DA Confusion for the 16th of November, 2018

Have your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA. Go on. Deconfusify.

37 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 16th of November, 2018

  1. Took a while to get the 4D’s. All out and understood.
    Nothing really of note for me today.

  2. Finished, but still have some word plays to work out. Got all the 4d related clues easily and then the rest fell into place.
    Good luck.

  3. Ditto for me, can’t believe how easy toDAy’s was. Even the longest 4D, even though I knew not to who or what any of them belonged.

    First out 3D, last out 16A. Happy solving!

  4. All done. The 4Ds certainly helped filll in the squares. First out 12a. Last out 16a. I know who all the 4Ds belong to – a bit sad really.

  5. Good fun today. I must admit, I hadn’t heard of every 4d, but I lead a sheltered life. I could question which countries are strictly part of Scandinavia, but I’m not that pedantic …

  6. Have solved (or think I have) 5,1,2 D and 6D without solving 4D!!! (despite having nearly all the cross letters). But can only partially understand the wordplay for the two I’ve “solved”. Help please.

  7. Thanks Geoff M. Twice, as a matter of fact and on the last visit my wife wanted to bring one home and I declined to carry it (my excuse was that we could buy one in Melbourne). We still don’t have one and I’m reminded of it every now and then!

  8. Good start, with 3s, 11, 12, 13, 15. Then stagnation. Much pondering required.

  9. All out but haven’t yet understood the wordplay for 10A. Quick and easy today (and last week). Is DA luring us in to a false sense of security?

  10. Tim C re 10A, start with an 8-letter synonym of “abstract” & replace its “number” with “surgery”.

  11. Jordan, under the table implies inebriation, at letters 1-3,
    4-6 some follow(s) easily!

  12. All out, but I don’t get the word play for 19A. 20D seems not cryptic, or am I missing something?

  13. Dave R, 20D is a double definition!

    19A “shelter our lost” is a reversal (“retreats”) with deletion at 1-4, “musicians on vacation” yields 5-6.

  14. Thanks, Phineas. I’ve never been entirely happy with double definitions being used as cryptic clues, especially when the two definitions are so close. As for 19A, I see letters 1-3, but can’t yet get my head around “musicians on vacation”. I’ll keep on nutting it out.

  15. Thanks Celia re 10A. I was taking letter 4 for number and letters 3,5,6,7,8 to be abstract, except they’re not really a synonym of abstract, but close enough that I couldn’t get out of the thinking rut. Makes sense now.

  16. All out, though I had never heard of two of the 4ds. But I have no idea how the wordplay of 5,1,2d works???

  17. Re 20D. “Trip” as in … … an alarm.
    But I don’t get the wordplay for 18D.

  18. Dave R, re 19A vacant m(usician)s at 5-6. A shelter (with deletion of three letters that the clue gives you) reversed into 4,3,2,1. The composer was known for lullabyes.

    In 20D, “trip” has a different meaning to “start”, think booby traps for example!

  19. Brian B re 18D … the crossword legend is at 6,5. zany losing head is at 1-3, 6. May help to think of a decapitated cartoon duck! Letter 4 is from the clue. Definition is “warmly”.

  20. Sandy M, if you have the answer to 5d/1d/2d, google it, and you’ll see what it was advertising. Then the clue will make sense — there’s nothing terribly cryptic about it!

  21. Thanks Geoff. I have now seen an old ad I never saw before (I don’t watch much TV, even less with small children in the 90s, and almost all ABC anyway). But I have to say, I still don’ really get it. A very poor clue IMHO.

  22. All completed and understood, although I had not heard of 3A being described as a ‘bread basket’ before!

    21A does not feel quite right still. Can someone help with the wordplay please? I’m thinking the definition is the last four words of the clue? ‘Interminably zero’ could give 5 & 6 but how do we get 1-4 and 7-8?

  23. Robin H, I thought the same about bread basket!

    21a, interminably applies to zero, fees and put, giving 8 letters to be anagrammed.

  24. Thanks, Jordan. I was close (21A) but didn’t quite get there!

    As for 3A, I’ve now seen breadbasket defined or described in various places but as one word, not two. And thanks, Margaret, for your recollection!

  25. Sorry Geoff M and alaric, I can’t see the Morocco connection with 4d, put me off for some time, is it an obtuse reference to Bob Hopes road films ?
    Finally out at 6pm today after late friday start. Last in was 6d, not parsed, NZ neighbours ?

  26. In 3A where “twisted” is placed between “jerk” and “bread basket”, how does one determine which is the definition?

  27. JO, to fit the answer it is ‘jerk’ that has to be twisted (in this case reversed). So the definitions are “jerk twisted” and/or “bread basket”

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