DA Confusion for the 17th of May, 2019

Get your confusions sorted out for this week’s pre-election DA.

Which DA would you vote for as your favourite?

And is DA your preferred prime minister?

52 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 17th of May, 2019

  1. All finished, quite quickly today, so it might an easier one today or I was on DA’s wavelength this morning.
    FOI 6d, 7d, 10a, LOI 27a
    Good luck.
    Vale Bob.

  2. Pretty much bang on my average time to complete today.

    FOI 2D, LOI 28A because I got one word wrong in 12A/28A !

    Good starters might be 6D, 7D, 18A, 21D, 25A.

  3. > LOI 28A because I got one word wrong in 12A/28A !

    Of course that should have been “I got one word wrong in 12A/23A”.

  4. Also 4d I had an answer …famous old Hollywood star minus the o at the end
    But I think I know 11a which starts with a different letter. So what is 4d word play then…

  5. Melanie – my read 12A/23A – “Drunk” = 1,2,3. “throwback” = 7,6,5,4. “expresses hesitation” = 8,9,10. “regarding” = 11,12

  6. Hi everyone,

    If you finish DA early today and are still hungry for puzzles, I’m offering a free sample of the latest PuzzleMail, which has a pretty fun grid. Hit me up on Twitter or email for a free copy ;)


  7. Valé, Bob! Few among the current contenders worthy to shine his boots! But from their ranks, my member Tanya Plibersek is my preferred PM.

    22A my favourite toDAy.

    I made same mistake with 12A/23A. Initially put wrong answer in 26D, leading to wrong answer in 25A.

    FOO 2D, LOO 4D (thanks, Ray, had the answer, couldn’t parse, but “d’oh”, facepalm).

    When I worked for an inner city council “D A” over the 2-way radio meant “dead animal”.

    Solidarity forever, Comrades!

  8. Late start, getting nowhere, four answers only. Lunchtime already, then shopping, then hopefully some pool. So may never get done.

  9. Help please with parsing 8D – but it’s too early for replies to be too explicit. If I can’t get round to the puzzle until the weekend it is annoying to stumble across a spoiler.

    Anyhow I think I have the answer but can’t work out (said) “more ghostly” for letters 2-6. Is it a homophone?

  10. Mike, it is a homophone. I hadn’t heard this sense before, but if you look up the word it sounds like in a big dictionary, you’ll see a sense that is sort of ghostly, in the sense of ‘pale’.

  11. Mike, it is a homophone. I hadn’t heard this sense before, but if you look up the word it sounds like in a big dictionary, you’ll see a sense that is sort of ghostly, in the sense of ‘pale’.

  12. Although the answer to 28A wasn’t too hard once I had enough cross letters, I couldn’t then parse it for ages until I realised that the sheep reference was NOT ewe.

  13. David T, try punctuating the clue with a colon after “garbage” and a comma after “snipped”.

  14. Didn’t even notice the EWE, but my other half grew up on a farm so I did spot what it should be for “sheep” and “organ”; it was the bits around the edges that threw me for a bit. I think I’m reasonably happy with my answer now.

  15. Confident I have both 27A and 15D but need help with word play.
    Am I correct that the first four words in 27A form the definition and the last four in 15D?

  16. alaric, yes, presuming I have correctly interpreted your ambiguous statement. btw the doctored president occupies 1-5 in 15D, but if someone could enlighten me about from where letters 6-8 of 27A come, I’d be most grateful!

  17. AG – thanks for that help with 8D

    Celia: look at 3-7 of 27A and think again :-)

  18. Celia,
    I remembered that one; but I would be hard pressed to know many of them. I was, originally, working off strain as being music and couldn’t get anywhere :).

  19. Margaret, 27A, I had all the cross letters so the answer was obvious, I sussed the upright okay, but thought Olympic city was a two letter abbreviation, wrong (boi-oi-oi-oing.)

  20. Ian F: the President, minus two learners is the first 5 letters. ‘Draw’ is here not a synonym of depict.

  21. Ian F, The president was Able, if you ignored his student. Ignoring his other two students gives you 1-5, “draw” 6-10. Definition is last four words.

  22. I must admit it took me a while to work out the 2 learners in the president, until I realised that there was a second silent one.

  23. 1-5 is a former US president with two “learners” missing. 6-10 is “to draw”.

  24. Agree with other contributors, today’s DA was one of the easier ones, thanks to your help with 15d 12a-22a & 8d. FOI 1a LOI 25a. All up 3hours (quick for me)

  25. All out after a slow start but with lots of wordplays eluding me. Thanks Ray for 12-23A, Margaret for 27A, and Celia for 15D. Still mystified by 11A, 22A, and 28A wordplays. Will check in tomorrow.

  26. SB,
    11a – think of another name for a strong drink, and replace one “direction” letter with another one. Circus freak is answer.
    22a – Emperor – from interior, flanked each side by welcome, then to.
    28a – this is the one I’m least confident of.
    2,3 = on, 4-9 = sheep. 10-12 = organ, half that = 1,13. Answer = First 6 words, including 12a/23a

    Hope this helps

  27. Spot-on with 28A, Margaret, also re 11A I wonder if Mic Conway considers himself a circus freak??? I’d have clued that as “circus attraction” or some such.

  28. Celia,
    I agree, I thought Circus freak was a tad imprecise, but I did like the clue overall.

  29. Happy to get this all out in 2 stints.
    A few parsing questions have all been answered by above DA Tripper posts – thanks everyone.

  30. I too struggled to parse 28A. Like Margaret I had the sheep and the organ, but couldn’t account for the first 3 letters an the last one. I assume the first and last letters are obtained from “that half” and the 2nd & 3rd letters are a 2-letter word meaning “on” in a particular context. Is that correct?

  31. Thanks Margaret. All understood. (I wasn’t familiar with that name for a strong drink.)

  32. SB – I’ve heard it used in relation to Native Americans in really bad Westerns.

    Grey Graham,
    That was my take and Celia agrees with me.

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