DA Confusion for the 6th of September, 2019

Get your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

29 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 6th of September, 2019

  1. Good morning,
    A good typical DA today.
    FOIs 9a, 3d, 13a, 14d, all good easy starters. LOI 13d.

    Good solving.

  2. NE corner an absolute gift this morning, now have top half less 4D, 15A, but not understanding 1A, if I have right answer.

  3. Arthur C. re 1A, the risk at 1-3 should confirm whether your answer is correct.

    15A the “country club” is an international association at 1-2

  4. Thanks, Celia, yes,had seen the 1A item. Re 15A, had letters 1,2, 5. 3,4 still missing.

  5. Arthur C – 15A – as Celia says for 1,2. 3,4,5 come from “regulars in Sweden”

  6. Okay, all out, but 9A, 17A & 26A wordplays not totally understood
    L3O 13D (wordplay sucks, David!!!), 17A, 26A.

    Too early yet to spoil!!!

  7. Celia
    9A – synonyms of “on” and “bias”.
    17A – what “can” could mean in America (6 letters) – “laid-back” and “lose face”
    26A – yeah – I think “bowls” gives a 6 letter word, with “I” removed to give 3,4,5,6,7.

  8. About average time for me, NE half done fairly quickly but struggled through the SW.

    FOI 3D, LOI 25D. Good starters included 7D, 8D, 13A, 24A, 27A.

  9. All out. Would appreciate any help parsing 13d. I think last two words are the definition..

  10. Smactuary – 13D. As I read, “MP’s back” = 1. “an alien” = 2 and 3 to 9 – with one letter shifted ie: “decline in torment, finally!”.

    And I am with Celia, wordplay not great.

  11. Thanks Ray.

    DA seems to use this trick a lot recently and I think there’s always commentary on here about the wordplay.
    I did get it in the other clue it was used in today.

  12. Pretty straightforward today. FOI 3D and the NW corner came relatively easily. LOI 17A (with the rather obscure American can). 18D (and 1D) made me nostalgic for my youth. Unlike others, I didn’t find 13D that bad – 6D/11A).

  13. 1D must be a character with whom I am unfamiliar.

    28A is a pathetic clue.

    Methinks DA has used 20D previously.

  14. Jack, 1D’s first name was Marc. Another late rock star, outliving the 27 Club by a couple of years, dying in a car crash in 1977. Also in one-hit-wonders, John’s Children, their hit “Desdemona”. When his acid folk duo was called Tyrannosaurus Rex, the other member was Steve Took. Cheers. Are you sure you’ve never heard of him?

  15. Thanks Celia. I have not heard of him. Music and pop stars are always my Achilles heel.

  16. Ray (0814) thank you for that, only stupidity prevented me seeing that in 15A.

  17. Staying up all night watching the cricket isn’t stupidity, Arthur …

  18. Happy enough today, decent DA, agree that 13D and 28A were pretty ordinary in different ways.

    Can someone parse 23D for me, please?

  19. Jack, re 23D defn bones, turn @ 1, the alley post modification at 2, 4, 3, 5. (the “car’s occupant” having been moved south ) from 3 to 4.

  20. The r bracket in comment above should have been after “4.” Spam hijack problems again …

  21. All out. As usual got stuck on about three left to go. Not too bad, apart from those.

  22. 25D. Is the first word of the clue the definition? If so please help with the wordplay.

  23. Mike, yes, a verb in this instance, but can also be a noun … “bandages” is a container indicator, “cut” is 1, 3-5, with “penny” at 2. Cheers!

  24. Ta muchly Celia.
    I must practice my German grammar with the vowel at the end put.

  25. Just to let you know there are mere mortals out there who take several hours to solve DA with a great sense of satisfaction.

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