Is There an LR Today?

LR’s cryptics are a DA Trippers favourite. Sadly, he is published according to a crazy schedule at The Age and Sydney Morning Herald: Mondays — four weeks on and four weeks off.

So is LR published today? says no. Next time he’s on is January 28, which is far too long from now. Get your LR schedule from

8 thoughts on “Is There an LR Today?

  1. Ooohhh errrr… is there a vacancy for a wannabe cryptic crossword compiler? ;)

  2. It’s not a “crazy schedule”, it’s the schedule you get when an extra compiler (that is, LR) is found room for. He’s the add-on, the rest have been around for about 20 years. If you follow the link, you get the upcoming LR schedule: fair enough – thanks; but the final paragraph promotes the removal of an existing compiler, which I can’t agree with, even if I think the standard of the crosswords could be improved. The existing compilers have earned their stripes and should bow out on their own terms when the time comes.

  3. I heartily promote the removal of DH (the Tuesday puzzle). His crosswords are terrible.

    Why should crossword compiling mean a job for life?

    DH should get moved on.

  4. Clearly that’s not a view shared by most Fairfax readers, or he wouldn’t have survived 20 years in the job. In fact, in the crossword circles I frequent, solvers are happy to do any of the Fairfax cryptics except DA, which they find mostly indecipherable. DA’s crosswords have frequently been called “terrible” by my solving friends. Would it be OK for them to suggest he “get moved on”?

  5. Totally fair for anyone to say what they want to say. And I’ve heard it plenty that DA is not well liked. But as this website probably attests, he’s also well loved.

    And in the crossword circles I frequent, DH is derided most of all. Feels like he doesn’t even try to make a decent crossword.

    Just from Tuesday’s DH crossword, there’s the grid mistake of having three spaces in a row without cross clues.

    There’s 19A: Some actor came to a career change in Killer Whale (4)

    The answer is ORCA. See all those superfluous words?

    There’s 15A: Has a meal in a church service at St Paul’s Cathedral (4)

    The answer is EATS. How about all those superfluous words?

    There’s 26A: Shrug and arch the shoulders in some East African republic (6)

    The answer is UGANDA. Like, come on.

  6. It’s all in the eye of the beholder. If the solvers are happy with what’s being presented, then why should the compiler change anything? If the solvers have complained for the last 20 years about DH’s stuff, then would he still have a slot?
    The point is not that his crosswords deserve to stay, it’s more that there’s no reason for Fairfax to move him on.
    BTW, if the clues above are considered to be not very good, then wouldn’t the crossword editor have knocked them on the head? Isn’t that the role of the crossword editor? Same with the “grid mistake” (does Fairfax have some kind of standard compiling rules that covers this?) – the crossword editor surely would do something about it if they thought it was wrong.

  7. Just finished today’s (9/3) crossword. Not difficult, about 30 minutes, and combined with a glass of wine and Borodin in the background. Wonderful! Thanks, LR, almost all the clues are brilliant, logical, and left me with that pleasurable sigh – “what a great and witty clue”! Thank you very much.

  8. Hi Stephen, you got over the line! If you’re talking about LR in the lat couple of weeks (not Jan 19) I’m with you. Brilliant.

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