DA Confusion for the 26th of July, 2019

Get your confusions sorted out for what DA claims is a six-part themer this week!

50 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 26th of July, 2019

  1. Good morning Ray. I have NE corner so far, but at a loss to explain 8th letter of 3A, if I have correct answer.

  2. Arthur C – good morning.
    Yes – that is because 3A is one of the 6 times 2 clues whose wordplay is influenced by one of the 6 Starred clues. The 8th letter of 3A is derived from that (I dare not say which of the 6 starred yet as too early).
    That’s why I found it so hard – I could not determine which 2 was affected by each of the 6. It was a lot of trial and error plus guessing.

  3. Arthur C – if you have the NE, then you have 2 of the starred – 6D and 7D. One of those impacts 3A to give your missing letter.

  4. Yeah, I found this one hard. Roughly double my normal time.

    Well done ArthurC! The NE corner was my last bit.

    FOI 1D, LOI 21D (shamefully).

    Good starters 14A, 25D, 22D, 10A.

    Good luck all!

  5. All done. Wordplay uncertain in 15D, 17D & 19D, otherwise all good. Good Fun today!

  6. Bit of a struggle. Got the * clue effects a bit too late after some inspired guesswork. TG there are two of us at the finale.

  7. Brond – yes – 19D – “trough” synonym is “manger”. Rest is add and remove.

  8. Never mind the crossword, surely “Each of the six starred clues influences the wordplay…”, given DA is well-known for his pedantry.

  9. Smactuary – 28A – yes – “H” missing as “discovered Japanese poem” means remove first letter.
    Does that help?

  10. Got it! Had misread the meaning of ‘over’…!

    Always works. Ask, post and it comes to you!

  11. Nup. Not today. After an hour still only had half a dozen. Resorted to cheating for a couple more and still didn’t understand them. Past my pleasure/pain threshold. See you all next week. Going for a nice sunny walk on Muttonbird Island.

  12. Hi everyone

    (Apologies if this is annoying for being slightly off-topic) but I decided to learn how to do cryptic crosswords and thought I might start by grabbing today’s Age. After lots of struggling to get two answers, I noticed “DA” so thought I would see if DA is David Astle and that’s how I ended up looking at this page.

    After seeing your comments, I don’t feel so silly for not being able to get more answers but suspect this may not be the best cryptic to start off with!?

    As suggested by my aunt I will get Astle’s book and go from there but if anyone has tips on cryptic crosswords to start off with I would very much appreciate it! Or perhaps I should persist with DA’s Friday cryptic and keep an eye on this page?

  13. Helen,

    Best start with the crosswords Mon-Thurs. I finished each crossword this week, but can only parse 9-10 answers in today’s.

  14. Hi Helen,

    I’d suggest Monday’s or Tuesday’s cryptics would be an easier starting point.

    DA is certainly at the tougher end of the spectrum and would trouble even more experienced solvers. I can get most of the others in about 30 minutes but I’ve never finished a DA in under an hour

  15. Helen, this week was probably not the best time to start on a DA! This one was a bit too much like hard work. It took me a lot longer than usual. (not helped by the fact that I spell 22d with an extra two letters at the end, and I wanted the surrealist to be Dali!)

  16. Agreed that it was hard today. I thought my brain was having an off day so it’s good to read the comments on here. FOI 5D. LOI 4D because I still haven’t worked out the wordplay. Everyone who finished deserves a 27A IMO.

  17. The penny dropped on 4D. Posting on here works every time!!! I’m dirty on myself. One of the easier clues in hindsight.

  18. No RobinH. Think of a word that describes Tesla or Ford (in general terms, not essentially connected with cars) and switch (in a Poles way) the middle letter that then defines “they fund”.

  19. Yes, I’ve got all that Tim, but I’m wondering also if teSla and heNry are part of the mix….!

  20. That was fun! Felt like throwing in the towel but I was drawn in and I now feel quite pleased with myself +thanks for all the assistance + thanks D.A. for the challenge.
    Favourite 3a

  21. Finally got it out. This was a fun one to do. As always came down to a couple of tricky ones. FOI 10a and LOI 20a because I hadn’t heard of it. Had heard of something similar. Also got 13a with wrong 6th letter to start with.

  22. All out in the end. Can anyone help me with the wordplay for 12a please?

  23. Thanks Brond. I thought I’d accounted for all the special clues but clearly can’t count :)

  24. Thanks Mary and AndrewT, I think I should be thrilled that I got two then (need to check that I got them right!).

    I will get DA’s book and get started on Mon-Thu cryptic crosswords.

    Thanks for the advice :)

  25. All done, and thank you DA for the most delightful journey this morning. You are a truly remarkable man!

  26. I know I’m always heading for a “D’oh!” each time I ask, but wordplay for 21D please?

  27. Helen,
    When I started I was lucky to get 2 or 3 out of any of the puzzles. I spent a month where I did as much as I could then checked the answers the next day and worked out how they got the answers. It certainly helped to understand the triggers. If you have a tablet, and an Age subscription, you can get an app for the electronic paper, including the cryptic crossword, each day. Enjoy, but they are addictive.

  28. Monday is probably sufficiently late in the piece for this question.
    The clues I have associated with the starred ones are:
    10a: 18a & 15d
    14a: 28a & 8d
    6d: 18d & ?
    7d: 3a & 12a
    19d: 9d & ?
    21d: ? & ?

    Is the defn of 20a = “spotted”?

  29. My guess is that 21d is associated with 16a & 27a but I haven’t worked out 21d yet.

  30. As a beginner and even with
    David s book, I’m all at sea with 25d Head racing boat
    in sound. I thought skull
    Which I thought covered it but no! I was told DAs are deadly but thought his book might help. ??

  31. OK think I have it all out now.

    10a: 18a & 15d
    14a: 28a & 8d
    6d: 18d & 30a
    7d: 3a & 12a
    19d: 1a & 9d
    21d: 16a & 27a

    Do people agree?
    The parsing seems to make sense.

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