35 thoughts on “DA Confusion for November 30, 2018

  1. All done. Average difficulty today. FOI 3D, LOI 24D.
    I liked 14d, 8d, 7d and 10a.
    Happy solving.

  2. Some convoluted wordplay today, a couple I’ve yet to parse fully.
    Have falllen short of the intersecting 2 D and 29A in bottom RH corner.
    Liked 7,9 and 23 down and 15 and 20 across.

  3. Hi Gayle
    I’m at work without my answers, but I think 29a was one of the seven 25a. Rest of lthe clue was the def.
    24d, def first word.

  4. Got it out very quickly today — either DA’s puzzles are getting easier or the extra Vegemite on my toast is working. Mind you, there are still a few where I’m struggling with the wordplay, namely 19d, 8d, 21d & 24d. No doubt some of them will hit me as soon as I post this …

  5. All out all done, never heard before of that specific 22A (I knew a 6,4 version). Also 10A as synonym of its definition.

    Loved 18A, 27A/4A, 29A (after solving 25A), 6D, 7D, extra love for 8D what a beauty, 13D, 24D.

    Baffled by wordplay for 19D & 23D. Any hints?

    Happy solving!

  6. Geoff M, 24D involves switching a pair of letters thus amending opening definition to the one closing.

    8D’s salt is at 6-9.

    21D “hiking” is a reversal indicator for a four-letter word with one letter deleted.

    Can’t help with 19D

  7. Celia: for 23D ‘chief’ and ‘petty’ need to be 5D.
    Still not sure of 24D.

  8. The only way I can figure out 19d is if there’s a singer called Rat? Got 21d, thanks, Celia.

  9. Geoff M, re 19D, 1-3 is a synonym for the “singer”! Dual face palm with me now!

  10. Got it, thanks Celia. I was working my way through pop stars and sewing machines …

  11. Still stuck on parsing 19D. If singer is ‘rat’ how are the last four letters derived from ‘career’ without an indication to drop a couple of the letters.

  12. Thanks.
    Funny how obvious things seem after some assistance!

    cheers bbOz

  13. Any clues re parsing 17A, 1D?
    And also not certain of parsing of 12A (letters 7 – 12 anyway)

  14. LJ, methinks 17a/1d is not one of DA’s better clues. The first two words of the clue relate to letters 1-6. For the last three letters you need to think of “quite” as meaning “not all there”!

    12a is tricky. “Pointless” is 2-5. “Aspirant” 6-10. I’ll leave you to figure out the rest.

  15. Thanks Geoff – For 12A I had pointless as 1-5 which threw me.
    And, finally, with your assistance, the penny drops for 17A!!!

  16. Stil can’t get the wordplay for 3 answers and may kick myself when I get your kind help.
    10A: what do the first four letters, ****., have to do with b****r?
    25A: is “cycles” supposed to do double-duty for both “green” and “foolishly behind end-to-end”?
    28A: what is the “Scottish bean” needed for letters 1-4? I couldn’t find anything suitable by searching the web.

  17. Mike, re 28A, I think it’s “Scottish beaM” is it not? A 5-letter word with a letter deleted, gives 1-4.

  18. Mike, the Scottish beam is missing its first letter (“face down”).

    In 10a, I guess one swear word is as good as another?!

    In 25a, “green” gives letters 2-4. The end letters (start and finish) of “following behind” are reversed (cycle). This is all a bit messy, and I may be barking up the wrong free here …

  19. Thanks Celia and Geoff re 28A. One of DA’s irritating habits is to use words to hint at others, and that Scottish word is to my mind not a synonym for a beam. Similarly with 10A where those two expletives have such diffeent connotations although I suppose they could both be used occasioinally instead of “drat”.

  20. In 7D I have ‘love’ as 1, ‘central China’ as 3 and so 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7 meaning ‘noodles’ . Is that right? I’m not seeing the connection. I have the answer btw

    Also, how does 15A work? All help appreciated thank you!

    Loved 23D!

  21. Robin H, re 7 down, you have to use your HEAD old BEAN. Check 2,4,5,6 in your dictionary, it’s not only duck liver!

    It’s a riddle … The thief left some booty they could have taken behind, so he or she … 15A.

  22. 7D Of course, thank you Late For Breakfast. I was thinking pate was some sort of noodle and of course it was! Reminds me of the old pub signs, “Duck or Grouse”!

    I’m still not getting 15A I’m sorry! Do tell me more please …!

  23. RobinH, the 15A thief left with less than he could have taken, below (1-5) what he could have taken, so he 1-5 +6-9, a 9-letter word meaning “promised” perhaps “agreed to”, or “contracted to do”. No more help, sorry, it’s a riddle, you either get it or you don’t.?

  24. I wouldn’t classify 18a as a pastry… more a cake. That one threw me for a while.

  25. All done now. Only gripe was in 16d, how does moving=on? Or have I parsed it wrong?

  26. Joel – I think it is on as in “the project is on” ie it’s started, got going and is therefore moving

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