44 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 18th of January, 2019

  1. Morning all.
    One hour five minutes, with no aids.
    FOI 1D LOI 12A …
    … must 12A … Happy solving!
    (Fave list after beauty sleep, but loved 8D 22A pair).

  2. Nice one today. 8d took a while, and I made sure to put an umlaut over the third letter of 22a!

  3. Half-done, then hit a brick wall. Unfamiliar with grog of any sort, is 16A name of a French liqueur? Is 13D a Latin legal term? Either of those would be helpful.

  4. Arthur

    Cointreau is an example of something other than a drink. A very clever clue – best of the bunch.

  5. Fairly standard today, done in under 40. FOI 7D, LOI 12A.

    ArthurC: 13D is an English term, not Latin, often heard in official inquiries, trials etc.

    16A is also an English term, in a rather different sense :)

  6. Same FOI and LOI as Celia. Also liked 8D for the misdirection in the definition, 25A for the same reason and 10A/28A for the pun.

  7. Kenneth, Or Rupert’s!
    My FOI and LOI are also the same as Celia’s. All done without too much difficulty. I enjoyed it.

  8. All finished and mostly understood and an enjoyable puzzle. I was like Arthur C. I finished half quite easily and then found it tough going. However all out now.
    My queries are:
    11A help with wordplay please, definition being the first two words of the clue.

    15A I’ve got ‘close one’ and fish’ but how does ‘lure’ work?

    26D I’m not seeing the contribution of the last three words in the clue.

    21A ‘complete’ seems to give us 3-4. Is that right? If so, why?!

    Thanks for looking at these!

  9. Update…… I got 26D a few seconds after posting! It always happens …!

  10. Robin H,

    Hints to help you complete:

    11A “with oration” is a homophone indicator for “beginning” (last 4 letters), rest is straightforward.

    15A double definition 1st two words, last two words.

    21A 3-4 & “complete” are synonymous verbs

  11. Thanks, Celia, terrific! A great help.
    In 15A I’d been put off as the answer itself is, of course, a fish. I had missed the berley meaning though.
    21A yes, that’s what I thought but it didn’t seem quite right. Thanks again!

  12. 15A it is actually a type of fish lure – not dog food as berley. Google your answer followed by “lure”, you will find pictures of some there!

  13. I’ve been following DA Trippers for a few months and always enjoy the word play of contributors, but can’t crack blog code for FOI and LOI
    Is LOI laughing on the inside ?
    the only FOI I know is freedom of information but doesn’t seem to fit comments
    I’m like Pierre slow going, I’m a late starter and slow thinker
    I did like 10A/28A

  14. IanS and TiredSolver, yes, I think so too. It took me a while to crack the code too.

  15. All noted, Celia, and if you Google ‘berley’ you will see sites telling us it is also known as the answer!
    While there, Google the answer followed by ‘salmon’ and you’ll see pictures of a fish! All very confusion and I’m now terrified a fishing enthusiast will come online …!

  16. Melanie, in 12A ‘wonder’ gives you 1-3 and ‘if grouchy hubby starts’ the rest.

  17. Melanie,
    16a – anagram indicator for 2 and 3 word.
    Involving limited French liquor.
    Like Cointreau.

    I first had heard of 15a watching “Jaws”. Not something I easily forgot after that.

  18. GeoffL and AndrewT helped with 16A above. It is indeed a very good clue. The first word is an anagrind. ‘Or pun’ gives you 1-3 and 9-10. The rest is the ‘limited French liqueur’….!

  19. Thanks Tired Solver and SB you have made my day, I can now get back to working on the Xword

  20. I don’t understand the wordplay for the second half of 5A. I know the answer, and I know the definition part of the clue is at the end, and the cryptic clue for the first 3 letters but don’t get the wordplay for the last 4 letters. Any clues?

  21. Graham Johnson re 5A
    Letters 4-7 are commonly cryptically clued by “timber” or suchlike. Check the dictionary definition.

  22. Thanks Celia. I’ve never heard that meaning of that word before. You always learn something new in a DA crossword.

  23. Hi all. All but 21a. Got a few options but it just won’t click, despite previous hints above. Any more help available?

  24. 21a
    Swine, 1,2 & 5,6 boxing complete, 3,4

    Answer mongrels, look at dictionary definition.

  25. I hadn’t heard of it, either. I just got the second word and then worked back from there. Part of the problem was there were two options for swine, so I needed to get the first letter to confirm which. I hadn’t heard of the word for timber in 5a either – a day for learning new words.

  26. Similar issue. That term didn’t ring true and I didn’t bother googling (like I usually do)!!

  27. This week’s Speccie crossword by Mr Magoo:- 15D One smoking in Sicily before getting up (4). Same answer as 19A in yesterday’s DA. What are the chances?

  28. Could someone explain wordplay of 13D please? Either”wasted” or “chicanery” seem redundant.

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