DA Confusion for the 1st of May, 2019

I bet there’s plenty of confusion about this one: DA was published today, Wednesday the 1st of May. He’s done a swaperoo with DP so that his crossword can coincide with an art gallery event at the Art Gallery of NSW.

The comments have already started at the tail end of last week’s confusion thread.

You can continue the conversation below.

21 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 1st of May, 2019

  1. I’m surprised you hadn’t picked up on it earlier, AS, DA’d mentioned it in his Saturday Spectrum column and several DA Trippers commented at the tail end of Saturday’s Trippers posts! But he should have notified his public on Friday …

  2. Thanks Celia and Andrew T. Heading in the right direction now. A face-palm for me!

  3. A very enjoyable cryptic today. I found it not too hard but stilI challenging. I realised it was a change of day.
    I am a new poster – long time looker!

  4. As well as my comments in the other thread I loved the result of the yellow squares. From the Old English “steort” (meaning “tail”) and “nacod”.

  5. Didn’t know this was on today so I got onto it late. Not too bad today.

  6. I’m a regular reader of DA’s Spectrum column and was alerted to theme from an AGNSW email I receive regularly. It really helped,
    FOI 17D. LOI 4D
    My first session at Thursday’s Sydney Writers Festival was DA discussing his book
    Reworking the Brain.
    Entertaining and instructive as always.

  7. A different Friday morning this week, the DP over and out in 15 minutes, what do I do for the time I usually have to do the DA?

  8. AndyW, read the rest of the paper, read a book, see a film, wash up all the dishes in the sink, plant a tree, go back to bed, write a poem, go shopping, clean up your room, phone a friend, walk the dog, give the cat a bath (that’s fun!), take a train or bus trip to somewhere you haven’t been before (or at least not lately), visit the local pool, volunteer, have Chinatown yum cha or visit local sushi train, meditate … lots of options there …

  9. I thought I’d finally reached full mastery of the universe. Cracking a DA in under 20… This was a good dose of reality. Thx for the explanation!

  10. Where do I go to get my $3.20 back?

    I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect people to check blogs to find the publication date is changing. How hard would it have been to put a ‘BTW, next crossword will be published on Wednesday’ ?

  11. BRUCE DARE, no refund, but there’s a link ½ dozen posts back to the puzzle you’re missing. THFSM!

  12. Anagram Alice, thanks for the link. You have saved my Friday-night-winding-down-from-work-with-DA. I only do the Friday / DA and sometimes drop in here when I’m done to see everyone’s very interesting comments, so was expecting to see everyone wondering why today’s (Friday May 3) was so easy. I hadn’t even noticed it was DP instead.

  13. Well done, Anagram Alice!! A very welcome link.
    Boo to Fairfax and Co for attempting to ruin Friday by the sudden switch, which I trust is for one week only, although I find their behaviour unforgivable – it’s enough to tempt one to buy a Murdoch rag!

  14. It was a tie-in with an AGNSW event, benadem, don’t blame SMH/Age (not Fairfax any more!!!). It was signalled in DA’s column in Saturday’s Spectrum. Probably a DA oversight not mentioning in Friday’s paper. Direct all complaints to him!!! But if you’d read all comments in DA Trippers last week, a few Saturday arvo trippers mentioned it!

  15. Thanks Anagram Alice for the link – you’re a lifesaver. Like others, I was alarmed to find DP instead of DA (only realised when half-way through – too easy). I only buy SMH Mondays (for the Guide) and Fridays (for DA, and what’s left of Shortlist). Enjoyable – easier and quicker than usual for me, even so, I did resort to google for a couple. Till next Friday…

  16. Anagram Alice, mea culpa. I stand duly corrected and chided. My puny attempt at humour appears to have been mistaken for criticism of this website, which was certainly not my intention. I’ll put this failure of mine down to old age. (Crawls away with tail between legs).

  17. I’m not sure if this thread or the other is the correct place for this. However … all out (and thank you, Anagram Alice, for the online version) with all understood – except for 3D’s wordplay. If anyone still out there, thoughts welcome.

  18. benadem, I wasn’t chiding you, and can understand your chagrin ?

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