DA Confusion for the 30th of August, 2019

Get your confusions sorted out for this week’s last winter DA for 2019.

41 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 30th of August, 2019

  1. A quick solve today, with the help from online searches. A bit unsatisfying today.
    FOI 1d, 9a. LOI 17a

  2. You guys are amazing; I’m lost with these OH! Just as I was about to type what these numbers look like to me I realised that’s exactly what they were! :-D

  3. Latest news: Australia Post has just reported an unexplained spike in web traffic.

  4. Yeah, pretty fast today although got stuck a bit in the SE at the end.

    FOI 8A, LOI 18D.

    Good non-themed starters 10A, 6D, 25A, 24D.

    (could REALLY do without the ad spam on this page these days … especially when it blocks posting here)

  5. FOI 13A. LOI 24D. First themed one 27A at which point it became a lot easier. Is my memory playing tricks or ha DA used this theme before?

  6. Tim C, he’s used the trick before but not as a full-on theme as far as I recall. Just starting here – I’ve got two of the themed clues without using reference source, so I might try to do it all that way. Otherwise it doesn’t look terribly satisfying, as Andy noted.

  7. Hi, got all finished only cheating on three themed clues, and I’m glad that some place names originated from “the old country” e.g. 16D.

    Non themed clues 22A & 19D, fine with the definitions but parsing eludes (whoops, just “got” the homophone for 22A). Any help parsing 19D welcome. Oh, 10A parse not understood, either.

    FOO 9A, LOO 19D.

    Fave clue … no standouts, was fooled briefly by 17A & also 22D, but no sparkle otherwise.

  8. Hi Celia,

    Base gives a 7 letter word from which nada is removed for 1-6
    Gang leader gives 7

  9. Smactuary, oh, of course, thank you! Was thinking base in terms of common or of little value. At a handicap today, health not the best (the dreaded lurgi), and working the crossword on grid paper as my paper delivery missed.

  10. Aand rather proud to have finished without lookup. Though I did so afterward to parse the clue for 11A, which now that I have done so is my favourite clue.

  11. can anyone help us justify 23 across? completely stumped. Thinking “university” gives us 3 & 4 but that’s literally all we’ve got.

  12. I entered a comment around 10 am today and got a message that it was pending approval. The message hasn’t appeared. Have I been blacklisted?

  13. Jack, 22D definition is 1st two words. Lines @ 5,6, and a writer rejected precedes that @ 4,3,2,1.

  14. Surely its gotta be a trick?

    As soon as I fill it in, the paper will burst into flame, right?

    Perhaps there’s another DA who is filling in?

  15. I used to start the crosswords as I boarded the Manly Ferry. My brother and I joked that if you DIDN’T get Thursday’s out by Bradley’s Head, there was something wrong and if you DID get Friday’s out by Bradley’s Head there was also something wrong.

    This smells like the latter to me

  16. Well the paper didn’t burst into flame.

    Must be in compensation for the recent DA that so many Trippers seemed to have chucked into the circular file???

  17. I still need help please with wordplay for 22A. Just not seeing the homophone yet…!

    6D How do we get 1-3 from ‘saw’? Definitely stuck on this one.

    Is anyone else not sure of 8A? I have 4, 5, 6 and 8 but the ‘loveless show, off’?

    Many thanks!

  18. RobinH,

    22A if you have to pay high interest rates, you suffer from … ??? (homophone is 4,3 format)

    6D a “saw” can be a proverb or saying, or a …

    8A drop the comma, the “loveless showoff” is at 1-2,7-8, sandwiching the cast “hurt” at 3-6.

  19. RobinH, It’s late so I think spoilers are allowed…

    22A, think “Bank Woe” as registered (homophone) “high interest, maybe.”

    6D, Chambers defines “mot” as a word; a pithy or witty saying, and “saw” as a saying; a proverb. It’s a bit of a long stretch IMO, but this is DA.

    8A, Loveless show is Boast without the ‘O’ which gives 1,2,7,8. “Off to enlist” means “include” (it’s DA, sigh), hurt cast (anagrind) is 3-6.

  20. Tim C, if “off” is coupled to “show” (the comma is a misdirection), then “enlist” makes perfect sense as an inclusion indicator. Cheers!

  21. TimC, “show, off” becomes “showoff” in order to get “boast” for your wordplay!

  22. Near enough is good enough for some people I suppose, Tim C, so think what you like!

  23. I gave up last night trying to paddle through the sea of redirects and pop-ups … but thank you Celia and Tim C for your enlightenment!

    I love the bank woe, I tried saying it every which way except that way I think.

    6D not DA’s finest…!

    8A all good thanks. I’d got hung up on the hurt being 4-6 and 8.

  24. I’d love to have been there when DA found the place called 11A 6-10…!

    Just one more please … another homophone issue … 14D letters 6-10. I have the answer but can’t get the ‘enclosure for ruling 4D’. Thanks…!

  25. RobinH, the “enclosure” is 1-5, 9-10. Check your dictionary for what’s enclosed, letters 6-8.

  26. Good fun this week, thanks DA. No need to Google even though I had not heard of some of the themed answers.

    Plenty to smile at like 9A 4D… as well as 6D….

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