DA Confusion for the 27th of September, 2019

Confused by the Marlion Pickett selection for the Tigers this weekend? No worries — Pickett has been the best performed player in the VFL for the past month, so his selection is justly deserved… and it’ll send the Giants brains trust into a tailspin, suddenly having to think about a player they hadn’t considered before.

Confused about the DA? Well, please, here’s where to help yourselves out.

21 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 27th of September, 2019

  1. Done, but do not get wordplay for 11A/1A (seem to have to much) nor 23D.
    Any help appreciated.

    Happy solving all.

  2. Hi Ray,
    For 23d, the indicator is a 4 letter word without the start, you should get it from there.
    As for 11a/1a, agree with you, have too much.

  3. Thinking aloud here, maybe 11a/1a, the first word (6) comes from one thanks another, i.e. replace the ‘t’ with ‘e’?

  4. Fourteen in so far, nearly all on RHS, 5D of course FOI. Bothered by 25A, nothing sensible seems to fit with the letters I have at 7, 9-10-11.

  5. Andy and Ray 11A and 1 A – two wordplay clues. Separate “tired snort” from “one thanks”

  6. After 10 minutes I had 1 or 2 answers only, very slow this morning it seems. Took around double my usual time, the SE corner very resistant.

    FOI 5D, LOI 27A.

    ArthurC 25A: def is first two words of clue. The answer is probably not in your dictionary but if you drop the last 3 letters it is and I’m pretty sure you’ll know that word as it’s from your time.

  7. Fairly straightforward today although I struggled with the SE corner a bit. FOI 1D. LOI 23D. Favourite has to be 11A/1A for the double wordplay.

  8. Thanks, Andrew T (0952), nothing immediately comes to mind, will ponder that.

  9. Probably an average DA today, both in terms of difficulty and pleasure. My first one in was 15a, last 29a. It took me a while to realise that Moorooduc is not the answer to 22a! 11a/1a is clever. Easy starters: 5d, 24d, 12a.

  10. Arthur C, re 25A
    The term has been around since the 60s, apparently, but it comes from a play about psychological manipulation which was made into a famous 1944 movie.

  11. Enjoyabble level of difficulty today so I can’t get the wordplay for the last three letters of 22A.
    Help please.

  12. Is the definition of 22A the first word?

    Also, 17D doesn’t seem very cryptic to me…

  13. Jack Thanks re 22A but I have no idea how that word relates to bore, whether as noun or verb. Slang?

  14. Ta Jack and AG Mental block as I can’t remember using oreven reading ‘bore’ in that context, but have used letters 8,7,6 of 22A

  15. All done after a late start
    FOI 26D LOI 10A
    Liked 3D especially as DA is a Melbournian and AFL grand final weekend !

  16. As an on-and-off DA attempter, I’d like to say how useful Geoff M’s comment with some easy starting clues was. I’m not necessarily after specific hints, but an idea where to get a foothold on the grid is very welcome indeed.

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