DA Confusion for the 5th of July, 2019

Have your confusions sorted out — hopefully fewer confusions than from last week’s crazy theme.

35 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 5th of July, 2019

  1. Done and understood – but I found difficult today.
    Could never get a flow and every answer was a struggle, with most times having to fit wordplay to what I thought was answer. Classic of this to me was 22A.
    Hope easier for others. Good solving all.

  2. I’m currently at Lake Titicaca, Peru and had a very quick look and thought 2d was an eady start.

  3. Despite a poor night’s sleep this was the fastest I’ve completed a DA for some time!

    FOI 8A, LOI 22A. Good starters I thought were 1D/24A, 11A, 20A, 2D.

  4. Good one today, not too difficult. My first one in was 8a. Other easy starters 2d, 11a. It was a while before I realised 5d/17a was one word, not 4-5. Having an aversion to (and therefore seldom watching) most American television, one clue took me a while. Favourite today 10a. Still haven’t completely figured out the wordplay in 15a.

  5. 32, 865 days old today, I think, feeling every one of them. Four only in so far, and as with Andy W, 2D FOI. Proceeding slowly.

  6. I hope next week’s puzzle is an appropriately celebratory one then, Arthur!

    Didn’t find it too challenging today, and a few gave me a good chuckle. FOI 8D, LOI 10A. I’m heartened by how long it took me to get 9A: being on the brink of such swearing myself, that the term hasn’t been on my mind bodes well, I think!

  7. Thank you Smactuary.

    Good to see you accounted for leap years, Arthur. Yppah ynam!

  8. Would appreciate help parsing 10a and 22a
    For 10a is the last word the def. does turn = 2,3 answer which the first word is applied?

  9. Smactuary, 10a, if it had a fifth letter would be an expression (2,3) for “turn”.

    22a, first person in Paris is 1,2. Got confent is 3. Letters 4-10 are a word for bliss, missing an “a”.

  10. Thanks, Luke (1038), i see you have done the Maths. It looks like four is my limit for today, looked through a huge list of CA cities for 16A, only Costa Mesa, Santa Rosa and South Gate would fit, but I can’t relate any of those to clue.

  11. ArthurC
    You’re close for 16A although the answer is not on your list.
    Dancer’s boss gives 1-5 and said to drift gives 6-9h

  12. Arthur, 16A isn’t among the 100 most populous CA cities, but it does share its first word with one of your three candidates (as Smactuary pointed out, the bit clued by ‘Dancer’s boss’).

  13. Geoff; 5d and 17s can be one word or two.
    I had a chuckle at Dancer’s boss.

  14. Yes, Dancer’s boss raised a smile here, and it was my FOI. LOI 10A and it took a while before it clicked. Favourites 7A, 12A and 19D.

  15. thank you Smactuary & Luke, but can’t see anything still. ‘dancer’s boss’ is meaningless to me. Sorry.

  16. Arthur C: Think of “dancer” as a name, rather than an occupation.

    Can anyone help with the parsing for 8A? I have an answer, but I can’t quite see how it works…

  17. Sonia
    Re 8a
    Google and YouTube initially give 1,2 to preface
    Helping gives 3-8

  18. Sonia, re 8A the “helping” is served at 3-8, and 1 & 2 are trivial.

  19. Yes, Kenneth, the wordplay for 5d/17a is (4,5) but the definition is (9).

  20. Hi everyone,
    I follow this site every fri, but have yet to comment.
    Can anybody forward me a copy of today’s grid? My paper didn’t come and the newsagent has sold out.
    Would appreciate it greatly. Thanks

  21. Did not like that 5/17 split word, but wonder if 5D was a Dancer LOL.

    Favorites: the four using Z somewhere …

    FOO (aka FOI) 20A (beaut &lit.)
    LOO (aka LOI) 10A

    Happy solving!

  22. Have just looked at the solution and I would be grateful for an explanation for 9A. In particular what is the definition?

  23. Hi GeoffD
    Perhaps “on the brink of swearing” as in just about to take wedding vows?

  24. GeoffD, as intimated in my post from 9:48 yesterday, methinks DA’s experience of American films and television surpasses mine. Yours too, by the looks.

  25. Moose and GeoffM, thanks for your help. I’m sure you’re right but it all seems a bit dodgy to me!!!

  26. I thought it was deceptively easy to begin with, and then spiralled into quite hard! Almost gave up. Before I got 5D/17A, I had been entertaining RIOT for 10A, as it is ALMOST an anagram of a synonym for TURN – that is, OR(B)IT.

    I also thought there was a very deceptive and tempting (but wrong) answer for 13D that in fact parses perfectly. I suspect this was deliberate.

    7A was a great clue, among lots of entertaining and tricky ones.

    A belated Happy Birthday to you, Arthur! I hope your milestone 90th was excellent.

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