46 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 8th of February, 2019

  1. Yes Fiona, made me laugh out loud. I also liked 8d, 3d and 9a.
    Good solving all.

  2. The iPad version says that my 21D is incorrect. It shows L as the second last letter.

  3. Stuck on 23D. Absolutely positive I have correct cross letters. Any hints?

  4. Celia, See William Blake’s poem “A War Song to Englishmen” for help with 23D

  5. I liked 1/4. Took a while to get it because had the def at the wrong end and didn’t know 2D (groan) and 7D not in my repertoire. Also enjoyed 3D. Held up by thinking of a different pick-routine with the same letter count.
    23D, Know the word. Can’t parse it.

    Peter, that’s interesting about 21D. What is the third last word in the iPad version?

  6. Thanks Peter re 23D. So in the wordplay, “blushes” is a six-letter word starting with “C”?

    So all out, all understood. Lots of beauties today, “naughty DA” bottoming at 26A/27A. Also loved 1A/4A, 2D, 6D, 8D, 17A, 18D, 19D (great misdirection!), 20A.

    Happy solving!

  7. Good fun today. First one in was 12a. 8d took me a while, but what a great clue! 23d is a new word for me. Nor had I heard if 1a/4a — either it’s a very old or very new expression? (Or I lead a sheltered life …)

    In 7d, is “re” “through”? Still working out the wordplay for 14d and 19d — they’ll probably hit me soon.

  8. Easiest one for a while I thought, under 25 minutes today. FOI 1/4A, LOI 21D – yes, that is erroneous in the iPad version. The clues’ third last word there is ‘outdo’ which is the same for the printed version.

    Parsing of 23D: take a 7 letter word meaning blushes, and remove ‘company’ from it.

  9. Geoff M: 1/4A is an old fashioned expression, yes.

    7D: No; ‘run through’ gives letters 6-9.

    14D: “Rasta’s right” gives letter 1, “browse’ gives letters 2, 7-9, ‘wrong’ letters 6-3 (perversely).

    19D: ‘turn’ gives letters 1-4,6. Delta gives letter 5. Voice’s trailer letter 7.

  10. I’m out, but cannot for the life of me justify 14D. Someone please help me parse it.

  11. thanks for 23D Andrew T. So simple when you get the right word to exclude. I thought it was ‘us’

  12. Not happy with perversely in a down clue, or any clue, to mean what it does here.

  13. FOI 5D. LOI 14D (took me a while to get the wordplay). Favourites 20A (great misdirection with “incomes”), 1A and 8D.
    And with that from me, it’s 25A. :)

  14. BTW, why is there a link in the Blogroll on this page to something called ‘Shitty Is Pretty’ ?
    It appears to be totally unrelated and pointless.

  15. All out but still having trouble parsing 21a. Thanks for confirmation iPad app wrong.

  16. Very little done, been out shopping, fixing lunch. Have only five or six. If 19D and 21D are the obvious answers, I cannot fit either fully to the clue. Much work to do. Will look back later.

  17. Celia,
    I get “do” and the two feet but still having trouble pulling it all together. I’m being dim today.

  18. Margaret, forget your do and your two feet! The answer is totally in the feet, from UniteD on…

  19. Few new expressions for me. 8d was a LOL! I knew 26, 27ac from “Naked Man” (sorely missed)

  20. 1/4A – Claudius says this in “Hamlet”.
    2D – I liked the way the sense of felines is disguised.
    6D – I knew the answer from the definition but don’t understand the wordplay.
    14D – I guessed the answer but didn’t understand the wordplay until seeing it explained here – approaching the clues with imagination and flair can be more effective than looking for the meaning of every single part of the clue.

  21. Stephen, a 5-letter synonym for 27A, with its central letter (“heart”) removed gives 1-4 of 6D; “ran into” gives you the rest!

  22. sorry, Stephen, 17A not 27A!

    I put the answer to this in too before solving 17A. But understanding the wordplay is important;

  23. In 8D the plural of the synonym for ‘platform’ only has six letters, doesn’t it?! An inconvenient truth?

    It took me a while to digest the very good help above on the ‘run through’ giving the four letter word at the end of 7D. If I’ve got that right?

    Like a few other’s, I’d forgotten 1A/4A (we did Hamlet at school) and I’d never heard of 23D.

    By the way, Dan Word had 21D wrong as well.

  24. RobinH, re 8D, “one wearing platforms” delivers a seven letter word. The “one” is the third-last letter. Cheers!

  25. 21D Published answer Saturday SMH is incorrect has “L” instead of “O” as 4th letter.

  26. Feeling good about getting this all done, a tough one. First skim through at breakfast Fri only gave 4; next go in evening got a steady flow but 4 wouldn’t come. Woke up and nailed them Sat. Solving DA is often a little journey – don’t always get there.
    I couldn’t parse 19d until DA Confusion, thanks people!

  27. Bernard, here’s a cryptic hint for 2D, Victorian Puss in Boots! A special type of boot!

    Solution is a charade, “will you look at that” 1-3 + “pine” 4-7. Defn “cats!”

  28. Thanks Celia. That was a neat clue actually. I must admit that my mind had not gone in that direction at all :)

  29. Hi Celia (if you’re still online). I have 14d but can’t parse it. Can you help explain it please.

  30. Bernard, my day of rest, but these are the components, so you complete …
    Rasta’s right: 1 letter
    Wrong: a legal term, 4 letters
    Stores: container
    Perversely: reversal
    Browse: (the internet) 4 letters

    All downhill from here, cheers!

    p.s. please just a general request next time?

  31. Peter, l have 23d from the clues. Please explain hoe Blake’s poem helps – i can see nothing about lours there!

  32. Bill H, An adjectival form of the word occurs in said poem: “louring” (from memory).

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