DA Confusion for the 19th of April, 2019

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s fun. Me? I’ll be trying to work out the hiragana from the katakana to the kanji in Tokyo.

54 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 19th of April, 2019

  1. Happy Easter all,
    A bit of a struggle today, FOI 27a, LOI 12a.
    I liked 11a, 21d, 2d and 1a.
    Happy solving.

  2. Done and dusted. All out and understood. FOI 2D and then counter clockwise from SW corner.
    Happy bunnies and eggs all.

  3. Down to final ten, a few each in NE & NW corners, though 1A, 2D were easy.

  4. Only 3 comments so far? Goodness! I thought this was the easiest one for some time.

    FOI 2D (a great help!), LOI 22A. Other early ones were 4D, 8D (easiest DA clue ever?), 20D.

  5. AndrewT, I only just managed to find a Herald after driving around in the rain for over two hours. Gotta love Good Friday.

  6. 2D – defn = “Somehow”. “siding with” gives word 1. “pirate” gives word 2. “work uncovering” gives word 3. “extra-sound” gives word 4. “crim” gives word 5.

  7. Pipsqueak: full explanation might be a bit of an easy spoiler … each of the 2-4-2-2-5 is serially represented in the clue. The first 2 is a bit rough for mine. “Extra” is in the cricket sense. Hope that’s enough to get you there.

  8. Nothing too difficult today. I wasn’t aware of that meaning for 20d, although I’m still unsure of the wordplay for letters 4-6. First one in today 1d. Favourite 6d. I’d never heard of 12a, but what a great word. I’m experiencing it frequently today. I’ll add it to my lexicon — although I’m sure to have forgotten it by this evening!

  9. Geoff M, 20D 4-6 relates to carpet.

    6A was new to me, and what a ripper of a clue! Other favourites were 8D and 1A for its surface reading.

    Explanation of 25A would be appreciated.

  10. Geoff M – letters 4,5,6 of 20D, a meaning of “pile”.

    AG – 25A – “Diffident one shy” = 1,2,3,7. “rubbish” = 4,5,6.

  11. Thanks AG & Ray, that’s a new meaning of letters 4-6 of 20d for me. Yes, I quite often eat 6a; I wasn’t aware of the ornithological connection!

  12. SB – 10A – “Risk” 1,6,7. “stretcher” 2,3,4,5.
    23A – double defn. A sitter – and – not a sitter. The latter being difficult.
    4D – anagram of word 4 in the middle of 110.

  13. Thanks to Ray and Pedro re 25A. I had forgotten the alternative (and I think less common) spelling used here.

  14. It’s not in the shorter Oxford or in the one on my Kindle. Must be a neo whatsy.

  15. Re 12A – if you enter thesaurus.com, it often says there are two words you should know: this one and syzygy

  16. Does anyone know if today’s SMH is available in Canberra, or is only available digitally?

  17. FOI 16D. LOI 17D. Favourites 1A, 13A, 2D and 5D.

    Mary Anne, 13A definition is moves slowly (not a common word for it) and horn free (car is a bit redundant IMO) missing the last letter.

  18. Although 1A and 8D have been described as easy I don’t have a clue about either. I do have the answer to 14D but can’t relate it to the wordplay. Any help please?

    Mary Anne, I also think ‘car’ is redundant in relation to horn free, although I often associate this type of ‘moves slowly’ as occurring in a car. (Hope that makes sense!)

  19. Geoff 14D, period is 1,2,7,8, rellie climbing is 6-3, sedan in the end is 9.

  20. It was Paul Kelly who introduced me to 12a. He has a song by that name about that word.
    I am all out except for 11a. I may have 1d wrong, but I doubt it. Any hints?

  21. Ah, saw the comments above, then found it in a list of currencies, and then it fell into place! That kind of Pole vault!

  22. Thankyou TimC and GeoffD. A train rather than car reference would have helped me over the line – my favourite Golden Book. Cheers n enjoy the Easter break.

  23. 17D was my LOI for that reason. Definition ‘fascinating’, ‘in registered’ (homonym indicated by registered) is 1-3 and 4-8 is ‘spot’ without the E.

  24. 1A

    Same old DA mistake … got his pH table back to front. He’s done this about 3 times recently.

  25. Not sure what you mean, GeoffL. Is it just a matter of taste? DA has certainly got one or two maths/science things wrong over the journey, but I can see nothing wrong here.

  26. All out in the course of the wife and friends watching Queen of the Damned.

    Trippers, how does 6D work? I can see the wordplay fine but I can’t work out where the definition comes from!

  27. Ray – I had assumed that must be the case since it was the only word left after the wordplay, but I don’t know of any sense that “Saw” means the answer.

  28. GeoffL @ 8.43pm – I think you’re wrong in accusing DA of getting his pH ‘table(?)’ wrong. He used the word ‘bitter’. That is not measured on the pH scale.

  29. I also learnt a new word with answer to 12A thanks to GeoffM and John.
    Got 6D thanks to Pedro.
    Can’t quite get the parsing the word for arrogance seems be missing a “t”.
    1A & 5D appealed to my mathematical brain also liked 11A

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