DA Confusion for the 16th of August, 2019

Get all your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

58 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 16th of August, 2019

  1. I think some will like this one, but many probably won’t. To finish it I needed to do a bit of online research, as I didn’t know some of the starred clues.
    FOI 16d, 25a and 14d
    A clever idea but a bit of a struggle.
    Good solving.

  2. Agree with Andy W – and I was one that did not really enjoy this DA.
    Having said that, do think 28A is very clever.
    And still to get some of the second wordplays for the starred clues.

  3. After half an hour I only had three solved, so in light of the above comments, looks like today might be an outdoor pursuits kind of day? Or perhaps a Guardian cryptic. Last week’s was a pushover, today’s a disaster. I looked up a couple of clues (i.e. cheated), and found American characters, another reason to abandon this. Until next week …

    Good luck, everyone.

  4. All figured now.
    Hope not giving too much away, but as a help, the “starred” clues are dual identity fictional characters, with the wordplays giving each of the dual identities.

  5. Innocent abroad! Can somebody define ‘definition’ to me? Is it the word or words in the clue that is/are synonymous with the answer? I haven’t a clue really what the instruction means, but I do have four answers, 4&14D, 25&26A. That might be the end of my effort.

  6. Arthur Yes definition is the word that is synonymous with the answer.

  7. Arthur C – as example your 14D – Defn is “Push-up device” – so yes is synonymous with eth answer.
    The rest is the cryptic wordplay.
    Now for say 1D (a starred clue) there is NO defn and 2 wordplays ie:
    “Highway flag” and
    “threadlike, though I go missing”.

  8. Thank you SonOfBruze, that was my assumption. But, for example, 1A? Which word is the definition? I find it hard to decide.

  9. Arthur, in 1a, the first word is the definition. “Audited” is a homophone indicator.

  10. This looks hopeless to me. Don’t understand the second sentence of the instructions at all.
    By the way had trouble accessing the site again this morning.

  11. Thanks, Geoff M, that was the assumption I had made, haven’t found any more answers as yet, better to go and have my after-dinner nap.

  12. Geoff D – the two wordplays for the starred clues each describe the same entity, but under two different names. They don’t both clue the same word.

    The second sentence of the instructions is saying that you have to choose which name goes into the grid.

  13. All done after a not-so-heroic effort. Like others I found it a bit unsatisfying. A couple of words were a bit strained. Had to look up a couple of the themers.

    I’d be grateful for a parsing of 1D (words 3-7 of clue) and 6D (I see “shout” in it but nothing else.

    No site difficulties for me this week.

  14. AG:
    1D – “thread” = anagrind. Fodder = “like, though I go missing”.
    6D – 1,2,3,7 given by “each”. 8,9 given by “had dwindled”.

  15. Is there some reason that the starred clues do not have length (or number of words) indicators? That is doing my head in.

  16. Ruth Evatt – my only thought would be because it clues the 2 answers – even though only 1 goes in the grid. Does make it harder – and I agree, it is a bit off putting.

  17. Facing life-time ban.Found this largely impossible, sought answers via Google, couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the answers. Who are these people? I have no idea. Total waste of several hours.

  18. At it all day, discovering the names I never knew of characters many with whom I was otherwise familiar. Only one themed clue to go – 2D – plus three of its intersects 1A, 9A, & 18A. Any assistance very welcome!

    FOO 7D then 5D then 10A …

  19. Hi Celia

    2D: one of the few I got (Thanks, Ray – huge help). 1-5 cashier aloud; 6-9 a county. Alter ego is a fund (we all have them) and another word for staff.

    This clue explains, Ruth, why DA doesn’t give the number of letters for the starred clues: it’s part of the puzzle. You have to choose.

    Still plenty to do….

  20. Ah this site still has problems I think originating in WordPress

    Thanks xmgjim re 2D and kicking myself because I was looking for that one and couldn’t find it … d’oh, facepalm, icecream cone to forehead!

  21. Lulled into a false sense of security with last weeks less hard DA. Back to his old tricks this week. Only 1 answer thus far. Then again I have to work today as opposed to ‘wasting’ hours at the airport last week.

  22. A hint for latecomers, maybe … ?

    27A/19A possibly wears a 14D, but 12A surely does?

    Cheers all!

  23. This was far too much like hard work rather than fun solving. Got most of it now, but stuck with 18a and 18d. Good to see a First Nation inclusion in the theme.

  24. Hi Mary

    18D: First 3 are Get to (less time); last 4 another word for squat; last word defn,

    18A: old boarding school term, being confined to grounds.

    Hope this is ok at this hour

  25. Neither of the Dirty Apron duo enjoyed this one very much, thought it a bit contrived. And not familiar with most of the * mob. Missed that satisfying high 5 at the end

  26. He’s just a smug arse. Even in letters and numbers he was a smug arse

  27. Struggled with this one, as did others it seems. I worked out the theme after solving most of the down clues (FOI 7D). Had to resort to some extra clues from here in the end. Mind you, I was building a roof over my back deck today as well.

    LOI 11A. I was unfamiliar with the term and when I looked it up the first definition that came up was Crackhead.

    Favourite 14A (thanks for your post at 3:44 Celia :) )

  28. Tim C, I think you mean 14D, but I loved that though not a themed clue in itself, it went so well with the two female entries!

  29. Belated thanks to Ray for the explanations. “Thread” is one of DA’s more irritatingly inappropriate anagrinds.

  30. Good one today! Helped that I am a fan of the special clues. Ready for a super wknd now :)

  31. First time in years I have given up and looked at the answers. Too many convoluted clues for obscure characters!

  32. Having looked at the answers, I must agree with Arthur. This was a tiresome waste of time. Have only heard of three of the themed answers. Some of the non-themed clues were equally obscure (eg 18A and 18D)

  33. Anyone still reading this and able to help with 13a? We think we have all the intercepting down clues but still no wiser!

  34. Debbi, Indigenous Australian TV character, his 7D an anagram (“distributed”) of “tokens we”. His non-7 down component given by “chopper drops a” 1-6 + “maiden” 7 + “and clipped” 8-9 – you may need that to google to find the 7D.

  35. Loved this one. Always welcome the extracurricular challenge every few weeks. Only come to this site once fully completed and less than 4 wordplay questions. Great idea and theme even though I had to google a couple of alter egos who appeared via wordplay but hadn’t heard of. I’m with you Celia – knew the superhero but not their human persona.

  36. I’m still not 100% on 1D I’m afraid. I have the human wordplay but not the alter ego’s despite the help above.

    Also how do the first 4 words of 10A work please?

    Lastly please explain 29A…! I have the answer and googled the other name but have no wordplay explanation. Thank you!

  37. RobinH

    1D “thread” is an anagrind for “like though” after “i go” goes missing.
    9A “striking” gives the surname, but
    uncertain about “so-called aristocratic” – may involve a homophone somehow e.g “nee”.
    29A “somersault or” gives 1-2 “skip” gives 3-5; and his 7D is an anagram of “dying croaks”.
    Hope that helps!

    Can anyone sort out 10A’s 7D cluing?

  38. Many thanks for coming to the rescue, Celia!

    1D all good. I’d the wrong fodder and only removed the I.

    10A yes I had the surname too (striking) but was lost on the rest.

    29A, having my name (!), is now understood. I had the wrong version of the sidekick. JPT didn’t fit anything…!

  39. * General question – Does anyone inclined to help others check here later in the week following Fridays for folks like me who take their time with DA?
    * And specific help please!!…
    – 12A – Got answer but neither wordplay (I get only 7,8,9,10,11 of ‘7D’ answer)
    – 13A – Got all gettable letters but no answer (presumably an anagram of TOKENSWE; not in the fame echelon of 2D or 29A, I’m thinking! )
    – 22A – Got answer but not ‘other side’ wordplay (I get none of it)
    – 27A,19A – Got answer (though not familiar with it) but not ‘other side’ wordplay (eventually got ‘7D’ wordplay after being initially thrown by Google telling me 19A’s 6,7,8 was one of the MASCULINE Slavic parentage endings, not the (I presume actually correct?) FEMININE!)
    – 28A – Got answer (I think) but neither wordplay
    – 5D – Got all gettable letters and 5 matches in crosswordsolver with none relevant
    – 20D – Got all gettable letters and no matches in crosswordsolver
    – 21D – Got all gettable letters and no matches in crosswordsolver

    Finally, 18D: I know DA likes to educate and keep disappearing words alive but REALLY? Soooo esoteric…

  40. The man himself replied to my query about 10A’s 7D first name (clued “So-called aristocratic”) thus …

    From @MacqDictionary TONEY: adjective Colloquial of high class or pretending to it: *the furniture looked as if it had belonged to a toney homestead at one time. –HENRY LAWSON, 1901.

  41. johnno2 too many … please read through all prior comments, or use the “find on page” facility in your browser for individual clues. I doubt anyone could get through this puzzle unaided by Google.

    I dropped a hint for 12A’s non-7D at 3:44 on the day. 13A is Australian: I posted a partial parse of his non-7D at 2:07 (btw years ago Warumpi Band’s Neal Murray had a single with the same title). His 7D surname is the same as 29A’s guardian’s btw.

    Once you’ve whittled the list down, come back …

  42. Thank you, Celia. I did the ‘find’ (thanks for pointing this out – will make my future use of this invaluable site much easier!) Whittling – though not much achievable – has followed!…
    12A – Re your 3:44 hint; as I said, I got the answer; it’s the wordplay that substantially escapes me. Nothing on this in prior comments (pcs)
    13A – Thank you! Didn’t watch the series (my loss, I gather) Yes, one of the actors who played the guardian
    22A – Nothing in pcs, including about ‘other side’ wordplay
    27A,19A – As I said, got the answer; it’s one of the wordplays that escapes me. Nothing in pcs
    28A – Again, got the answer; it’s the wordplays. Nothing in pcs
    5D,20D,21D – Nothing in pcs

    I WOULD appreciate your help, Celia. Or any one else’s. J

  43. 5D,20D,21D – Nothing in pc
    You have to work them,,johnno2, here are hints …
    5D kernels
    20D six-pack 1-3
    21D a seepage is a leak

    I’m sick and don’t have the patience nor time to help you with the others. Read the clues, remember the themed are ALL wordplay!

  44. johnno2 … here are the wordplay divisions …
    12A nicer/with
    22A monarch/getting
    27A/19A order?/Need
    28A gem /(in)/Rock

  45. Thank you, thank you Celia! New day, new clarity, and BIGGEST “D’oh”s ever from me all round! (and I hope I didn’t help make you sick and tired…)
    I had got the doublewordplayness and divisions, but (and then I’ll shut up):
    5D – had seen the “load and” kernels but refused to see the “John bit” ones (fixated on “bit” being an indicator, AND, being a John, always ready for my name to be a toilet reference…)
    20D – had twigged she was -OVA (see earlier) but had left -OFF in my grid! (thus F_S_A_N)
    28A and 21D – I had Kit CARTER, fictional hero character ‘The Cadet’! Like I say, D’OH!
    12A, 22A and 27A/19A – just big, big D’ohs!

  46. Away on hols and didn’t start this one til a few days ago. Couldn’t get the theme until I got 22 A from the wordplay. Fair bit of googling from then on, but all out. If anyone sees this, parsing for 6D please?

  47. Viv, stumbled on here meaning to go to 23/8 site BUT also just started a fire with my 16/8 Age! Remind me what 6D and its answer were? As 6D isn’t in my tomes above I’m reasonably sure I ‘got’ it!…

  48. Fake news to shout lines – each had dwindled. I got Apocrypha as the answer. I gather the shout is cry, and had dwindled gives the ha at the end, but where does the apop come from? Why the dash in the clue?

  49. Hope I’m not doing the grandmother / suck eggs thing:
    A cryptic ‘rule’ we often reiterate at our U3A cryptics class, Viv: ignore punctuation (except at the end) – it doesn’t contribute to the clueing, it’s there (at least*) just to make the surface (the ‘story’ of all the words in the clue, definition plus wordplay) grammatically sensible, as this dash is. Read it without the dash; it doesn’t ‘read’ sensibly.
    (*Sometimes punctuation DOES add to the clueing, to misdirect; e.g. the apostrophe ‘s’ that ‘reads’ as possessive in the surface but is actually clueing a contraction of ‘is’.

  50. Thanks Debbi and johnno2. “A pop’ of course! My brain just wouldn’t go there, but now it is obvious. I didn’t necessarily think the dash meant anything, but since I couldn’t see my way through the wordplay, I was left wondering. I agree with you about punctuation in clues johnno2, but you know DA! He bends the rules a bit, and I do recall him using some sort of punctuation marks in a clue that ended up being the answer (maybe it was at the start or the end, I can’t recall). Talking of punctuation, I was doing a Times cryptic the other day, and the clue was something about a senorita’s wiggle. The answer ended up being TILDE. (the accent over the Spanish n to indicate a nyor sound. Very clever.

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