DA Confusion for the 4th of October, 2019

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

30 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 4th of October, 2019

  1. Quiet this morning.
    All done, need explanation for 8d and 15d though.
    FOI 11a, 5d, 17d.
    Lots of hard work this morning good luck solving.

  2. All out as well. Also, Still thinking about those two. Half a thought that general might be Lee?

    FOI 10a. LOI 23d

    Not too bad this week.

    I’m still seeing the redirects maybe people are getting tired of them.

  3. I think I might have 15d.

    Parade vehicle not commencing 1,2 and 8,9. Clearing is 3-7.

  4. About average time today … although I think I need to review what I think my average is these days!

    FOI 11A, LOI 16A – I thought the def was a little off on that one?

    No parse on 8D either for me; Lee was my first thought too but can’t make the rest work.

  5. First one in today 11a. A fairly standard puzzle with no particular favourites. I don’t get 22a, 4d, 5d, 6d or 8d.

  6. Geoff M:
    22a: ‘buck’s mate’ is the first word; ‘on’ is the second
    4d: ‘queen ignored sailor’ is (with confusing word order) 3-7; ‘a little’ is 1,2,8
    5d: the elements are nitrogen and potassium
    6d: I wasn’t very familiar with the definition, but I think the wordplay is ‘equals’ 1-4, ‘left to observe’ 5, ‘sort of light’ 6-9

  7. It’s the definition in 5d I’m struggling with. And in 6d, why is letter 5 “left to observe”. The leftmost letter? Crikey!

  8. Whoops, sorry, didn’t see the replies before posting that! (It’ll probably happen again given how slow I am to type these, but I’ll stop now to avoid flooding the page.) Thanks Margaret and Geoff M, and sorry to repeat your explanation DG.

  9. Geoff M – 5D – defn = “crunches”.
    As per Matt for the rest – and “Soaring skywards” is a reverse indicator.

  10. Fairly straightforward today. FOI 5d. LOI 4d (got stuck on the wordplay for a while). Favourite 1A as I haven’t heard that for quite a while. Time for a 2D yet?

  11. Matt,
    If you have typed up your response already it is good to post your replies, even if others already have, as yours might be slightly different, and perhaps, more correct. :) your explanations are clear and well thought out. Thanks.

  12. the wordplay on 23d and 25a is leaving us completely stumped.

    23d – “connections” makes sense as definition, but otherwise no clue

    25d – no clue at all! not even a little bit!

    Can anyone save our poor, pre-long-weekend Friday brains?

  13. 23d: def is indeed connections (although IMO fairly iffy). “Missing” clues letters 1,2, “Almost Bureau” letters 3-5.

    25a: the ellipsis refers to the last word of the previous clue, which is the def. “Drops” clues letters 2-5, behind “detective” that clues letter 1.

  14. Boonta,
    you’re almost right in your comment ! 25a is no clue at all because the little bit missing is the definition. As AndrewT says, it’s in another clue.
    I reckon that’s pretty poor form and you can be forgiven for missing it.

  15. Neanderthal.
    Using the ellipsis to join clues is reasonably common. The trick is understanding what it means and remembering it. :). A did a “what, oh yeah” moment on this one. What annoys me is I got this but missed the similar order change clue in 8d. I did like 23d once I got it.

  16. Margaret,
    I know the ellipsis idea is pretty common but the detached definition is decidedly uncommon. Especially when that definition word is also in use for another purpose in the previous clue, ‘double-duty’ as it were.
    I know DA asks for, and is given, a lot of latitude but he has to remain fair to solvers.

  17. The 10A wordplay is eluding me. What is the ‘short play’? Is 2-4 the ‘cell hostage’?!

    In 2D I’m thinking ‘drink’ gives 1-8 and ‘shop’ is 9-12 but how do the pies help with the rest?

    All help appreciated!

  18. Robin H
    Suit part = answer
    Short play, playing 1-3
    Cell hostage 4,5.

    Drink = answer
    It is an anagram of seniors and pies with a type of shop imbedded in it.

  19. Don’t know why but only missing 12a, thanks for all the help!
    PS word play on 4d still eludes me even after explanation by Matt, esp 3-7.
    And 15d ‘clearing’ for 3-7 is a head scratcher. Any help appreciated.

  20. Paul, in 12a the definition is the final word. “Articulate” is a homophone indicator. For the wordplay, the answer splits into 3-4.

    For 15d, think of “clearing” as “approving”.

  21. Hi Paul

    4d: letters 1,2 and 8 = word for “a little”; 3-7: think of a 7 letter word for sailor and take away letters for the Queen at the end. Def is fruit.

    12a: def is last word. Last 4 letters = grind

    15d: look at the word made by 3,4 then make it a verb = clearing

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