DA Confusion for the 11th of October, 2019

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

22 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 11th of October, 2019

  1. Completed it quickly today. The RHS fell out very quick. FOI 11a, 10/27a, 19/13a, 8d, 7d. LOI 4d.
    Good luck.

  2. About half done, mainly RHS, not sure if I have analysed 21D correctly. Kids toy? But then, no idea how my 20A fits clue?

  3. Bang on my usual time today, nicely challenging without being too obtuse. FOI 25D, LOI 6D.

    Good starters might be 15A, 29/13A, 23A, 12A.

    ArthurC: 21D – def is first two words of clue. Last word of clue gives letters 1-3, “reduced” in a punny way that letters 4-7 suggest.

  4. All out but struggling with the wordplay for 28A??

    FOI=18A, LOI=28A

    Enjoyed it today. 14A was great!

  5. Satisfying, and about average DA difficulty today. The right half fell into place more readily. My first one in was 5a. Not sure of 6d, and I’m struggling with the wordplay in 19d/2d. Easy starters 11a, 23a, 15a. If I were to be pedantic, I’d say that the answer to 11a shouldn’t have the first (3-letter) word, and I reckon the answer to 4d should be 3-7 (the first two words in the clue could do with a hyphen, too). Favourites today 7d, 18a, 20a.

  6. Peter for 28a the first word is the def. without being to obvious think SS

  7. FOI 8D. LOI 9D which is a favourite (download :) ). Fairly straightforward today I found.
    GeoffM, 19D/2D, love popular term gives 11-4 and career gives 1,2,3,12.
    All in all it wasn’t really a 19D/2D.

  8. Arthur – if you’re still trying to parse 20A, the drug in question isn’t the usual single letter abbreviation but a 3 letter term. Definition is the last word.

  9. Thank you, Tim & Smactuary. Actually, in 6d, isn’t “game” the definition? I was thinking of rivals in bridge — it’s quite a clever clue.

    Stuartr, my parsing of 20d — which I think is right — involves a three-letter drug, surrounded by a 5-letter synonym for “macho” that’s lost a parent.

  10. To the admins – this site seems to have been infected by malware, and I’m getting a lot of ads and redirects when clicking around the site.

    Just FYI. Good luck.

  11. AG – 22a : def 1st word. Mist in Hackney gives letters 1, 2 and 5. Upper eaves gives letters 3&4.
    25d: definition 1st word, wordplay is word for danger with final letter lifted.

  12. Sort of getting the hang of DA, so many ways to parse and lots of curve balls to dodge.
    Missing 28a and 25d even after all the clues already given. Any additional help appreciated.

  13. Paul, for 25d, use a four-letter word for “danger” and lift its final letter to the top to get a word for “knife”.

    For 28a, think of the front of a ship and feminise it. Apparently the first word is the definition, rather obscure.

  14. Hi Paul
    In my early DA daze much of the fun was working out the parsing with the solution in front of me. Any how 24D is a south-east Asian, especially Indonesian, dagger.
    Google woould help with that and therefore also 28A that had me stumped until I looked up ‘Chops slang’ Even then you have to know where figureheads are found (on sailing ships) and that;s not the bow.

  15. Re the malware, I’ve found it works better if not perfectly – ie I am not redirected to various other sites – if I do NOT click either ‘allow’ OR ‘block’ in the pop-up message that ‘datrippers.com wants to show notifications’.

    Tedious, isn’t it!

    I also use the arrow keys to scroll up or down, as when I tough the screen, it sometimes triggers the opening of a new tab for said rubbish. You can tell I’m learning by accident what to do.

  16. Thank you GeoffM an Mike! One really needs to become a DA whisperer (read slightly mad)

  17. Mike, if you’re still here, the figurehead is found on the prow. I still feel that the clue is taking a bit of licence, even for DA!

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