21. Alex K,
    Thanks. Penny drops. I had the right idea but just didn’t twig on 1,5. Especially as replacing the middle letter gives the same “word”. Arghhhh.

  22. Late I know but I take letters 1-5 as a time. Half a marathon at world record time, therefore a long run.

    Too much of a stretch?

  23. Xmgjim,
    I think Alex K might be onto something with his explanation. It is a tad neater and I did find a website where 1,5 was an abbreviation for a baseball “long run”. However, as often the case, we have to interpret DA’s intentions the best we can :).

  24. In the Spoonerism, what on earth is the ‘bo’ ??? Other than that , an 18a effort on Da’s part .

  25. Thing is, I thought a colt was a weapon, cos I put in c ult for letters 1, 456, as the sect . That was my prob . Thanks Margaret.

  26. I don’t tend to post here, but come for assistance or follow up info at times. Often find that the one clue I’m troubled by seems to be no trouble for others as no related posts. Today, I gave up on 11a and looked up answer. I don’t get it. Anyone parse it for me (if anyone still around)?

  27. Doctoraitch, glad to oblige …

    “Essential minerals” are the two central letters of “minerals”, namely “e” & “r”.
    “Behind” related to letters 3, 5, 6 of the answer. “One resident” to letter 4.

  28. I know I’m 6 months late to the party and probably no one will read this, but should anyone else come later to the party than me, I think there’s a slight nuance and slightly better way of looking at the problematic 1D. The hint to American sport was helpful but I don’t think it involved an abbreviation for the letters 1,5. Instead I think the crucial middle letter is literally divided (think lower case) to get to the answer. This gives a good justification for both the word ‘divided’ and the question mark at the end.

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