DA Confusion for the 26th of October, 2018

Get your confusions sorted out for this week’s DA.

67 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 26th of October, 2018

  1. Very tricky I found. Thought I had theme early with first couple in. Then realized not that simple. Got stuck on SW corner for too long, but finally all out and understood.
    My picks were 6A, 15A and 22A.

  2. All done. Can’t believe it took me so long to get 24A, which then gave up 22D and last one in 12D.
    8D was a newie for me, google to confirm.
    I really enjoyed the tricks in today’s crossie, Once you think you’ve got it you have to think again. A good game DA.

  3. Finally got the grid and have finished. As Ray said , very tricky and clever.

  4. I’ve got all the non-starred clues but for 18A, and I thought I had 4A as well, but I can’t work any of the others out and can’t resolve the theme to confirm 4A. Amazes me that you all finish so quickly with such scant instruction!

  5. Struggled until I ‘got’ the theme about 1/3 of the way through … it didn’t help that I took the second word of the 1A clue and the first word of the 13D answer as being hint to the theme!

    Just over 30 minutes, FOI 13D, LOI 21D.

  6. A couple of hours of intermittent looking produced five answers, so assumed it must be an easy puzzle. Having taught electronics, I’d argue with the 25A answer. But even my dictionary has it wrong. The metal can of a primary cell is one of these, but is it positive?? No way!

  7. Took me a while to figure iht the “theme”. 2d shouldn’t have an asterisk, should it?

  8. Actually, I see why 2d has its asterisk, but it probably didn’t need it. Flummoxed by 21d — any clues?

  9. For 25a, in a Galvanic cell, they are negative, but in a an electrolytic cell they are the opposite sign. (In a past lif,e I was also a Chemistry teacher)

  10. ArthurC: “Having taught electronics, I’d argue with the 25A answer”.

    The definition of these two involves what they ATTRACT, not what they ARE. So DA is correct

    I got 5D, by having cross letters. I see how it works. Is the special treatment of 5D similar in others? I am near certain 4A is like that.

    Hard to concentrate today – being a brain surgeon occupies the mind a bit (pun intended).

  11. Yes, Geoff, 5d was the clue by which I twigged to the theme, followed soon after by 4a for verification. From here on in you’ll find it smooth sailing. Quite a satisfying puzzle today.

  12. From here on in you’ll find it smooth sailing.

    That applies even to clues like 21 down?

  13. The special treatment can apply to all parts of the clue, e.g. 19D, from which I got the treatment.
    Geoff M, I think 2D should have an asterisk

  14. Tim, yes, as I said above, I can see why 2d has an asterisk. But I initially solved it before I worked out the theme, so it is perfectly solvable without it, that’s all.

  15. I’ve got 2D as due to previous comments I thought it would be a good place to help figure out the ‘special treatment’ but it appears to me, to be a fairly standard cryptic clue! I feel I’m missing something really obvious – help??!!

  16. Me too Julia. I’m all out except for 7D, 8D and 10A (for which I have 2 possible answers) but unable to understand special treatment for 10A, or 3D; nor do I understand wordplay for 18A

  17. I’ve stumbled along this one and have half done including four of the NB clues but still no idea what the trick is with them. I could manage half the clue and worked out the rest. Both 2D and 13D seemed like straightforward clues to me except for the first word in 13D but I haven’t figured out how it becomes the answer.

  18. 7D: def is last two words of clue. Hard to give any more hints without giving the theme away! But if you get it, that will probably get the theme for you.

    8D: def is last word of clue, but not in the meaning you are probably thinking of. The answer is a word I’d never heard of before, and themed so hard to hint at too!

    10A: def is last word of clue. ‘business’ gives letters 1,2 and ‘woman’ letters 3-5. Letters 6-9 are from the theme.

  19. > Letters 6-9 are from the theme.

    That should be Letters 6-8 of course.

  20. Help with 8D please? I have a solution in mind but cannot understand the word play

  21. 8D: do you have the theme out yet? If so see my hint from 2:13 just about your post here.

    Without the theme I don’t think it’s gettable, at least as I say it’s a word I never heard before. I just guessed it from the theme and luckily it was right.

  22. Goeffl, I must remember never to have a brain surgeon open my head on a Friday! Or if it really is necessary, the last thing I will say as I go under is “You got out all DA today, right?”

  23. Wow! That was quite tricky. I don’t know how you all do it so quickly. It takes two of us all day.

  24. For those struggling, when you get the “theme”, you’ll kick yourself. It’s very straightforward, but it was quite a while before it hit me. And it’s the sort of theme that we can’t really help you with (not today at least) without giving the game away. As I said earlier I got it from 5d, then confirmed it with 4a. Both are anagrams.

  25. Thanks AndrewT, the word I had refers to a particular type of geographical location, not just any location. But, as the definitions of the words are the same I’ll go with it, if that makes sense

  26. Gee, lots of posts …

    Late start today, paper delivery missed, 7-11 around corner shut for some reason, didn’t get started until an hour or two ago, many interruptions. Twigged to theme early, and breezed through. Working out the special treatment for each themed clue was half the fun. Suggest 19D as the icebreaker. Happy solving everyone!

  27. 19D got it for me as well Celia. I guess a hint for the theme would be to read each asterisked clue out loud in full, especially 19D, 5D and 7D.

  28. On shaky ground there, Tim C, part of the fun of today’s puzzle is that once you realise how one asterisked clue works, there’s that wonderful ahah moment, and it comes again when you come to realise you know how they ?!?

  29. Finally figured out the theme and knocking them over. Re 5d Defn is last word and it’s a noun

  30. Thanks AndrewT. That helped with 10A and 7D but I still don’t get 8D, or wordplay for a few of the others. Think I’ll call it a day.

  31. I’ve read all of the above and have no idea of the theme or any likelihood of guessing it. I’m also mystified as to how it could be called fun. It seems that this will be the first puzzle I give up on.

  32. SB, can you identify the source of the last three letters of 10A? If so you may have hit on the theme!

  33. @ SB, re 8 plural, ‘say’ is homophone indicator. Take a stab and google it. I’d never heard of it either. i think it’s late enough in the day to say ‘key’ is the kind you’ll find in Key Largo. Only according to Wiki these are in the UK.

  34. I’m with Trishq. I usually only need to come here to justify the parsing of a clue in a finished Xword, but today, despite having got a number of the unasteriked clues (and 2D), and despite all the good advice given above, I still haven’t got the theme.
    As Geoff says above I’m bound to be kicking myself come tomorrow’s paper.
    Well done, those who twigged!

  35. Trishq, hang in there. It’s not a theme per se, but a device with devices attached.. i’m with you. Want to have a FriDAy night after a hard day’s week, having a crack before the solution is published tomorrow. That’s my idea of fun and DAstraction. And i do think it’s late enough. Have a look at the very beginning, the VERY beginning of the asterisked clues, and the word/s following.

  36. Hey billyboyOZ, you’ve almost said it in your comment! …. it’s about the number of asterisked clues :-)

  37. And as everyone seems to have gone to bed and no one can hear, it’s about the NUMBER!!

  38. Txs so much gayle – had got everything out except 8d and 20d but still had no idea about theme! It is nice to finally have got it after very frustrating arvo!!

  39. Thanks Gayle if you’re still around. I had to take a break of a couple of hours but I’m back and I hear you. The penny is finally dropping. Doh!

  40. @Trishq I would like just to say Ahhh! :-)

    (but I had to enter minimum of 15 characters)

  41. OMG -So annoyed I didn’t get the theme. And I saw it with 9A but it didn’t twig. AAAARGH

  42. I thought the clue for 21D was very obscure. How about starting with “off colour” which fits in neatly with “giving a lift”

  43. Spijk. 22A. Defn = malt extract. ‘Love’ = 1. ‘Lover’ = 9 letter word (as in Feb 14th Day). ‘When other half left’ = subtract half of ‘when’ from 10 letter word.

    If anyone’s left, does anyone else think 1d could legitimately start with ‘F’ not ‘T’. In other words ‘Fun’ as in ‘Barrel of laughs’? Also allows solution meaning ‘shaft’.

  44. Oh well done, Geoff M. Thanks!
    I had pencilled in the answer because of the second definition but couldn’t link it to the number.

  45. Still 12d, 16d, 20d and 24a to go, plus first word of 18a to figure out.
    As to asterisked clues I got quite a number w/o theme which I didn’t twig to until I read some of earlier comments. However I can’t see how theme fits 3d which I got from across letters and worked out the definition was the last 3 words of clue.
    Can anyone please enlighten me w/o giving the game away

  46. Hi IanS,
    In 3D, letters 1-4 are a homophone of “three’s successor”.

    “Outfits” clues letters 5-8. Does that help?

  47. For your other clues, IanS, :
    12D against gives 1-3; cool gives 6-7; tale oddly gives 8-9. Happiness gives letters 4, 5 and 10.

    16D the theme applies in full as for a few other themed numbers. Plus the “back to fronT”! Def is the last word.

    20D the theme applies but using a different word for the number. Then Crisp’s header is wasted…. def is the last word.

    PS Sorry to hear that the answer to 24A is still hidden.

  48. IanS re 3D
    3 successor, say, a homophone, gives you letters 1-4. You should be able to figure out the rest.

  49. Thank you RobinH and Celia I now see where successor fits in.
    Also additional thanks to RobinH for word play for 12d.
    I’ll get back to 12d to solve last clue .
    I have to say this weeks contributions have been very illuminating for me.
    I usually panic when I see DA using *ed clues and and instructions. Like some other contributors I solved a few of the special clues without knowing the theme.

  50. Penny dropped after having to leave it for four days. But wordplay for 18A still eludes me.
    Don;t think any of your lovely people have done that despite queries above.

  51. Mike re 18A
    Definition 1st 3 words
    “fought is an anagrind”
    Anagrist is the next two words with a deletion signalled by “book leaves”.

  52. Mike re 18A corrected
    Definition 1st 3 words;
    “fought” is an anagrind (anagram indicator);
    Anagrist (or “fodder” if you prefer) is the next two words with a deletion signalled by “book leaves”.

  53. Re 18A, silly me! Sinking to sarcasm, of course ‘fought’ is an anagrind, and B is a well-known abbreviation for book’.

  54. Thankyou DA Trippers. We needed all of you. Finally ticked!!!! And its Wednesday. Two more sleeps till we meet again.

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