DA for the 24th of May, 2019

Get your reports on for this week’s post-election DA.

6 thoughts on “DA for the 24th of May, 2019

  1. Hi everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster.

    I was wondering if you would help me workshop a clue. I’m a writer and a feature article I’m writing has a crossword clue in it (long story). Here’s what I’ve written:

    “Seven letters, last letter Y: *Prince loses right to host short weekday mellifluence*”

    Does this hold up as a clue, do you think?

    Thank you so much for sharing your expertise!

  2. Hi Kate

    If the answer is “Harmony” then your clue is okay. The only quibble that I have is that you are making the solver guess at which weekday, as well as which prince, but again, the clue does work.

    Good luck with the story.

  3. Ah! Thank you Peter! The answer is indeed “Harmony” which is also the theme of the magazine issue. The article is actually about sibling relationships. My sisters and I solve the DA crossword together (over the course of a week, usually!) and I needed a clue to paint this scene.

    I’ve submitted the article now, but I can’t help thinking of ways to tweak the clue to make it better. “Spare prince”? “First short weekday”?

    I’m in awe of crossword setters, who do this fifty times and fit it all into a grid!

    Thanks again!

  4. Kate,
    I would think it’s fine. Guessing at the weekday is easy as there’s only 5. The prince is also okay as most people will think Harry, George and William first off.
    Then like any cryptic clue, it’s just a matter of putting together the right combo.
    All good !

  5. Kate

    Leave it as it is; as I and Neanderthal said, it is okay and as he pointed out, there are only five weekdays to pick from, although rather more princes. My comment was really there to give you some insight into how cryptic setters usually work and that is not to have two guesses in one clue.

    Nea – My first prince guess was Hal – a staple in cryptics in my experience, evoking the literary output of the Bard. My second guess was Charles but maybe that’s just a reflection of my age.

    Kate, I should have also praised you on the surface reading of the clue which is excellent. Quite often the reading of some clues is clumsy and contrived.

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