DA Confusion for the 23rd of November, 2018

Get your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

And make the rest of the week so much more enjoyable with LR’s new weekly offering. LR is stupendous, a refreshing dessert after a massive DA meal.

57 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 23rd of November, 2018

  1. I found this a little bit harder than last week, but nothing too difficult I think.
    NW Corner done first, SE corner last.
    Good luck.

  2. Moderately hsrder than usual. Very dodgy homophones at 28A and 21D. I pronounce them very differently; maybe they sound more alike after too much 13D!

  3. Yes, stretched me a bit this week too! Over 40 minutes. FOI 7D, LOI 29A (of which I had never heard). 24D took me WAY too long to crack.

  4. Favourite 27A followed closely by 14A. Didn’t know 29A and 14D but that’s the joy of a cryptic, you can work out the answer without knowing the definition.

  5. Andrew & Tim, you need to visit South America. The best way to start an argument between a Chilean and a Peruvian is to raise the matter of a 29a. They both claim to own it!

    As someone else said, the NW quarter is probably the easiest, and theSE the hardest. I don’t have a problem with those homophones Jerry. Not sure of the wordplay in 19a.

  6. Well, after carefully studying all the clues, I was able to enter one three-letter answer. i hope i got it right! Not looking promising for this ancient trier.

  7. Seems only one possible word for 11A. I can see the sheep, but the rest is meaningless to me. My list of Sydney suburbs no help with 3D. Is it a new one?

  8. ArthurC: 3D is a well-established suburb, in the news not infrequently. Not at all an outer western one. It is an anagram.

    11A: “a sheep” gives letters 2-5. ‘Second’ gives letters 6,7. ‘Vessel’ gives letters 1, 8-10.

  9. Ta, Andrew T. And I found the Sydney suburb, can’t see how I missed it before. Stupid!

  10. AndrewT, I beg to differ re 11a. Letter 6 is “second board”. You’ve counted the 5th letter twice.

  11. You’ve lost me, Tim C. What I’m thinking of is definitely Indian, sometimes spelt with the central letter doubled.

  12. Tim C: I’m glad 27A was your favourite! Perhaps you can give me a hint because neither of the two middle letters that fits makes ant sense to me.

  13. GeoffM I have French port as the definition, 1-3 as bread (from the Balkans) and 6-4 (rolls) placed.
    Ann, Click is the definition, 3-1 (wheels) is “on”.

  14. Well, Tim, I’ve only encountered it in India. Or Indian restaurants. Were you in an Indian restaurant in Dubrovnik?!

  15. Don’t understand the “on” for 3-1 of 27A … oh, hang on (consults a certain game’s terminology), yes I do!

    Dodgy homophone 24D.

    Bit harder today, much harder when compared to last week’s easy-peasy, but once I’d solved the white, all fell into place.

    Loved 14D.

    Happy solving, everyone!

  16. Yes, I think I’ve fooled myself GeoffM. My answer with Balkan bread (the sort you don’t eat) at 1-3 is on the coast but isn’t really a port. Yours with Indian bread (the sort you do eat) at 1-3 although somewhat inland, is a port. That makes more sense.

  17. Celia, I thought the 24D homophone was OK. I just can’t find the homophonic definition in my dictionary, or is that why there’s a question mark?

  18. Tim C, re 24D plenty of definitions from online sources along lines of “one who … using a …”
    It’s a near homophone because the last two letters are pronounced differently!

  19. SandyM, re 17A … the headless stickler is at 3-7 tucking into the trifle (a verb) occupying 1,2,8. Cheers!

  20. Only really started at 9:15pm, I really empathise with TimC’s first and 1:24 comments. I had 10 solved before consulting the blog as always appreciated Celia’s insights and will get on with the rest. For 19A I wavered between a French port or the French word for left (port)

  21. I have an answer for 2D (with the last word of the clue as the definition I hope?) but don’t see the word play. However I see that 1-5 are in ‘Wordy hero…’ but what about 6-11?

    Cross clue 14A also has me beaten on the wordplay. Any tips please?

  22. Robin H, re 2D … apply “revealing” to all words preceding it! Definition “boss” is a verb.

  23. Of course! And I’d done that for 1-5!
    Thanks Celia.

    I’m still not seeing 19A, even after all the help so far …!

  24. RobinH
    See TimC answer at 12:27
    French Port
    1-3 is an alternate spelling to an Indian bread
    4-6 is a “rolled” word for “placed”.

  25. …..I’ve just seen 14A. First word gives 1-3 as in “my!”

    Still puzzled on 13D. Clues please?

  26. RobinH, 13d: “white” is definition (as opposed to red), “detective” is 1,2 and the rest is an anagram (“muddled”) of “got origin”.

  27. Thanks Geoff M! I was on the wrong track altogether, browsing fictional detectives in Australian novels…!

    I’ve still a few to go in NE corner including the diva?

  28. RobinH it is more a river port rather than a sea port, if you look at the maps.

  29. Thanks Margaret. I had her first glance but disregarded her as she has only 7 letters. Didn’t notice the ‘a’.

  30. As people have said I thought this week’s was a lot tougher.

    All good now except the wordplay, please, for 6A, 20D and 5D anyone. I’ve checked I have the correct answers but the wordplay has yet to become obvious! Thanks all…!

  31. Happy to oblige, Robin H …

    6a: A synonym for “shop” conceding nothing (losing an “o”), then the first letter of “with”, as is common these days.

    20d: “These days” is letters 1 & 2. “Don’t” is 3-6, then “o” for “old”.

    5d: “Bottoms” is 7,6,5,4,3. “Top” is 1,2 8.

  32. Almost there. Please can I get some help with 28A and 18D. I’m sure they’ Easy but…

  33. Archangel re
    18D Definition “prompt” as in “encourage”.
    “witnesses intermittently” gives 1-3, 7
    containment indicator “describe”
    reversal indicator “rising”
    @”speed” at 6,5,4.

    28A “teller” is a homophone indicator for a “positive”, the specific castles referred to would crumble in a downpour.

  34. Archangel, in 28A the definition is the last four words of the clue. The answer also sounds like a word for ‘positive’. The castles, by the way, don’t last long!

    18D, first word is the definition. Second and third words give you 1, 2, 3 and 7. ‘Rising speed’ gives you 4-6.

  35. RobinH … I waited 40 minutes to allow time for someone else to contribute, then as no-one had …

  36. Thanks all I think I have it now. For intermittent can I read random?

  37. 7d I had ‘FLY’ as in fly weight and fly line. Actual definition makes more sense, but that one still seems to fit. Stopped me from getting my last one 6a out.

  38. Hi folks. Behind the 8 ball again with 1left to go. Reading clue correctly but the two 3letter options I have for rising speed dont make a complete word. Also 16d isnt parsing with a second for letter word for mug . Anyone still out there?

  39. Hi Jillian, in 16D the second word is sometimes used to mean attack or rob or ‘mug’ someone.

    18D The word for speed is often used for fast moving water, for example, in the surf!

  40. Thanks RobinH. Mispelling 25A was key to both puzzlements…catch you Friday

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