DA Confusion for the 12th of July, 2019

Get your confusions sorted out for this week’s wintry DA.

48 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 12th of July, 2019

  1. A birthday present? The big nine-oh today. Have six so far, so not as bad as some offerings.

  2. Seems to be only one answer to 10D. social OK, but mark of affection? Or have I the wrong word, USised doover?

  3. Happy 90th, Arthur.

    All done, all understood for once!

    FOO 1,5A same as everyone else I suppose!

    LOO and favourite clue, Arthur’s bane?, 10D. I love clues with bite!

  4. Done in about normal time today. Started with a rush but hit a brick wall about half way through …

    FOI 1/5A, LOI 24D (shamefully).

    Good starters I thought were 2D, 20D, 21D, 13D, 12A, 17A.

    ArthurC: yes, re 10D, you seem to be on the right track there.
    And happy birthday! I hope to be half as sharp as you if I ever get anywhere near there!

  5. Thanks AndrewT and DarrylM. Just a very quiet day today, so can concentrate on the DAy. Have 14 so far, I think.

  6. Happy birthday Arthur! And happy solving for many years to come!

    All out and almost all understood: not quite sure how 25A works… Never mind, it just clicked. Very clever! I particularly liked 2D (and 17A, but that’s probably just bias from seeing my namesake in print). I found it relatively easy going early, but got stumped in the SE corner for a bit until I remembered DA’s penchant for x-and-y tricks. Happy solving all!

  7. Happy birthday Arthur, happy crypticking, though that’s probably not a word.

    8a cute, faves 17a & 10 d.
    Till next Friday …

  8. Luke, pretend your answer for 25A is itself a cryptic clue the answer of which is … ???

  9. About an hour’s toil today — nothing too hard, although I wasted time trying to work out why 19a is “floodwater”. (It isn’t, though most of the cross clues made me think it was.)

    I don’t get 10d. First in 1a/5a. Favourite 2d.

    As I said last week, Arthur, yppah ynam!

  10. Possible 10D spoiler here …

    Geoff M, re 10d … clue words 2-3 give letters 1-3, and words 4-6 the balance. Definition is first word. US slang according to my Oz Oxford but endemic here for at least half a century, can remember my parents using it!

  11. Thank you Celia. I hadn’t heard of letters 4-9, despite having received one or two back in the mists of time! Oxford dictionary says it’s North American (as indeed the whole word).

  12. Congratulations Arthur – a shining example of a nonagenarian (prizes for the best clue to that word!).

    Shouldn’t the clue for 9D say “non-worker”? Loved 2D.

  13. Best wishes Arthur.

    Just getting started so only a few out so far. Liked 25A.

  14. The first time I’ve ever breezed through a DA, in one go – I would be so proud if not for the few clues that I’ve technically “solved” but still can’t fully parse.

    Any advice on the 8A indicator, all of 9D, the non-named outsides of 25A, and 26/27A?

  15. Ofm

    Re 8A masses is the indicator (think parts)

    9D Worker gives 1-3 and 8-9

    For 25A see Celia’s post from 12:29

  16. ofm re …
    25A see 12:29 post and the first word of your answer;
    8A first word defn (needs a ?), last word anagrind, grist all the rest;
    I found 26/27A a bit dodgy, but try this:
    Defn word 1, words 3&4 give letters 1-6, and last three (dodgy?) “letters 7-9

  17. FOI 1A/5A which gave me a false impression that this was going to be easy. LOI 9D (the penny just dropped after ages, and no it shouldn’t be non-worker Mike). Favourites 2D, 10D and 23A (for the ‘Sandy’)

    That’s me 14A done.

  18. Hi ofm.
    8A “masses” is apparently the angrind
    9D “stocking” indicates the (non-) worker contains other letters
    25A: see Celia’s last contribution above
    27,28A Oh! I don’t understand how the last 6 letters relate to “tramp”.

  19. Ahhhh yes the 25A becomes clear now! And I’d never heard of 9D’s third word as a noun before, so that makes sense now.

    Regarding 8A I had parsed what the anagrind was, but just didn’t agree with it. Seems a bit one-step-removed, no? Unless I’m still missing something.

    Seems we’re all a bit unclear on 27/28A, but at least I’m not alone!

  20. Happy Birthday, Arthur!
    Second word of 26/27, I took the tramp to be a ship.
    Stuck on 9d (in spite of all hints above) and 17a

  21. OK, I get 9d now, and I agree with Mike it should be non-worker. But I’m still missing 17a – am I being particularly thick?

  22. Mary – Not thick at all. I only got it with some Googling.
    The Luke is from a series of sci-fi films in which another character turned out, I think, to be his sister.

  23. Re 8D, I maintain it’s worker. It’s a different type of work and is so exhausting that the worker dies when the job is done. ;)

  24. Ah, I see! Thanks, folks. Never watched any of the films. (I’ve also managed never to see ‘The Sound of Music’, which is a really fantastic achievement, especially in the UK around the Christmas season!)

  25. Mary

    Re 17a reception is a homonym indicator. Definition is mentioned above

  26. Thank you to the several folk who commented on my birthday. It has been a quiet day, phone calls this morning from my three children, visit after lunch from No 1 daughter. Did not understand some of the DA clues, but finally got it all filled in. Not averse to cheating on too hard ones, privilege of age.

  27. Stumped by 2D despite its popularity with others. Is this because my only football knowledge relates to AFL?

  28. Thanks Tim C. It took a long time but I finally worked out the answer to 2D.

  29. Happy birthday Arthur.
    13d mate you’re doing 14a. 8a but I hope you won’t need 1a 5a tomorrow morning.

  30. Yes, SB, I’m still around!

    For 16d, “mum’s upset” is letters 1-3. “Quoting (homonym indicator) part of flower” is 4-8. Definition is the final (4-letter) word.

    25a has been discussed above. Keith is part of the answer.

  31. And for 24d, remove a four-letter word for “release” from an eight-letter word for “very cold”.

  32. Hi SB Still here

    25A First word US film director. 3rd word embedded in answer but can’t truly parse it

    16d last word definition. 1-3 another word for mums reversed; quoting – homophone – for part of flower

  33. Happy birthday Arthur. I am too late for tips or questions. But I couldn’t let it pass with giving you best wishes for the big 9-0.

  34. Very late to the party but wanted to add my best wishes to you Arthur for your 90th birthday. You’re an inspiration!

  35. I only come to this site on Sundays (DA is an all-weekend affair at our place), but had to add my birthday wishes to Arthur – I hope you had a wonderful day:)

  36. And a belated happy birthday to Arthur from me too.
    Hope you had a marvellous day and many more into the future.

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