DA Confusion for the 31st of May, 2019

Don’t be confused by this week’s DA. Ask your questions right here.

31 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 31st of May, 2019

  1. All done, a bit on the tough side today.
    Basically got the middle third in first and worked things out from there.
    FOI 27a, 7d, 20d, 25a, 22a
    LOI 2d and 33a.
    Good luck solving.

  2. I only get 12 clues. Must be missing something.
    FOI 26D (good start).
    Some I found very tough.

  3. Like the others I found this tougher today. I did get the two theme clues 26D and 20D first, so I knew what I was looking for, but still struggled esp with the NW corner. LOI 1A.

    26D: def is last 3 words of clue. “say cheese” clues letters 1,3-6 sandwiching ‘one’ which clues letter 2.

    20D: def is last two words of clue. ‘Poor’ is the anagrind.

    24D is a cricket-based clue FYI.

  4. I put it away relatively quickly, having got 26D immediately. The 26Ds were then easily spotted and solved.

    Some very enjoyable clues this week too – 1A, 11A, 6D, 20D among them.

    No clue quibbles, except for the apparent function of “reclaimed” in 33A.

  5. Solved except for 1AC and the first word of 1D.
    Please put me out of my misery.

  6. in 1A, “old” is the key word

    In 1D, first word is a homophone for “over and means 1 + 1

  7. What do you mean by old’ being the ‘key word’ Jack? Do you mean the definition or something else?

  8. Being 26D’s, all of the 13 NB clues are of the form “as defn as …”

    And Jack – there are 13 (as I finally figured out) without double counting.

  9. Thanks Ray. The one I failed to count is 1D, as I thought the definition defined the answer without making a 26D.

  10. I have 20D and 26D and a couple of obvious ones but no idea about the rest. Any help with a start, eg anagrams? Themed puzzles almost always baffle me.

  11. GeoffD, as Ray said above look for terms where you can use “as as a” or “as as”.

  12. It took out my brackets and word from above should be “as word as a …” or “as word as …”

  13. FOI 7D. LOI 16D (I had a mental block about 15Ds). Favourite was 5A because I’m male and we have a sense of humour easy to satisfy. Things went much easier once I got the theme, except I hadn’t heard of 1D. Is that an Australian 26D?

    No Celia again today?

  14. JasonL – I actually think 16A is very clever.
    17D is an anagram (minus one letter) – (defn “Literary rep”). So if you get that see if 16A drops out.

  15. 16A: def is ‘Mascot line-up’ (for The Age readers, ‘Tullamarine line-up’). ’15Ds’ clues letters 1,3,4 around (describes) ‘a’ for letter 2.

  16. Margaret and Ray
    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Not finished yet but I have many more answers.
    No Celia today?

  17. GeoffD
    There are a number of these that are a tad obscure. You might need to look some of them up. I do hope Celia is OK.

  18. Like AndrewT I’ve got 5 to solve in top right corner plus 25A.
    It must be my age once I got 26D the featured clues came quickly.
    Having trouble with 4D I’ve an “s” where I would have expected an “n”. I’m pretty sure “s” is correct so I’m not quite getting the clue.

  19. For 4d – inferior = 1, 3-7. Third violin = 2. Answer = librettist.

  20. Thanks Margaret I got it after getting 11A When I googled librettist earlier I didn’t see the answer admittedly I googled US librettists.
    I started Friday night slow going picked up pace with 3 bursts today.
    I usually struggle when DA adds extra instructions. I think I’ve improved in the last few months thanks to DA tripper contributions

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